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Fantasy Life US Passwords

Reveria: Honey Pudding

Snow daze!: Snow Set
Sailor’s delight: Sailor Set
Beach Bum: Summer Set
I’m finished!: Angelic Set
Ride ‘em cowboy: Cowboy Set
Got the fever?: Dancer Set
Fiendish fashion: Demon Set
Shear Comfort: Sheep Set
Fired up!: Dragon Set
Pretty in plush: Plushling Set
Strike a pose: Elegant Set
Exceedingly cute: Cute Set
Masked Mercenary: Ninja Set
Pokey pretender: Cacto Set
Fur couture: Furlin Set
Not charming: Princely Set
Butting in: Butler Set
Lace case: Frilly Set
Seedy deeds: Pumpkin Set
Stay frosty!: Snowman Set
Forever festive: Festive Set
Alakazam: Mysterious Set
Hidden princess: Laura’s Hat
Moonerfly magic: Yuelia’s Outfit
Witching hour: Witch’s Hat

Spring Cleaning: Spring Wreath, Grassy Floor
Floating fun: Paddling Pool, Sea Floor
Just add cookies: Festive Set
Spring fling: Spring Flower Set
Don Gero!: Rainy Season Set
Trick or Treat!: Halloween Set
Sweet Furniture: Sweet Set
Forgot my lotion: Summer Set
Love-ly carpet: Heart Rug
A little peckish: Choco Mat
Wanna build me?: Snowman
Dolled up: Fairy Doll
Sports ball: Soccer Field
Un-bear-able: Teddy Bear
Shell of a time: Cuddly Sea Turtle
Spittin’ image: Toy Camel


Fantasy life passwords

I did some digging and thought I’d make a long post for you guys. They are cap sensitive and you do have to add punctuation if it’s written. If you don’t already know, head to the post office to enter them. Enjoy ! Let me know if I missed any !

Angel Costume:
Enter ‘I’m finished!’

Butler’s Outfit:
Enter ‘Butting in’

Cacto Costume:
Enter ‘Pokey pretender’

Choco Mat:
Enter ‘A little peckish’

Cuddly Sea Turtle:
Enter ‘Shell of a time’

Cute Outfit:
Enter ‘Exceedingly cute’

Dancer’s Outfit:
Enter ‘Got the fever?’

Demon Costume:
Enter ‘Fiendish fashion’

Dragon Tamer Costume:
Enter ‘Fired up!’

Elegant Outfit:
Enter ‘Strike a pose’

Fairy Doll:
Enter ‘Dolled up’

Festive Costume:
Enter ‘Forever festive’

Festive Furniture Set:
Enter ‘Just add cookies’

Fluffkin Costume:
Enter ‘Fur couture’

Football Pitch:
Enter ‘Sports ball’

Frilly Outfit:
Enter ‘Lace case’

Halloween Furniture Set:
Enter ‘Trick or Treat!’

Heart Rug:
Enter ‘Love-ly carpet’

Honey Pudding:
Enter ‘Reveria’

Island Resort Decoration Set:
Enter ‘Forgot my lotion’

Laura’s Hat:
Enter ‘Hidden princess’

Mysterious Costume:
Enter ‘Alakazam’

Ninja Costume:
Enter ‘Masked Mercenary’

Plushling Costume:
Enter ‘Pretty in plush’

Pool Decoration Set:
Enter ‘Floating fun’

Princely Outfit:
Enter ‘Not charming’

Pumpkin Costume:
Enter ‘Seedy deeds’

Sailor’s Outfit:
Enter ‘Sailor’s delight’

Sheep Outfit:
Enter ‘Shear Comfort’

Snow Outfit:
Enter ‘Snow daze!’

Snowman Costume:
Enter ‘Stay frosty!’

Snowman Decoration:
Enter ‘Wanna build me?’

Spring Indoor Decoration Set:
Enter ‘Spring Cleaning’

Spring Outdoor Decoration Set:
Enter ‘Spring fling’

Summer Fun Costume:
Enter ‘Beach Bum’

Summer Outdoor Decoration Set:
Enter ‘Don Gero!’

Sweet Furniture Set:
Enter ‘Sweet Furniture’

Teddy Bear:
Enter ‘Un-bear-able’

Toy Camel:
Enter ‘Spittin’ image’

Witch’s Hat:
Enter ‘Witching hour’

Yippee-Ki-Yay Costume:
Enter ‘Buckin’ bronco’

Yuelia’s Outfit:
Enter ‘Moonerfly magic’

New year, new game! Legend of Zelda: Majora's MASK M!As
  • Of course, anon specifies the time. And happy new years!
  • -----------------------------
  • Deku Mask: Muse now turns into a Deku Scrub, complete with the apparent ability to jump on water for a certain amount of time.
  • Goron Mask: Muse turns into a Goron. Albeit slow, they can now roll like Sonic the Hedgehog, complete with spikes.
  • Zora Mask: Muse is now the aquatic Zora, able to swim underwater.
  • Postman's Hat: Muse is now forced into being a mailman. Of course, they get money for doing it, so it's a rather decent-paying job!
  • All-Night Mask: Muse is now an insomniac for the time allotted.
  • Blast Mask: Muse is now highly explosive, but for some reason putting their faces to something stops them from taking damage. At least they won't lose a feature!
  • Stone Mask: The muse will pass by crowds without being noticed. Now the muse is invisible to everyone - in blatant words: They are now as plain as a stone.
  • Great Fairy Mask: Muse can now sense all things mythical. If so, they will somehow glow.
  • Keaton Mask: Muse can now summon Kitsunes to their aid.
  • Bremen Mask: Muse is now followed by any and all poultry they pass. You now have an army of chickens at your disposal!-- sorry, getting carried away.
  • Bunny Hood: Muse can now run twice the speed that they already had.
  • Don Gero's Mask: Muse can now talk to a specific animal that the anon specifies.
  • Mask of Scents: Muse now has a heightened sense of smell. So, even the loveliest cookie can be hard to resist.
  • Romani's Mask: Muse can now bypass anything that needs age consent. That means all the kiddy rides can be ridden by the oldest of men! Have fun, and don't try to get yourself in trouble!
  • Circus Leader's Mask: Muse is now calming enough to stop even the worst of fights, just by people even noticing the muse just a tiny bit.
  • Kafei's Mask: Mun's choice from this list! Free pick!
  • Couple's Mask: Muse is now married to the character of anon's choice! Both muns have to agree.
  • Mask of Truth: Muse cannot tell a lie.
  • Kamaro's Mask: Muse is now a dance master! Shake it!
  • Gibdo Mask: Muse is now cursed by the curse of the gibdos (aka mummy) and has to walk around as one. Just try to resist the urge to eat everyone...
  • Garo's Mask: Muse is now an assassin, and has to kill and/or the person the anon specifies.
  • Captain's Mask: Muse is now a skeleton, and I have no clue where this is heading to.
  • Giant's Mask: Muse is now HUGE! Anon specifies the number, and it's how big they have gotten.
  • Fierce Deity's Mask: Muse is now the fierce deity, complete with the double helix sword.
  • Majora's Mask: Muse is now embedded with the Majora's Mask's curse, complete with the mask itself. Sorry for this.
  • Boss Remains: Muse is now imprisoned within a white void, with no reason to escape. Only a melody can free them.
  • Sun Mask: Muse is now trapped inside a small child's body.
  • Moon Mask: Muse is now apologetic and nervous, as if their personality was flipped