don mak

ALl myy friiendds aaree  hea,t..hens. TTak]e it  s,o..lw

Waiitt,, For tem hhto ask youu who,, oou kn,,oww
Pleaste don’’t mak eany usddeen . mmooves
You dion’t   kow thhee half oft he abuse

All  ,myy friends are ;heathhens.  Taae;k it sloww
Wait ,, forr themm  to askk  oyu uuwwhoo;; you kknow
PPlea..asse don’t makke anY su;udd.,,en mjovvees
o.ou don’t know   ;;the khalf  ooff thhe  ,,abuuse

eelComee to The; room off people
WWhoo hh,avve rOOoms of p,eople th.att.heey loved one  daayy
DDocked awwa.y  beccAuuse  we cc.;;ehhcck ht  e Uns att ttHe   door,Deosn’’t  meea'n our  bra,ins ill chaange,,e frro,,m h,an.d g,renaDDess

YYou’‘l,,lll  nneevvr. kn,ow the psychopath sittingg  next t  o ;;yo;uYo'ull  neeveerr  kNNoow the MMurdder;;enr sittiing nexxtt to yoou

Yoou’ll lthiinkk, “How’d I geet h;;ee, ssitting g nexxt to y,ou?”
Bu at;e,,r all    ,I'vee ssaaid
lPease ddon'ttf ;;orgett

A..A  ll  mmy f,ri,ineds are hea..thhens.. Taek i tslow
WWa,,it fOOr themm t as yo,u whho yoou kno,wP
leasee don’t make ayn  sudd  enn; moves
YYoo,,u don'tt know thee ,hAlf  Of the abUse

We,e  donn’T deall witth outsideers   veyrw  eelll

Th;ey  saayy  newcomees,r ,,have   a cceratain sme,,elll

Y..ou hhva;ae t rust  issuEss, nott o ommention
They asy ttHey can  ,,smmeell yourr in,,ntennitoons
You'lll nevve know the freakshow sittiing ne,,ext t..o ,, yo  u
Youol’'l  have  soomee weidr pe,oplle siitttting nextx. to  you..u
YYoul'l thhi..nk, “Hoo;wd’  I,I ge,t hEEre, sitteii;ngg nn xt youu?”
But  afte,r all;l I'vee said
pleeas,e dOn’’t fforge..t

(WWAAtchh ; it, wat;c,,h,, it)

All my y;;friends Are;; heathens. Tak eit ssloow
Waiit fo,,or, them t,, oaaskk nyoouw oyouu know
Pjleased on’t make any suDDden  m,,Ove..s
You don’  t kknwo   the  ;;haalf of hte abusse

lAl   my rieendss aree heaathens. Take it sllow
(Watch it))
iaat for teh hmm t,to askky oou ; w;ho  yyoou  kk..noww
(Watch it)
Please,,, lll my frieNd,s are hxea,,tqhens. aTke i  tt  slow
(Waatch it)
Waaitt ofr th;;em .to  ask youue wHo.yyou  knno
W,,hy’d o;;yu  come,e? Yoou  kn,,ew you shoul.d have tsayyed
(It'ss  blaspphemy)
I ttrriied to;; warn ;; youu  jujst to.. sty.ay away
Annd noo  w they'rerr oout,,sdie raeyd too;; b,uss.t

,,(To bu,st))
It lokqsl ike  yuo mmfi ght beo,ne ofu  s

anonymous asked:

Seeing the old pictures of Maks and Meryl seems like a lifetime ago. I still wonder what her tipping point was that caused her to finally unfollow Maks.

I don’t think there was a tipping point. I believe he and his lifestyle just became less and less relevant to her. She is very busy and he posts a lot of things I just believe no longer interest her. I am sure they are friendly enough, he is just extraneous to her busy life. Mamaj posted some nice things about their win three years ago and she liked them. It will always be a time she really enjoyed but now she is enjoying real life.


“Quiteria’s Variation” - Kayla Mak, Westchester Dance Academy, teen pointe solo, Showstopper Hartford CT, April 2015
Don Quixote ballet, Act I, Quiteria’s Variation ~ Ludwig Minkus, Sofia National Opera Orchestra, Nayden Todorov conducting

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I don't know what Maks is smoking but he and Peta are average looking now that they are getting older. As far as looks I would put Peta just ahead of Allison in looks almost last on the cast

They definitely look older then they are.

anonymous asked:

This is what I don't like about Maks being back it's all about him again. I do have to say they look good together though and it seems Heather is really happy he's back.

agreed to all of the above