don paulsen


The fact that these two are voiced by the same actor never ceases to amuse me. 


These guys are also voiced by the same person: 

Now someone give me an AU where Shredder’s trying to catch experiments and Donnie just sits around making sandwiches all day. And he offers Shredder a bologna sandwich and Shredder’s just like, “I DON’T LIKE BOLOGNA!…… too fatty.”  

“Please don’t ruin the pure friendship between Donna and Harvey”

Now, guys.. Let’s be real.. WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE? 


Do you sleep with your friends? Are you bothered if your friends sleep with other people? Do your friends’ gf\bf ask you if you’re in love with them? DO YOU HAVE WET DREAMS ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS AFTER THEY HOLD YOUR HAND? 

I could go all day… Yes.

This is all to say… You can hate Darvey, and ship other things, because shipping isn’t science, sometimes we ship stuff, sometimes we don’t. But if you say that darvey is “a pure friendship” you’re delusional.

Have a great day. 

Season Finale

sooo that was quite a finale wasn´t it? 

Everytime I start questioning this TV Show it always manages to throw out Episodes like the one from yesterday. I´m impressed again, for like the 100th time. 

That whole thing with the bar and Jessica coming back - they did an amazing job in my opinion. Already can´t wait for Season 7. Can´t wait to finally see Harvey and Mike working together again!

But there is just still one thing on my mind: 

And that´s the whole Harvey and Donna thing. I´ve read a lot about how this “dream scene” in 6x11 was just one for the fans and so on … 

Well, here´s what I think: I think if they really put in scenes for the fans (like that one) than this sucks. A TV Show should have their creators and they should write their TV Show the way they want, without including the opinions of the fans. 

If they are not going to follow the storyline they opened (and I´m sure that they know they opened one) than this definitely means a decrease in the quality of a TV show in my opinion.  

Because how would that go? Harvey is having those dreams about Donna; but why? are they going back to the mother issues? Because dreams like that do not have to do anything with this issue. Are they going to bring back Scotty? No offense, I really liked her Character, but they closed this storyline (twice!!); a third time would be definitely one time too much. They can’t really go back from that because they already started it. 

Well, that´s all I wanted to say.