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Rebecca Luker made her Broadway debut as an ensemble member and the understudy for Christine Daaé in the original Broadway company of The Phantom of the Opera, eventually becoming the alternate Christine and later principal Christine. Photos of her in the ensemble are hard to find, however her track was:

  • “Princess” in the mock-opera Hannibal (who is angling to replace Carlotta after she storms out)
  • “The Mirror Bride” in the First Lair scene (the creepy doll in a wedding dress made to look exactly like Christine. She lunges forward and causes Christine to faint)
  • “Triangle Girl” in Masquerade (part of the “Little Band”, she wears an elaborate headpiece and plays the triangle)
  • “Don Juan Rehearsal Lady” in the Don Juan Sitzprobe scene
  • “Page” in the mock-opera Don Juan Triumphant
  • And back into the Princess dress for the curtain call
The Phantom of the Opera (25th anniversary)
  • Prologue: 666 nUMbeR of THE beAst I meAN MAN the oLD GhoSt Was SUPER scAry gET rEadY fOr a HoRRoR STORY
  • Overture: ... but this sounds f*****g epic and i'm already on the masked man's side
  • Think of Me: Raoul thinks it's R/C, The Phantom thinks it's E/C, in fact it is a song from a completely different story and ya'll are reading into things too much but dam Christine so fab that two men she scarcely knows instantly want to marry her.
  • Angel of Music: Is it an angel... Is it a dad... It's the Phantom.
  • Little Lotte: Aw, my childhood friend :3
  • Theme Song: I should probably be scared but I find myself turned on.
  • Music of the Night: Pretty sure father wouldn't have sent me this but still thank God it's happening.
  • I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It: Staged depiction of "major fuck up".
  • Notes: Whipped
  • Prima Donna: but in denial
  • Poor Fool: exactly what it says on the tin but in plural
  • Why Have You Brought Me Here: BECAUSE I'M EXPERIENCING EXTREMELY CONFLICTING FEELINGS I'M SCARED but also still kinda turned on
  • All I Ask Of You: "Yes please marry me and make my life decisions I'm done with independent adulting shit's crazy" The Love Song
  • Reprise: When you think you helped a damsel in distress but the distress keeps on intensifying.
  • Masquerade: Well you must be quite emotionally exhausted by this point... Have colour and fun!
  • Have You Missed Me: No? Well, still have this opera.
  • |Madame Giry: Who's he? Basically, deformed.
  • |Raoul: Ew.
  • Notes: Whipped and they know it now.
  • Twisted Every Way: really, just twisted every way, like wtf
  • Don Juan Rehearsal: angry little people call perfectly good music bad so the piano shuts them up
  • Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again: Is she singing to her father? Is she singing to the Phantom? We just don't know through all these daddy issues.
  • Wandering Child: What I've learned thus far is that I really can't show restraint when he's around, can I?
  • Angel of Darkness: Serious mood kill and massive sass fight including pyrotechnics.
  • Before Don Juan: So tell me again how are you going to kill a guy who's there, and there, and there and there and there
  • Past the Point of No Return: Into it. No wait no I'm not.
  • Down Once More: Phantom: I've been in deep emotional turmoil since day one. Christine: *seen 23.30*
  • Final Lair: 666 nUmBER of ThE BeAst don't say that don't do that put him down everybody stop YES YES YES wait NO NO NO i was promised a ghost story and now look at my heart wtf K.O.'d by a musical
Fandom Fic Recs: Phantom of the Opera

Ok, it’s the first Fandom Fic Rec Day (they continue the 11th and 12th) so here are some recs. @spooky-mormon-hell-dream specifically requested Phantom of the Opera fic recs, so here goes nothing. But be aware that I’m more of a casual Phantom fan, so I don’t have THAT many…and also they’re pretty much all either E/R or R/C.

First of all! As an E/R fan you pretty much die without Lucifer Rosemaunt who’s written what, half of the fic out there for them? Here are my favorites of her work:

There’s also some pretty good E/R out there that other people have written. Unfortunately apart from Lucifer Rosemaunt’s work the stuff I like tends to be kind of dub-con/messed up, so be aware.

  • Anotherdiana’s written two fics I really like: My First, My Only, which is about canon era Erik watching Raoul sleep (sort of?) and At First Glance, which is about Erik as a more modern stalker.
  • Ariel_Tempest’s Orpheus’s Love Song is about Erik after being rejected by Christine, and Raoul, and a lot of drugs. Canon time period.
  • For a long, dark Erik/Raoul fic about the aftermath if Christine chose to leave in the Final Lair scene, try Eyes of the Jackal. I think it’s relatively well known but anyways it’s great.
So. There’s all that.

But if you don’t want Erik/Raoul (though why wouldn’t you, man?) I do have a couple decent oneshot recs that are not slash.

  • For a random Erik torturing Raoul fic that I found back when I was scouring for any fanfic involving the two of them at all, try The Knife.
  • For an R/C rewrite of the ending of Love Never Dies, try The Catalyst or Triggers, both by SharaMichaels.
  • For a short OT3 fic (ok, I guess it’s technically slash), try L’Amour des Trois by emmawicked or Wednesday by jambiscuitbuds.
  • And if you just want some H/C for Christine try Don Juan Rehearsed by Igenlode Wordsmith.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I’d love to see anyone else’s Phantom fic recs though, especially for oneshots that are not E/C.

anonymous asked:

If there is one (or two!) song in POTO you would change or remove, what would it be?

I’m not sure if I would ever remove a song entirely - most of them do a fairly good job of either 1) moving the plot forward or 2) revealing something about a character. Even the Don Juan rehearsal scene (which really is only there so the sets for the graveyard can be set up) does showcase the Phantom’s frightening powers, and I like how the restaged tour ups the creepiness of it.

Um… I guess one song I’ve been thinking of changing is ‘Music of the Night’. For me, that song is meant to reveal the Phantom’s motivations (”Marry Christine”), the things he knows and values (music, darkness, beauty), and how he plans to use that to get Christine to be closer to him (”I am my music and my music is darkness and it is beautiful and therefore so am I, please love me Christine”), so I don’t quite see it as a useless song, even if most versions now bore me to tears, unless the actor is really, really good. But I have been thinking of a version which is more Leroux-accurate, with the Phantom expressing dreams of simple normality, as he says in the book:

But I am very tired of it!…I’m sick and tired of having a forest and a torture-chamber in my house and of living like a mountebank, in a house with a false bottom!…I’m tired of it!  I want to have a nice, quiet flat, with ordinary doors and windows and a wife inside it, like anybody else!  A wife whom I could love and take out on Sundays and keep amused on week-days…

And at the same time, it would incorporate what Christine talks about in the book when she is first brought down to the lair, with the Phantom maybe leading her about his house and such. I think it would be an interesting change, because the replicas aim for ‘Music of the Night’ as a seduction song, while a lot of non-replicas seem to think that the opposite tack is to emphasize the Phantom’s love of music. So you know, I was thinking, “Why not just make the song about the Phantom wanting a normal life?” I think the fact that that’s a great desire for him and yet one that has always eluded him, is rather poignant.

One thing I am wary of, however, is making the song and blocking… unfocused, I suppose. What I really hated about the restaged tour’s version of this song was how the Phantom and Christine did not seem to really have this intense focus on each other that the original has and which makes it so powerful. In the replica version of MOTN, the two things we, as the audience, are most aware of, is the Phantom and Christine: how they’ll come together for an instant, then break apart, then move together again, one or the other seemingly drawn to each other throughout the song. In the restaged tour, we have the Phantom kind of fussing around with candlesticks or music stands, then whipping out a blindfold and having Christine wander around. It lacks focus, it lacks interaction between the two characters. And I don’t want that in this hypothetical, changed version of MOTN; I don’t want the Phantom fussing around with his rooms or where, I don’t know, the house seems to get more emphasis than Christine. The focus should be on Christine and her reactions and how the Phantom responds to her reactions and how his desire for a normal life hinges on her, I suppose.

And the other thing I’m wary of is the song descending into silliness. “Look at my rooms! Look at my house! Now look at me. Now back to the house! Look at your bedroom! No, don’t look at the coffin. Back to me. Look at the flowers! No, don’t look at the torture chamber. Back to the house.” Etc.

But yeah. It’s a bit of an odd mixture of ALW and Leroux, but it’s something that I’ve been mulling in my head for a while (along with other thoughts about why certain versions of MOTN work for me and others don’t).

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you are given all the rights to andrew lloyd webber's masterpiece phantom of the opera. what changes should the audiences of this belowed show expect


but seriously…

  • add a scene between raoul and christine between prima donna and il muto… you really can’t go from “no i’m not going to dinner with you” to “say you’ll love me every waking moment” with no bridge
  • raoul is less condescending on the rooftop (it makes no sense that he doesn’t believe there’s an actual man stalking her when he’s heard his voice)
  • the phantom has his own melody for “christine I loooove you” or is less manipulative in that scene”
  • phantom dies for sure to prevent LND: the reckoning
  • scene between notes II and don juan rehearsal: because it makes no sense that she refuses to sing and then with no explanation goes to the rehearsal in the next scene
  • PONR lyrics skeeved down
  • staging decisions: phantom with a violin during wandering child, actresses of color playing meg and madame giry, carlotta holding the severed head AND a sword during hannibal (to reference her last name meaning “little judith”/judith beheading holofernes)
  • meg being butch
  • at least a verse of the music of the night cut because it goes on and on and on
  • scorpion and grasshopper costumes in masquerade, christine having a scorpion and grasshopper embroidered onto the phantom’s wedding dress for her

1. Emilie Lynn - 2012 Manila, Philippines
2. Brad Little and Rebecca Pitcher - 2007 Singapore
3. Anthony Downing and Claire Lyon - 2012 Seoul, South Korea
4. John Bowels and Rebecca Pitcher - 2007 Singapore 
5. Emilie Lynn and World Tour Company - 2012 Manila, Philippines
6. Brad Little and Claire Lyon - 2012 Seoul, South Korea
7. Jonathan Roxmouth and Emilie Lynn - 2012 Manila, Philippines
8. Emilie Lynn - 2012 Manila, Philippines
9. Claire Lyon - 2012 Manila, Philippines

In celebration of getting 200 likes in less than a month (thank you SO much! I never assumed this blog would be this popular in a year let alone a month!) here’s a big bunch of photos from the World Tour that I’ve refrained from posting due to their size, because apparently the tour doesn’t seem to enjoy posting high quality photos. Anyway, enjoy!


Truly vintage costumes resurfacing in recent years

  1. Patti Cohenour’s original Broadway Wishing costume from 1988, recognizable by its non-stripy fabric and rosy appliquées, was reused in the US tour in 2007-08, when it was worn by Sara Jean Ford. That’s some 20 years after it was first made!
  2. A Don Juan Rehearsal dress from the original Stockholm production (1989-95) was one of many to be reused in Copenhagen 2000-03, and again in 2009. The photo here shows Emma Frost wearing it in 2009.
  3. Dorte Holst played Carlotta in the last leg of the UK Tour in 1995. A skirt from the same era reappeared in the Restaged UK Tour in 2012, where it was worn by Angela M. Caesar. There’s subtle differences in apron and appliquees, making me think it’s not the very same one, but it’s definitely contemporary. The red tabs and apron trim is unique for these.
  4. Elisabeth Berg’s original Stockholm Aminta costume from 1989 was reused in Copenhagen; probably already in 2000, but definitely in 2009, when it was used by u/s Christine Emma Frost. That’s some 20 years after it first was made!
  5. The Mandarine coat in Australia and the World Tour might have been altered along the way, having lining and shoulder fabrics replaced. But the sleeve, and especially the cuff, is a perfect match - albeit a tad more worn, with gold threads coming loose. The left photo shows Anthony Warlow wearing it in Melbourne ca. 1990, and the right one shows Brad Little wearing it some 23 years later. If it was also used in the Stockholm revival, it means this costume has been in use for some 27 years!