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The Others. Part I. The Dragon Witch

Hey!! Look, my inspiration came back with a plan for a multi chapter! I’m so happy ^.^ Hope you guys like it :3
Sanders Sides
The Sides go with Roman on a quest to defeat the dragon witch. However, they find out that there has been a different side seen wandering around. Who’s he and why is he there?
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Only bad attempts at being funny by me lol
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Princey kneeled on the grass and picked up a piece of paper, that was hidden under a rock.
‘It’s a note!’ he exclaimed.
‘What does it say? What does it say, Roman?’ Patton jumped to him, excited, followed by Logan, who had his arms crossed and looked generally bored.
‘It says… “Meet me in the cave in the Dark Forest… if you’re brave enough, Prince Not-So-Charming”,’ Roman looked at the other three sides. 'It must be from her!’
'She called you Prince Not-So-Charming?’ Virgil smirked. 'I like her.’
'You are on the good side today, Doctor Gloom, so act like it,’ Roman looked significantly at Anxiety, who faked a smile.

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