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Hello! This is Bel Anon and here is part 2/2 of my ask: Okay, so I don't wanna have to write all the little scenes in between point A and point B, but I'm afraid that it might confuse the readers if I don't. So my main question is: when is it appropriate to just do a time skip?

Since you seem to want to stay anonymous and might have accidentally sent the first part of the ask in with your username, I’m going to answer here and attach the first part of the question:

Hello! This ask gets quite long so I’m gonna divide it into two. So I’m writing a story and I’m currently in the first arc, where it’s all about the building up of tension and stuff. All the plot-relevant scenes for this arc has been written (let’s call this point A), except for two more scenes (point B). About 2 weeks passes between point A and point B; during this time, it’s just all about the characters getting ready for their performance in point B. [This is part ½.] ~Bel Anon

You time skip when the events don’t matter to the plot or major characterization. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few words to explain something in hindsight, as long as it’s not a plot point that comes out of nowhere. 

From what I can tell, which I’ll admit is limited, “getting ready for their performance” isn’t important enough to show. Maybe I could see a singular scene that goes over some important character-defining moment or setting, but I think you can easily skip it if your insticts are telling you to. 

You need to look at the specifics of why you think a skip may confuse readers. If you mention the practice, then how a character learned to do something will be very obvious: they practiced. Even bringing in a new character can be easily explained by “they met at practice” and make the performance the intro scene. Trust your readers to pick things up, you don’t have to blatantly tell them everything. 

You don’t want to “show” literally every aspect of a story or it just gets boring. If there are details that need to be explained to make the performance make sense, then just explain them in-context during the performance. It’s common for small summaries of time skip to be written: “Two weeks later, performance day arrived, and [small summary of important events]” 

Good luck with your time skip!

One of the things I loved most about season 2 was that Mike was hardly ever the main character. Don’t get me wrong I love Mike, but taking him out of the spotlight allowed me to realize just how much other characters like Lucas and Dustin and Steve and Will didn’t get to play protagonist in season 1. Not only that, but I think the best characters are those who aren’t only the leading man, but also show how they support other characters in their time to shine.

Don’t make ‘IT’ Gay

So, its seems that Pennywise the Dancing Clown aka “It” is now dating the Babadook and they are now gay icons. Awesome! The only thing I’m not too happy about is that people decided this after only seeing the new movie, NOT having read the book. *SPOILERS* There’s a time jump in the novel (which is what the sequel will be based on) and one of the first things that happens is that a young gay couple is attacked by three homophobic teens and after one of the men (Adrian is his name) is thrown over a bridge (this is based off a real life attack that happened in the 80s in Maine), It appears and strAIGHT UP MURDERS HIM in front of his boyfriend Don and the three attackers. Don then sees Pennywise’s Red Balloons and and has a break down. The three are tried for his murder, though they claim it was the clown (IT). Even Don agrees that it was the clown who did, but his lawyers tell him not to mention that in court. 

Legit, not a fan of this shipping! Do your research first please

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Can you say how to draw female and male hair? I really love your art, your style is so ... Fluffy? XD

sorry this took me so long to answer, ive been pretty busy and havent had time to sit down and draw some examples until now!
I will start out saying that ive never formally studied hair, so all this will just be my knowledge on stylized hair and how i draw it!

Jumping right into it, the first thing I think about when drawing hair is where the hair is going to part. I decide on the point the hair will start from (represented by the red dot) and then decide what direction I want the hair to go. In this case I’m drawing straight hair in a side part + bangs. When drawing bangs, its important to take note of the hair line. In my head, I separate the bangs from the body of the hair since they don’t follow the main part of the hair but rather start at the hairline. 

From here I sketch out the sections of hair, using the arrows as a directional guide. You want to think of hair in terms of sections rather than strands. Like any form, breaking the form into parts makes it easier to visualize and draw. I like to think of each section of hair as a ribbon when I’m blocking out the basic shapes. It’s much easier to figure out how hair will twist and turn, especially when in motion or as seen in curly hair, when you visualize it as a bunch of ribbons or streamers radiation from a central point. 

Here, you can see the sections I divided the hair into more clearly. I use directional lines to give me a basic idea of how the hair is falling but most of the hair is still in chunks. 

In this image I’ve outlined the two main sections of the hair (excluding the bangs which can be considered a third section). The line the blue arrow is pointing to is where the part of the hair is and the rest of the blue outlines how half the hair falls into a sheet over the shoulder. The purple outline is of course the other half of the hair that comes out of the part. The purple arrow is pointing to a “crease” in this section of the hair. I’m not sure how to describe this well, but still thinking in terms of a ribbon, the ribbon is folding over itself because it is not completely flat. Hair acts the same way; it will overlap itself, especially when the hair is parted to the side. Sorry if that’s confusing, but basically just know having lines coming out of the part helps emphasize it so your hair isn’t all over the place!

Lastly, I’ve separated the hair further into even smaller sections, though I personally don’t put a lot of detail into my hair so you can see I still have a lot of chunks left. It’s up to you whether you want to push further with this, it’s time consuming to continuously separate the hair, but if executed right it can make your art really pop! However, I prefer simplifying my hair both to save time and just because it fits my style better!
In this stage as well, I’ve added strands of hair that go against the direction of the rest of the hair. Hair is almost never perfectly rounded or neat so having strands that stick out or move in an opposite direction can help make it look more natural over all! I also decided to make the part where the nape of the neck comes through a little more evident than the draft to make it clear that it is separating there.

As for the “fluffy” aspect in my style and more specifically the hair I draw (thank you btw that’s such a sweet compliment!) I use rounder shapes and curves to make hair look bouncy or fluffy! Actually, I can’t draw super short, straight hair well because I just love drawing floofy bangs and hair too much.. but its fine because short hair tends to lift away from the rest of the head anyway haha

I wont go into much detail for this hairstyle since its essentially the same process but some final advice: It’s always good to draw the head shape before drawing hair. In stylized art/anime especially, hair tends to poof out from the head but that doesn’t mean the head isn’t there. You still need to follow the basic shape of the head and consider how hair falls over it. 

I hope this helped a little! I’m sorry this is such a simplistic tutorial and for the rough drawings, I’d like to go over hair in motion and hair when its pulled back/up or curly but I feel like those need to be in a separate post ;v; maybe i’ll do those at a later date if anyone wants to see those~
you can find more of my tutorials/tips here!

and now we can commence screaming about the mlp trailer



Jangan mulakan sesuatu jika kamu belum bersedia.

Orang mungkin akan salah faham dan akan anggap kamu sedang bermain-main.

Sedangkan kehidupan bukanlah satu permainan, dan bukan sesuatu yang boleh dibawa main.

Just don’t start something like that.

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I love the idea of Lotor becoming that one character that the main heroes don’t see as a threat, but is an absolute pain in their asses. The only reason no one has kicked him off the ship yet is because he’s grown on them like a parasite.

I really hate to be the fandom wet blanket here but can we kinda not with the “It’s a joke that the paladins act like stereotypical high school drama bullies towards Lotor because he’s a Huge Nuisance in a way that he isn’t in canon”

Like first, your “that one character they don’t see as a threat” is a highly skilled fencer and pilot who gave Fricking Voltron a run for their money in a single-man fighter. And he’s fairly recently upgraded to a barrier-shattering ship on par with the capabilities of a Voltron Lion. So you’ve really got another thing coming if you think the team’s gonna just forget about that because Lotor’s cooperating now.

Especially when the reason this diplomacy is opening up is because Lotor just… saved all their lives. By making a precise shot, through a battlefield, to snipe the weapon attachment off an imperial battleship.

Whether or not Lotor is a major potential threat (he is) aside:

Yes Lotor and the paladins are going to have mutual animosity and mistrust towards one another because they’re both dangerous powerful people whose agendas have conflicted in the past. Not because Lance is going to flip his hair and go “ugh, Lotor, you can’t sit with us because you’re related to Zarkon.”

The only way I can see Lotor being a nuisance is if he was very specifically passive-aggressively trying to make a point in a context where it inconveniences but doesn’t endanger the paladins because his survival hinges on them. 

Also have you seen these guys. Pidge befriended a bunch of space caterpillars because they hung around her for more than ten minutes. Coran adopted five aliens that he’d never met before by the second episode and it took maybe half the first episode for Shiro to think of these people as “his team” and outright call them the same.

Lance determinedly wormed his way to being friends with Pidge despite Pidge frequently blowing him off (and Pidge is tactless as hell when she’s defensive), Keith has abandonment issues, and Allura really genuinely does want to hold onto positive pieces of her history and I think you’re kidding yourself if you think Lotor doesn’t have at bare minimum complicated feelings about Altea.

Hunk is skeptical of people when he actively has a reason to be but has also been shown to trust his teammates’ judgment (s2e9, with Keith, on the subject of Acxa) and pass up prior grudges like in season 4 when he was more ready to forgive Rolo and Nyma than Pidge was Beezer.

These guys’ friendship dial doesn’t go to zero. They might all think they’re settling in to long-term tolerate this guy for mutual benefit but sooner or later they’re going to be roping Lotor into playing video games with them.

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I need to ask if gaster know he is fake then why doesn't he tell EVERYONE and why don't our main crew go through a existential crisis now that they know they arnt real and they could just stop existing if you want to?

Because they aren’t fake. What Gaster saw is that in the world of the askers, his own world is rendered in comic form for their viewing, and asks are sent to his world. If I stopped making the comic, his world would continue. You just wouldn’t be able to see it. To him, the world of the askers is just another AU.


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Something tells me that Chara or Callallied whatever probably wouldn't like to watch/read One Piece cuz you know they despise pirates. The ninjas from Naruto is probably better suited for them I think? :/ (Fun/Usesless fact I actually prefer Naruto over One Piece but I respect those who have different opinions than me)

I feel like Chara would eventually be able to watch One Piece once they realize the main characters don’t really do the whole rape and pillage thing that real pirates do. They’d eternally be annoyed and saying “Why not call them treasure hunters or swashbucklers then??” …Chara often gets weird hang ups based on words being used in ways they don’t like.