don is badass!


Pippa: Hey loser… who still smokes anyways? It’s a gross habit and you definitely don’t look “cool” or “badass.”

Mica: ???

Mica: Do you think I care?

Pippa: Yeah I really do. Why are you even here if you’re just gonna brood by yourself.

Mica: My douchey brothers made me come.

Pippa: They really are douchey aren’t they?


Currently working on my own Kitri costume for Don Q pas de deux <3 <3 I wanted to make it red, black and gold but as we’re performing some sort of a suite and not just the PDD the most appropriate was to go white. I guess the black/gold lace gives it that badass touch… Thoughts anyone?

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The biggest issue I have with the Brotherhood, is that (If we're talking about Bethesda's idea of them) they're supposed to look like this super powerful faction, but they simply cannot survive in 3 and 4. They stopped developing tech, so that advantage is gone, and they start fights with EVERYONE. Even if you aren't hostile, they just insult you. I don't care how badass and powerful you think you are, there's always the chance that raider has an army just past that hill.

bethesdas writing of the bos reeks of pandering to gamer dudebro culture. i like when they live in a hole in the ground instead of their massive blimp.

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Which placements make a person looks badass? I wish I could be like that, but I have my rising in Cancer so... that's kinda impossible 😅

Don’t lose hope!!
Badass sun signs:
Sometimes Virgo
Sometimes Cancer(my gf. But maybe it’s her Cap rising)

Rising signs:
And why the hell not Cancer you know, you guys are deceivingly sneaky

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Your art is very cute.

(( Awww thanks hehe. Apparently, I want to draw badass things but it seems that chibi just…works better? I don’t know? I wanted badass drawings but?? XD ))

me, watching tv: this three year old had an entire arc dedicated to missing his father and now that he’s back it is completely unrealistic that the child wouldn’t be like “DADDY DADDY DADDY YOURE HOME DADDY I MISSED YOU DADDY HOLD ME DADDY HUG DADDY”

me, writing a script: well i mean in an ultra conservative society a woman would never hold this large a position of power but this is a gay romeo and juliet i’ll be damned if i don’t have a badass lady sniper

Second day in a row that my Signifier has come up as my daily card. I’ve learned that seeing it come up means that it’s going to be a rough day and I need to remember to stay grounded. It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, no matter what happens today, don’t forget how badass we are! You can handle it!” Featuring my sage plant.

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Savrin330 from dA: For the Fandom thing- how about AC?

5 favorite characters:
- Shay Cormac
- Haytham Kenway
- Frye twins… they share the equal amount of love from me
- Ezio

3 OTPs:
- Haytham Kenway x Zio
- Evie Frye x Henry Green
- Desmond Miles x happiness/life

Funniest character:
- Jacob Frye

Prettiest character:
- Damn they’re all pretty… I don’t know ;_;

Most badass character:
- Haytham Kenway

Character I’d like as my BFF:
- Shay Cormac

Character that’s ruined my life:
- Desmond Miles