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Some Bea drawings I made!!! I really like Bea! She’s cool and badass! Don’t tag me with spoilers yet though, I haven’t seen the entire let’s play, (And the person I’m watching isn’t exactly focusing on Bea either grrrr.)

(tag me with maebea of you have any!)

ok but do yourself a favor and don’t think about badass, legend among the new york newsies, jack kelly sauntering down the manhattan streets one day, stumbling across this skinny, pitiful kid with his right leg twisted crookedly beyond repair and just instantly thinking without batting an eyelash, “yes, this one. this one’s mine.”

ingredients for a Professor Layton game

- puzzles ( don’t spend hint coins too fast )
- hint coins ( TOUCH ALL CHIMNEYS. )
- beginning with a weird monster/mystery to solve
- more puzzles ( seriously don’t spend them on thirty picarat puzzles )
- storylines that doesn’t always make sense, because that makes sense
- professor layton logic ( because super sea monster last of its species that used to live with one of the most ancient people of earth forming a silhouette while battling with a exploitative and destructive machine is more believable than a simple specter. ) one piece of advice: Don’t question it.
- badass animations and voice actors
- the third hint that you buy telling you to look at it from another perspective.

correct me guys if I missed ingredients


Currently working on my own Kitri costume for Don Q pas de deux <3 <3 I wanted to make it red, black and gold but as we’re performing some sort of a suite and not just the PDD the most appropriate was to go white. I guess the black/gold lace gives it that badass touch… Thoughts anyone?

I was watching Planet Earth just now (for the bazillionth time? maybe I need to find a new show to watch this summer…) and was reminded about the glory that is the BLOOD PHEASANT. 

They don’t necessarily do anything badass (let’s be real, they are just fancy pheasants) but they look like they are covered in the blood of their enemies, which is pretty badass in its own right. 

It is just really important to me that you all gaze upon the majestic BLOOD PHEASANT and appreciate the fact that it is a real thing that exists. 

So coming back from Ghostbusters a second time, in which I watched Holtzmann the entire time:

A) Holtzmann’s eyes left Erin approximately 10% of the movie; Holtz stares at Erin for EVERYTHING. Is she talking? Is she not talking? Doesn’t matter, Holtz’s eyes are on her. Is Abby talking? Holtz’s looking at Erin to see her reaction. Ever since Holtz gave Erin the lesbian salute she’s been OBSESSED with her.

B) Holtz gave out all the fighting cues the entire so you can’t tell me that girl street brawls or some shit. Also which crazy redneck uncle does Holtz have that took her shooting as a kid because there is no way in hell she knows how to brace against kickback like she told Abby and do the epic nonsense from That Scene without prior experience. She’s a munitions expert–you don’t get because a badass weapons master without actually using weapons.


These are some of the first official ichiurki drawings Kubo did and I love them, now tell me that they don’t look sexy and badass af!!!! Look at Ichigo in the wsj cover licking Rukia’s sword ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and look at Rukia in the second picture all over Ichigo with her mischievous eyes aghfkhfsjfgjdhglkjdshgj HOT (can’t you feel the platonic brotp feelings all over them lol) my sexy, dangerous, badass, beautiful otp is flawless.

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you are absolutely NOT expelled from the obitine fandom for not believing that korkie is their love child. no way. that's not how this works. i didn't get a vote in this. we'll make our own obitine if necessary. i love love love your art, by the way.

Well, glad to know not everyone agrees! No outlaw status for me (I don’t think I’m badass enough for it anyway).

(<3<3 thank you, and I’m sorry I used my last non-crappy unposted doodle so I can’t give you art immediately but I’ll post something for you soon <3)

literally all i see here is a woman who’s looking into the face of someone who was going to kill the only person she’s ever been in love with

i don’t see “badass” or “boss ass bitch” or “evil” delphine, i see someone who’s almost thirty trying to deal with the idea of the only person she’s loved being in constant danger from some many angles. her illness, topside, rachel, dyad, everywhere

she’s angry and bitter and distressed bc she also had to break up with the love of her life to make sure she could keep her safe. and i bet you she’s wondering if she’ll be able to and even if she was, would cosima forgive her for all the immoral things she’s done?

idk i’m really excited to see more of this, to see more than this puppy who doesn’t have any control, to see more of delphine try to help the clones as a group, and letting the bitterness out.

credit to thecloneclub for the gif

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Trust me Negan. i don't fuckin think my "badass attitude" will get broken anytime soon. unless you play easy street on repeat a thousand fuckin times like you did to that one man. i'll fuckin wanna kill myself with fuckin lucille if i hear that fuckin song ever again. i highly doubt you'll break me. youcanfuckin try, don't get me wrong. but let me tell you something Negan. *gets super close to his face* i'm a VERY tough lil woman to crack.

*gives you an unusually calm smile* darlin’, I don’t have to play a goddamn thing in order to break you from this disrespect *breathes deeply when you get close to my face. My teeth start to grit and my patience is wearing thin* I fuckin’ see *bites lip and grabs your arms, pushing you back against the wall to hold you there* know your fuckin’ place here, darlin’. Think about all the ways this fuckin’ situation could go. Consider your options before you cross a fuckin’ line. - Negan

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it’s leather-jacket-and-sunglasses weather and that always makes me feel like a cool dangerous badass.

don’t tell anyone that i’m about as a punk as a jar of peanut butter. let me have this one shhhhh.

Fight Club - Bucky Barnes

Reader fights for living in underground fighting club, Bucky is waiting her, watching the view of the Manhattan bridge from Washington street. He sees her beaten up face, not humored as she joked to have had worse and wants to help her stitch up.

Hello love! You’re writing is absolutely amazing! Would it be too troublesome of I requested Bucky fluff where the reader is kind of a badass? Don’t feel pressured or anything :) sending good vibes your way :)))


When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a rich actress doing those crap romance movies. Or maybe a ballerina. Or an astronaut. Or even a doctor. But everything changed after my parents died. I was only 15, I didn’t know too much about the real world, I just knew ballet since I was 6, KungFu since 10 and all the shit that school and the internet could teach. Without a family, I lived with the old friend of my father - and my KungFu master - until he was murdered when I was 19. Yep, life wasn’t being nice at all with me. But who cares? Well, not me. I don’t have time to care right now. Alright, I won’t lie about it, years ago I’ve cried a lot. I’ve cried for anything. But now… Hm, let’s say that I had to get used to any kind of pain.

“C’mon, (Y/N)! Focus on the damn fight, I didn’t bet all my money on you in vain!” one of the idiots from the crowd that screamed agitated caught my attention, I turned my body away from a punch and snorted softly. Okay, I have to stop getting distracted and thinking about other things at moments like this.  Taking a deep breath, once again I analyzed my opponent: a moron who thought that would win just because I’m a woman. My eyes glanced quickly at the scoreboard and I couldn’t contain a smile. Round 5. It was time to end the play already. Only needed an uppercut, inverted punch and a snapping side kick to make him fall unconscious to the ground. The crowd cheered and celebrated while the judge raised my hand slightly bloodied in the air. 

In the small room that fighters used as a locker room, I took my jacket and went to the sink. I washed my hands to take the blood away and then noticed the small cuts on my lips and on my left eyebrow. Shit, I’d stay with a bruise on my right cheek. It was really difficult to hide this kind of wound. I finished washing my face to remove the dirt and blood, trying to get a little more cheerful, and then got out of there with my money. 5 victories in just one night. Well, I was pretty rich this week. 

Watching the view of the Manhattan bridge from Washington street, Bucky was waiting patiently for (Y/N). The night breeze caressed his face as he tried not to think too much about what kind of work she had. The super soldier turned around when he heard footsteps approaching, his smile changed quickly to a frown as he saw her beaten up face.

“Huh, don’t do that face. You should see the morons who lost for the queen here.” she tried to smile but the from the bruise slowly showing up on her right cheek didn’t let it. 

“Let’s go home.” Bucky said quietly, he wouldn’t talk again that she needed to quit that kind of life. He had to think of another way.

(Y/N) nodded and the two got up on the bike, heading toward the small apartment that the super soldier had in Brooklyn. They entered the apartment without exchanging a word but when (Y / N) took off her jacket revealing the white tank top she wore, Bucky grunted nervously after seeing all the bruises on her skin. 

“Damn it, (Y/N)!” Bucky tried to sound not too loud or aggressive as he approached her with large steps, he used his left hand to drag (Y/N) to the sofa, making her sit there a little astonished. 

“Bucky, hold on a second!” she shrieked, holding his hands before he could rip off her shirt, she pouted at him, but Bucky just scowled.

“I can’t see you like that. Please, you have to stop this madness!” the brunette whispered, hiding his face in her legs as he hugged her waist “Please, doll. Stop fighting like this, for me.”

“Bucky, we already talked about this.” she sighed, closing her eyes tiredly. 


When she opened her eyes, she met with Bucky’s blue ones. Her breath getting caught in her throat. 

“What’s it?” her voice was lower than a whisper. 

“I love you so much, you can do a lot more with your skills. But please, don’t hurt yourself like this anymore.” he kissed her forehead and smiled weakly “You don’t need to live on underground fighting anymore.”


“I can feel your heartbeats. And yes, I know that you feel the same way I do. So, please, just say yes.” Bucky interrupted her, getting up and bringing (Y/N) with him, he held her hands in his as he looked at her with affection.

“I’ll think about it.” she said, but both of them knew that deep inside she already said yes.