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I read your post about why redemptive arcs for rascist are bullshit, and I agree wholeheartedly, but your pointers made me realize that I'm possibly comminting a similar mistake with a war story and a relationship (not romantic btw) between victim of a war zone and a someone indirectly responsible for it as a child soldier (they'll grow from their late teens to their twenties in-universe) I mean nowhere in my story will the war be justified or anything, but do you have any pointers or advice?

Write it. And don’t let your main character off of the hook for what they’ve done.

The biggest flaw in these redemption arcs is that the character’s actions are excused too easily. I think a lot of people took that to mean you should never write a redemption arc (that wasn’t my intent in writing the post and I failed at that). It was more about how the idea of a redemption arc is often used by white authors in Western countries to make themselves feel better for past racism. Which is why they so often fail: because the main character never really has to face the things they’ve done/propagated. There’s always a moment where the character does a complete 180 degree personality turn, realizes the error of their ways, and all of the oppressed people in the story shower the character with rose petals and forgiveness.

It’s completely a douche ex machina moment and it always feels forced.

As long as your characters are forced to reckon with their choices (and choices made as a child are very different than those made as a teen or adult), then you should be able to tell a story that isn’t about centering the feelings of oppressors.

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Swtor player ask meme: 3, 15, 21, 22

3. Do you prefer to tank, DPS, or heal?

I’m mostly a solo player, but playing a tank is my favorite. Part of that is because I mained a paladin tank in WoW for years, but I also like having more control over the fight and I don’t enjoy having to heal my sometimes weird-behaving companions. I enjoy playing DPS too, but since tanks seem to do reasonable damage, the overall package is more appealing to me.

15. Show us your main(s)!

I don’t have mains in the traditional sense since I don’t run ops or FPs really. My main fic characters are the siblings Ayrs (trooper) and Veresia) inquisitor)

21. Which player ship is your favorite?

Answered above (below?) - Trooper for story/”feel”, Agent for looks, JK/JC for interior

22. Of all the in-game events (Relics of the Gree, Rakghoul, Life Day, so on) which do you like the most, and which do you dislike?

Initially I’d say the bounty event was my favorite, since it was fun traveling around and having different fights to enjoy. Once I finished all of them it got old in a hurry, though. Now I’d say…maybe Life Day? Harmless fluff and I can annoy people with it.

Least favorite? Eh…they’re all kind of bland, especially since they rarely change anything or add a new one. I’d like to see some micro holidays/events like in WOW to shake things up a bit. I’m a little surprised they haven’t tried to do more with them since they feel like they’d be relatively easy/cheap to create compared with more substantive content (plus they’re repeatable content)

hey so this blog is still dead, but i wanna point out that my main blog does not have any 2p/hetalia what-so-ever. 

yes, i do have ocs that are inpsired by the 2p’s for america and england but the characters i have now are really dang different and honestly i’m trying to do my own thing so please please please if you do visit my main blog don’t tag any of my art as 2p, okay?

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i tried to blacklist everything that could lead me to see any spoilers....but it's pretty damn impossible, so fuck it! are you up for a recap of the evening? :)

ok ok ok i’ll rise to this challenge *adjust glasses*

It all started yesterday with blurry pics of shooting of the new season at Nissen with the girl gang, followed by rumours that some people saw Iman shooting stuff on her own (and since each season is from the POV of one character and they’re the only one to have screen time alone, that would mean Sana is main).
I don’t have links to the pics since I did not reblog them but they should be easy to find.
Now this news got a lot of people super excited, a lot super bummed, and a few islamophobes to send some anon hate around.
And some cute af headcanons and metas like this one about the Bakkoush siblings!

Cut to today, 3 months exactly after the last clip of sesong 3 dropped, we were all minding our own business when it drops: a new Facebook profile was created for an unknown SKAM character who seems to have connections to Even and Mikael. Mari is friend with the account so it looks super legit. A few pictures are displayed publicly on said profile: we meet Yousef Acar.

Shortly after, a new Facebook profile for Sana is revealed. While we are all distracted by it the Yousef account turn private and we can’t access the pictures again (but we screenshot them sooooo). And just as I am typing this I discover the Sana profile has just been made entirely private. :o But here’s a screenshot of her profile pic.

Then, the most perfect anon ever points out to me that Mikael is in more than one picture with Yousef. I am forever grateful.

A few minutes after contemplating my new children, the gay suddenly hit me: Yousef and Mikael aren’t just guys being dudes!

Now, not sure what happened since you asked me this ‘cause I’ve been busy answering you but my post about Youkael has gotten a lot of attention and everyone is freaking out about Sana, Even, and Youkael.


ok bein From Maine

w his age, if dex lives coastal he’s not 2 likely 2 have tht Good Ol Mainer accent n if he lives rural but kinda urban he’s not likely 2 have it either, so i propose dex who lives in an old mill town where the mill’s been shut down or smth cos that’s usually where u find the old guys who gripe all the time n have The Accent n it rubs off on the younger people around there

so thts how u get dex who says fuckin shit like “poindextah” n “larisser” (cos u jus…… take the er sound n replace it w the ah/uh sound n vice versa) n fuckin. ayuh

on that note tho w the likelihood tht dex doesn’t even HAVE an accent

“hey dex say lobster” “lobster” “no w the maine accent” “i don’t have a maine accent” “but ur from maine” “yea fuckin oxford county maine not penobscot”

Did anyone else notice that Avatar: the Legend of Korra, Tales of Zestiria and Erased had a similar way to…hint what the endgame couple is?

Nothing necessarily explicit: a meaningful gaze, the two characters alone and together. No kisses or confessions, but you don’t put two main characters together at the very end of a series looking at each other like that for nothing, right? It’s the closure of the show after all.

However, bryke had to come out and say “KORRASAMI IS CANON” for the audience to try to accept it (because many people still don’t) and a large part of the ToZ fandom is 100% sure sormik is just the “fangirls’ delusion”, that they’re just best bros willing to spend the rest of the eternity together as bff. Meanwhile, and regardless of how Airi and Satoru’s whole development was ironically erased in the new timeline, no one doubted the ending was meant to prove she was “the one” for him.

Now tell me it’s not because of heteronormativity. I dare you.

To Note:

This is how I study literature and it works for me( my lit exams marks are typically 70/75 sometimes higher or in the high sixties( 60’s) but everyone is different and it is important that you use what works for you! I hope this helps you in any way big or small!

1: Read the novel. Just read it with no stopping to take notes or highlight, if possible try to enjoy it. This gives you a general idea of all the themes, plots,characters and others.

2: Get a notebook  or leaflets of paper binder/folder to keep it all in one place. I prefer a notebook. What I have in this notebook:

  • I tend to leave the first page blank and later paste a quote on it.
  • table of contents.
  • summary of full book.
  • any research on particular topics (this was homework but i would recommend researching a little if the book mentions a lot of like historical stuff or things you just don’t know).
  • the main character’s family tree.
  • a page each for the main characters then I put a page for important families in the book (examples Radley and Ewells family in To Kill A Mockingbird). As well as one or two pages titled ‘minor characters’ where any little detail about these characters can be jotted down here. More on what these pages contain later on.
  • chapter summaries in order, with beginning and ending page numbers along with a short analysis (on a post-it). I also add a quote that I i liked or felt was important but that isn’t necessary as quotes are covered later down. These summaries are written after I reread that particular chapter, where I underline words I don’t know the meaning of and you can highlight important thing if you want,preferably to a colour code system. here’s a nice little guide to annotating by @mildstudies

3: So what I usually have on these main characters’ pages are:

  • basic character information (name, age, race.
  • character sketch (basically the qualities of the person like bravery and kindness).
  • character growth (more so for the protagonist).
  • an important quote or two that was said by the character but again that’s not necessary.
  • my thoughts on the character which I think is really important.

4: Quotes are very important in literature and most if not all teachers will encourage you to use them in your essays so these are two things you can do:

  • just write quotes that each person said on their character’s page and quotes from the narrative itself on a separate page.
  • or the second way which I prefer is to arrange these quotes by chapter, highlighting which character said it and then writing a brief analysis on it. You can also arrange them by person and highlight the chapter and page number. I love either ways.

5: Vocabulary is also important ( my teacher once told me about a question asking for the meaning of 'spittoon’ in To Kill A Mockingbird.) When reading over the novel I underline words I don’t know and transfer them onto a separate sheet of paper (arrange by chapter) and write down the meanings. You can use two columns to do this, one with word and the other definition. You can also use studyign’s summary foldables method and make (online) flashcards to test yourself.

6: Reviewing for exams can be hard, especially if you don’t have the time to reread the entire books. But that’s okay because you have the chapter summaries and analysis and all your other information although I do recommend reading or simply skimming the really important chapters. Here are some other tips:

  • know your exam format and the type of questions. My exam typically gives us two choices for the novel, each of which gives us a particular topic (one example is Jem’s punishment for what he did to Mrs. Dubose) and then three to four things they’d like us to include (example: why did he do that to Mrs. Dubose.) We are to write these in essay formats.
  • write essays on the book to review later (for TKAM I’m writing an essay on the theme racism using references from the book as well as I wrote a view on Scout’s character and Atticus’ parenting style.) This is really good to read before an exam.
  • do mock papers, preferably within the usual time period of your exams.
  • get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast and believe in yourself. You’ve put in the work, you’ll reap the benefits.


I guess this can be considered hardcore because I’m probably the only one in my class that does this much work but the main reason is that I am being tested on this at the end of the term for probably three terms in all as well as in 2018, two years after we started doing this novel, I will be tested on it for an exam that the entire region (i believe it’s similar to gcse) so all this work is in preparation for that so do adjust it to fit your needs. I’m also very open to ways to improve this!


I started watching hwarang mainly because of taehyung. But this boy, ohmygod. He’s like the bias wrecker who stole my heart. He’s just too precious, an absolute perfection. I’m so obsessed with him and his character. Like for real, his character is the best in hwarang. His character development is the most interesting; along with his internal conflicts, the problem with his fathers, his cute love story, and his complicated friendship with the other hwarangs. I don’t wanna be mean but the main characters don’t appeal to me anymore. Banryu and other supporting characters (Soohoo, Hansung, Yeo Wool, Sooyeon) are the only reason why I’m still watching the drama. And his love line with Sooyeon of course omg 💕 I’m shipping them so hard! I swear, it’s not even funny. I’m so obsessed! I’m not prepared for this second-couple-syndrome like I didn’t sign up for this lol

one thing that I like about POI is that the main characters don’t follow the traditional rules of the american vigilante narrative. usually the narrative is that government agencies like police or FBI don’t stop the villains because they’re clogged with bureaucracy and essentially useless, a narrative that unfortunately has fed into our current trump political climate. in POI, while there are extenuating circumstances like the Machine, it’s not about government agencies being inefficient–-it’s about them being corrupt and self-interested and poisoned by a post 9/11 mindset. the show is very self-aware and pulls no punches about police forces or military corruption, and also walks a fine line for the protagonists who, thanks to the Machine, are not limited by rules or laws, but instead follow their judgement and morals based on the situation. this is different from other rule-breaking vigilantes who usually have one goal and don’t deviate from it no matter who gets in their way, and are punished by the narrative for it by having their loved ones die (taking something from them). this is an immature perspective of masculinity too prevalent in american media, making everyone but the protagonist an enemy. meanwhile in POI, team machine works together, albeit with a very small drawing pool of trusted allies, and act according to the situation, sometimes bending their own rules (and traditional american tropes) to help people. it’s just a much more mature, smart way of dealing with the material, sometimes too smart (which led to its decline on network tv) and I just appreciate the writing so much

Oh hey also so I developed a bit of a headcanon while working on the File Not Found update because of all the AU papers:

So we know how Error is like, super into Undernovela? Like, I think of him as one of those people where if Undernovela was a TV show he’d always stay up to date on what was going on and never miss an episode.

Sooooo I imagine that Ink is one of those people who follow A BUTTLOAD of different AUs as if they were TV shows and keeps up to date on them and knows what’s going on and never has a problem remembering what’s going on in the AUs

“WOAH Error destroyed this universe? Plot twist!”

“I haven’t been to Reapertale in a while I need to catch up”