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I don’t think Hector’s relationship with Gus is in any way comparable to Chuck’s relationship with Jimmy, but it’s interesting that the show is establishing Hector’s animus towards Gus in terms of a wounded sense of entitlement. Hector seethes with jealousy when Bolsa shows Eladio those pristine blocks of cash, because in his mind, Gus— a gay, black South American— is an outsider who doesn’t deserve a share of the cartel business no matter how good he is. The idea of Eladio actually favouring Gus over him renders him apoplectic.

Another thing Gus and Jimmy have in common is their social intelligence and flexibility: they both work in multiple contexts and can engage with anyone without being condescending or overly deferential. Chuck and Hector are both a lot more rigid in how they relate to others, tending towards condescension and authoritarian aggression respectively.

Are you a diehard NCIS fan who wants a challenge?

 If so, try as best you can to solve the puzzle without looking up the answers on the web or watching the DVDs. ;)

If you do decide to have a crack at it, if you can, take a photo of your finished crossword and post on tumblr under the tag #JessNCIScrossword or twitter under the hashtag #JessNCIScrossword.

Answers will be posted on this blog two weeks from now. (24th July)

Any grammatical or fact-based errors are unintentional. However, if there does happen to be some, I apologise in advance. 

If needed, click crossword to enlarge and read clue numbers.

Most importantly, ENJOY! :)


3 Cote de Pablo was born in this country. (5)

5 Finish the quote: ‘When you die I want to dissect your _____.’ Written by Steven D. Binder for Jimmy Palmer. (5)

8 The number of actresses to date that have portrayed Kelly Gibbs. (5)

9 The number of times NCIS has been crowned ‘Number One Drama in the World’ (5)

10 According to the NCIS pilot, Kate Todd replaced this special agent. (6, 10)

11 The title of the song played at Mike Franks funeral. (6, 2, 3, 5)

12 This cast member has recently had their directorial debut. (5, 7)

15 Rocky Carroll shares his birthday with this fellow NCIS cast member. (7, 9)

16 Complete the quote: ‘I’ve got a better chance of hooking up with _______ ____ than these guys do of infiltrating SeaLift.’ Written by Donald P. Bellisario for Tony DiNozzo. (7, 4)

18 Gibbs first met Shannon here. (5, 7)

19 The realistic contents inside the fictional Caf-Pow. (8, 5)

20 The genre of music McGee enjoys listening to when he’s alone. (4)

22 The name of the technical adviser for the show who was also a former NCIS Special Agent. (4, 7)

23 According to Emily Wickersham, Michael Weatherly gives her this nickname on set. (4-3-10)

29 Pauley Perrette’s natural hair colour. (6)

30 What rule number is this? ’Never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness.’ (3)

31 NCIS was originally drawn from this television series. (3)

32 Colour of Gibbs’s watch band. (6)  

33 Michael Weatherly directed his first NCIS episode in this season. (5)

34 Finish the quote: ‘Who’d want to be a Navy cop? I’d rather have the ______.’ Written by Steven D. Binder for Tony DiNozzo. (6)

35 Michelle Lee died in season six when Gibbs shot her in order to kill the man holding her hostage. According to the writers, that exit was originally meant for this character. (4)

38 The family relation Sean Murray has with NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario. (4-3)

39 The original title for the show before it became NCIS. (4, 1-1-1-1)

40 This song by ’Stop Making Friends’ featuring Pauley Perrette is heard during an NCIS episode. (4)


1 The place Ziva visits annually to remember her late sister Tali. (5)

2 What rule number is this? ‘Always watch the watchers.’ (6, 4)

4 What rule number is this? ‘It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.’ (8)

6 The title of 100th episode. (7)

7 According to Gibbs, this is what the second ‘b’ in his surname stands for. (7)

10 The name of Jimmy Palmer’s daughter. (8, 9)

13 Complete the quote: ‘A slap to the face is an ______ — to the back of the head is a wake-up call.’ Written by John C. Kelley for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (6)

14 The animal that sometimes features on Ducky’s bow-tie. (8)

17 Finish the quote: ‘I appreciate that, Tony, but don’t try to compete with my _______.’ Written by Scott Williams and Reed Steiner for Ziva David. (7)

21 Name of the boy McGee volunteers to Big Brother. (4)

24 Name of Kelly’s best friend. (5, 6)

25 This animation features on DiNozzo’s stapler. (6, 5)

26 Abby’s first case at NCIS involved this facility. (3, 4)

27 The title of McGee’s sequel to ‘Deep Six’. (4, 6)

28 The nationality of Sean Murray’s mother. (10)

36 The name of Ducky’s murderous girlfriend. (4)

37 Tony has two fish. One of them is named Kate. The other one is named ____. (4)


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