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Since I was young, I liked to speak up for the underdog. Because I spoke out so much in junior high and high school, trying to help other people, I was brutally beaten up when I was thirteen years old by one of the biggest, strongest guys in school. I spent those years being hit, beaten, tripped in the hallways, you know, stuff thrown at me, by this guy and his couple of friends. In high school, this guy targeted me on the football field, came and hit me after the whistle, and snapped my femur in half. Later, when I was in college, I found out that the same guy raped a younger relative of mine. So I’ve carried hardcore baggage about bullying with me my whole life.

People can say what they want about the character I play, I knew what I was getting into when I signed on for this role; I played Sheriff Lamb on “Veronica Mars” for three years and was the antagonist. You’re talked about a certain way online and that’s understandable, but when it starts getting so personal that it’s talking about you, your relationship with co-workers, and maybe your parenting skills, your spouse, and your family – when people go to that level, that’s when I see red

I speak out against systems that I think are broken, whether it be the Emmy process, actors that I feel that were overlooked, or voting polls – all that kind of stuff. I’m a huge proponent for the NOH8 campaign and gay marriage. I just sympathize with people who are being bullied. What’s interesting is that as a grown man, father, and professional, I’m speaking out about some things that could get fixed and it’s causing some bullying. I knew that speaking out would make me a target, but it doesn’t mean I won’t fight back. I just think [online bullying] is a really important issue, especially now with YouTube and all the social media where you see teens that are committing suicide through bullying. I’m always going to speak up, and people will form certain opinions about me, but I still believe it’s the right thing to do.


Michael Muhney (Sheriff Don Lamb / Adam Newman) recently speaks in an interview for soap magazine about bullying, “I’ve carried hardcore baggage about bullying with me my whole life." 

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“I always wanted there to be a confrontation between Sheriff Lamb and Veronica about the rape because of the catastrophe that he caused by ignoring it. If he had pursued the case, then Cassidy would have been found caught, considering the evidence present with GHB, chlamydia, and probably DNA. Thus he would not have been able to kill all of those people nor crash the bus. This is especially ironic because Lamb tried to blame the crash on Keith during the election when he referenced the DUI that never happened. It could have been a great scene.”

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Random thought: I can really hate Don Lamb (not as much as his brother), but when compared to Principal Snyder he almost becomes a saint.

I actually think Don Lamb is worse. Yes, Snyder was despicable and he worked for the Mayor, but I think he only did it out of his sense of duty and respect of the authority (as misguided as it was) and he hated teenagers but apart from treating them badly on a regular basis and judging them and sending them to detention, he never truly did anything evil per se. He was a cartoonish character, and as such I like him a lot. He has some great lines in the show

Now, Don Lamb was pure trash. He was ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic, and corrupt, and he was in a position of power in which he could actually do great harm to a lot of people, and he did it purposefully and happily. For me there’s no going back after his scene in the pilot with Veronica, in which he laughs off Veronica’s rape claim and humiliates her. And the fact that there are people like him in the real world makes me hate him so much more. 

“I’m happy with the development of most plotlines in the series, but I have to admit I’m mad that some were dropped without another mention. Mac’s separation at birth, Meg’s abusive parents, Lamb’s troubled background- they’re all plotlines that should have been developed and discovered and the fact that they were never mentioned again shows that Rob has his flaws as a writer.”

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