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Happy 3rd JJCC anniversary. Woah it’s already 3 years passed with you guys. So many happy and also moments with shedding tears. We are growing together - JJCC becoming better group Keys becoming better fandome after every year is passed. Even if we get in a mess sometimes we still spread our wings in the end. We are stronger than we look, because we are together.

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I don't like Maks hair pulled back with gel or something, it seems to look like its thinning a little and he is using hair color which is fine but too dark brings out the lines in his face.

My preferred look is natural.  The gel is fine but I think he looks much better with his hair natural.


“Quiteria’s Variation” - Kayla Mak, Westchester Dance Academy, teen pointe solo, Showstopper Hartford CT, April 2015
Don Quixote ballet, Act I, Quiteria’s Variation ~ Ludwig Minkus, Sofia National Opera Orchestra, Nayden Todorov conducting

for real now

the hate on Heather is just getting ridiculous at this point and almost laughable because she’s probably already not going to win for either one of two reasons

that the fans are right and Heather probably won’t be as pro at ballroom even more so because of how her dancing background has shaped her

OR that so many of yall already bashing her aren’t gonna vote for her so she won’t make it far anyway 

plus some who don’t like Maks, don’t like her personality, all the gossip etc etc etc 

so really what’s the point anymore 

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Yeah I believe Sharna as well. But another thing that is interesting to me that I don't think anyone has brought up is the fact that Maks & Peta when they were on GMA both insinuated that Val was going to use Shai to attract the ladies. This isn't the first time someone has said that. Ginger even laughed & told Maks and Peta that he did the same thing with her son. Now I'm not an expert at these sort of things, but don't you think Maks especially wouldn't have said that if Val was with someone??

This. People tend to look over the obvious details when it’s right in front of their faces. Like I said,you can’t save everyone. Sometimes you just gotta shutup and let people go crazy.

We don't know

To all my anons

  • where Maks is flying to
  • when Maks is flying out

Please stop saying that

  • If Maks does or doesn’t do that, it means so and so
  • If Meryl does or doesn’t do that, it means so and so
  • Because Maks did or didn’t do that, it means do and so
  • Because Meryl did or didn’t do that, it means so and do
Here are some of the examples of things I have gotten
  • Maks didn’t like her picture, he must hate her
  • Maks didn’t retweet that, he must hate her
  • The fam didn’t retweet that, they don’t support her
  • Meryl just posted that, she must be so heartbroken
  • Maks just posted that, he is so in love with XYZ, none of them Meryl
  • Maks just did that, he must have dumped Meryl
  • Meryl didn’t like that picture, she must be so upset
  • Maks liked so and so picture, he is such a playboy
  • Etc……..the list is long

We don’t know. Please stop putting emotions behind each action. Sometimes a song is just a song, sometimes it means something else. Sometimes a picture is just a picture, sometimes it means more. Most importantly, weather Meryl or Maks like each others pictures or tweets on SM, it says nothing about their relationship status.

To all my anons

Several of you have asked questions, so I’m going to answer them in a joint post.

  • I’m not jumping ship and I will keep this blog going as I have, which I know many of you appreciate and has let me known. Thank you for that.
  • I was not devastated as one anon claimed, this has slowly been brewing for a while now, and didn’t come as a shock to me. Some might not agree with that, and that is fine. I respect your opinion, and can even see it from your side, honestly, but this is what I personally think. It’s just an opinion. Mine.
  • What did shock me was that she did say she was dating. Not the information, but that she shared it.
  • Do I think she loves Maks? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
  • Do I know who she is dating? No.
  • I don’t know Maks personally, so I can’t tell you why he has or hasn’t done something.
  • I still ship Meryl and Maks, and I’m here for the long run. It might just be friendship right now….let’s see what the future brings.
  • If Meryl is going to be on Sway (which I think she will) she will be dancing with Maks, no one else. They are amazing friends and have a special connection that can’t be recreated with someone else.
  • A house in LA. Yes, I still think that is on Meryl’s radar. When, who knows.
  • I think Mama C came to LA because her boys are finally in the same place and I’m sure she has missed them.
  • No, I will not change to focus on my blog to only be Meryl related. This is a Maksyl blog.

This is what I’ll say about the issue. I’m going to bed after a 50h work week, 15.5 of them yesterday. I’m beat. (and for the few that still doesn’t know, I’m in Europe, and it’s 9:50PM, so it’s not that early ;p )

Please don't
  • tag me in pictures that involves discussions about Peta
  • send me asks about Peta
  • ask for my opinion about Peta
  • tell me where I can find a picture of Peta and Maks.


I’m a Meryl and Maks blog. I’m not a big fan of Peta, and have no interest in blogging about her. It’s not about ignoring what is out there, it’s the fact that this is not a Peta blog, so why should I have to talk about it. I don’t.

I won’t answer your asks about Peta for the reason above, including give an opinion. 

And chances are, I have already seen the picture.