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Riven main: I don’t play ranked out of anxiety but I’ve clocked up a year and a half and 548,000 points on this champion and all I have to say is that I think my love for her has grown in a startling way. I have hit the point where I outright refuse to try a new top laner. I either dodge or swap lanes if she gets taken from me. If I see her, I scrutinize the enemy for their plays. I love Riven more than literally anything in life right now.

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holy gosh there’s a lot of you people. And idk i usually don’t do mains but with this blog, I think I’d like to.
What does that mean? Well, for me, mains are people that I reply to first, and devote most of my time to their threads. Doesn’t mean I won’t do threads with other people, but my mains get top priority and will probably be featured in most of my headcanons.
How do I choose my mains? Well, I prefer to be friends ooc and I prefer that we have done at least one thing together ic.
If I don’t choose you as a main, please don’t be offended!! I love you all but I prefer my rping experience to be a bit more intimate. If that makes sense.
Give this a like if you want to be considered a main!!
I’ll have up to 3 mains for a character!!

You are not a fake fan if you only like the movies

You are not a fake fan if you only like the books

You are not a fake fan if you only like the TV show

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to rewatch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to reread

You are not a fake fan if you are not active in the fandom

You are not a fake fan if you don’t buy merch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t go to cons

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the actors/authors

You are not a fake fan if you skip episodes

You are not a fake fan if you skip chapters

You are not a fake fan if you don’t ship the main ship

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the characters

You are not a fake fan if you only watch/read to get a taste of LGBT+ representation

The only thing that makes you a ‘fake fan’ is if you pretend to like something for someone else’s benefit

Don’t know how I managed to keep this project a secret for this long, but-


Now you can see my custom-designed SQUIP in action, YAYYY! 
The Squip Enters was a perfect practice opportunity for me because it’s under a minute (49 secs,to be exact) and it calls for creative visual effects as well as a wide range of emotions in order to the scene to play-out properly.
I hope I did it justice! Let me know what you guys think.

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julie writing season 4 like: sana? don't know her

sana? a muslim woc main? don’t know her!

even? a pansexual bipolar boy who’s backstory has been teased here and there all season with his friends? don’t know him!

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has yana ever hinted the two Ciel theory in her tweets?

Mmm, I personally think this blog post was about 2CT, especially this part:

[… ] I didn’t want the readers to pore over the hints too much and then get disappointed in the end like “Huh? What’s with all this foreshadowing?”.
That’s why I planned to give [little] hints which readers don’t notice at first and therefore can be left unanswered, but at the same time those hints are supposed to make the readers go “Wow!”, once their meanings are revealed later in the story.

I didn’t want the readers to worry too much about it, that’s why the hints are supposed to make people think “Huh? That was a bit weird… but who cares!” and continue reading. Those hints [regarding the main plot] don’t affect the ending of each arc, anyway.

So… you don’t have to think about it too much… but if you are concerned, of course you can think about it as intensely as you want (lol)
Just enjoy the story in the way you feel comfortable with.
The meanings of all the hints are going to be revealed some day, anyway.

Now that I reread this, I can’t believe the big secret is FINALLY going to be revealed very soon!!! :D

This crack pairing hits me in ALL the feels. Height difference, thick eyebrows, tiny blonde woman with a bob cut, unrequited love, antisocial, honest man, opposites attract (and maybe age gap?), and I’m probably forgetting a few. :D

I’m trying to rewatch this series, but as I don’t like the main female lead (I want to, but she is so manipulative, and I REALLY empathize with Olive), it’s hard to get through. But I love all the other characters, and the writing, so I’m going to give it my best shot.

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dear non-mercy mains, don't tell us how to fucking play our hero. especially if they're playing it in comp. likelihood is they already know. you can offer constructive criticism but yelling at us via mic or chat how to do our job (and telling us the WRONG thing to do) really makes us want to not heal you ever and celebrate when you inevitably die. sincerely, a very angry, very salty mercy main

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So P Chris got a clip for 2 reasons. 1. I don't think mains will be getting them so this way we could get more of Eva =) and 2. All the very vocal Chris/Eva shippers who seem to be obsessed with Herman (I mean those girls send him so much stuff from all around the world)... but I'm wondering who else do you think will get a clip. There are 4 more days or 5 if the series really does end on Saturday. So there has to be an Even (or riots will happen), Jonas & a girl Chris, but who else do you think

totally my love, his clip mostly showed us Eva and gave us closure from s1 without unfairly giving her another pov clip. 

Okay so I actually really love this idea that the clips are going to the people who Sana prayed for, except the people who have been mains before (Eva, Noora and Isak) are replaced with the pov of someone who is around them, so we are updated on them while still getting another characters pov. 

so we have VILDE

and then instead of Eva she is perceived through the eyes of  P CHRIS

then we have girl CHRIS

and Noora who will be seen in the eyes of WILHELL

then Isak will be observed in the eyes of JONAS

EVEN will get his own clip

and then we have ELIAS


the last clip will be on saturday and will be in Sana’s pov again but will show everyone like most skam finales do. 

i’m not sure if these will be in any particular order (kinda expecting Elias’s clip tomorrow cos the girls talked about wanting to ask a muslim about ideas for Sana’s gift) 

but this is just my theory, if we get a magnus clip tomorrow it will totally throw this out of whack haha