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My Richonne Fanfiction Rec’s

Author: niklovr

Declarations” (wip)

Summary: After the devastation at the prison, two groups are formed and in their reunion, discover a deeper connection. Of course, these discoveries don’t come easy in a post-apocalyptic world. Expect angst, emotional baggage, sociopaths, romance, and walkers. Definitely a Richonne tale. Possibly Dasha, too.

ASZ Chronicles” (wip)

Summary: Tired and jaded, the group arrives at the Alexandria Safe Zone. After multiple losses, their emotional stability is fractured & their need for sanctuary competes with their doubts. This is story about love, family, & starting over. [Richonne & Dasha]

ASZ ala Richonne Ficlets” (wip)

Summary: The following interconnected ficlets are in response to the March Prompt Table Challenge on Tumblr. The events occur in the time space of episode 5x12 “Remember” and addresses the group’s arrival in the Alexandria Safe Zone and how Rick and Michonne’s relationship evolve in this new environment. [Richonne]

“A New Day” (complete)

Summary: Carol and Tyreese’s infamous New Year’s Eve party could be minus four guests. Two wonder if now is the right time to reveal their secret romance while the other two are the victims of unfortunate events. A tale of friendship, unrequited love, and love fulfilled, but can all be accomplished by the stroke of midnight?

Author: Mmmilkovich

The World We Live In” (complete)

Summary: Slow build Richonne fic. Picks up a little after episode 4.04 “Indifference”. Rick POV and lots of wonderful lemons! Rated M for scenes and language. Whatever happens next, at least they have these moments together.

Author: yellowspotlight89

Serpents” (wip)

Summary: The two of them only needed to stand close and all the air compressed and got heavy around them. Thick, tense…even sensual. And from the looks the others gave them, it didn’t go unnoticed… Richonne x Dixonne. 2-3 Shot. Maybe more.

*This story hasn’t been updated since 2014 and it is both a Richonne/Dixonne threesome fic. It’s a very worth while read IMO, no matter which relationship you prefer. 

Author: PennyLane71

Locked Out Of Heaven” (wip)

Summary: Rick is falling hard and doesn’t know how to deal with it. If he opens up, will it make her stick around or drive her away for good? 100% Richonne.

*This author has many other Richonne fics, I just rec’d the 1st one I fell in love with. If you click on the name it will take you to her fanfiction profile page.

Author: roswellchick22

Someone To Watch Over Me” (complete)

Summary: Taking place post the season finale (third) involving Carl and Michonne having a long discussion over what has taken place in Woodbury. This also turns into a moment when Rick realizes that Carl and Michonne have a connection, and perhaps he wants a connection with Michonne as well. This a Richonne fic, not to be confused or connected with my other fic “Clearer”.

“Clearer” (complete)

Summary: A moment between Rick and Michonne after 3x12’s “Clear”, which might be the beginning of something intentional between the both of them. This was directly written after the episode had aired and promptly finished after the season finale because I got inspired once again.


*I’m just going to link her fanfiction page (just click on her name) where all her stories are currently. You cannot go wrong with her stories, she’s so creative and  awesome! Some of my favorites include “Fifteen Years Ago”, “A Home”, “Her Name” “ The Dusk of my Memory”, “Today was a Good Day” and “As She’s Walking Away”. Among many more!


*She is also an amazing writer, so I’m just going to link her page with all her stories on My favorites in “What We Have”, “Relationship Sense” and “In a Different World”. But, you guys, all her fics are awesome-sauce!

Author: QuasiOuster

Something Else” (one-shot/complete)

Summary: While spending the afternoon in each other’s company, Michonne and Rick reflect on their place at the prison and how far they’ve come.

*This author has only written one richonne fic to my knowledge and it’s this one obviously but they have also written many Dixonne fanfics if anyone is also interested in that pairing. Great writer.

Author: Cakebythepound

*Once again read anything by this author and you will not be disappointed. She is awesome, so go show her some love! My favorites include “The Other Woman”, “Jump On It”, “Knock Knock” and “Underneath It All”. I’ve read all her stories and she’s wonderful.

Author: Shipnation 

*Ok, by now you should already know the drill. Everything by this author is phenomenal and worth your time. Please read her fics, they are hot, sweet, gripping, and sensual. All her fics will be linked, just click on her name, make yourself comfortable and enjoy all the Richonne goodness! You can begin with her 1st fic titled “ Let Go, Let Flow”, one of my favorites and it’s also completed. She also has some great once shots available and has some wip’s. For example: “Foolish Hearts” is seriously sexy and oh so sweet while “Unpredictable” will leave you with a really good cry in the best possible way.

Author: Charrrmed

Apologize” (complete)

Summary: Set at the end of 5.16. Rick comes home after a long night, ready to continue making amends with Michonne and ready for a little something more, but she is even more irate about his reckless behavior now that she knows about Father Gabriel’s betrayal. Michonne wonders if she can continue trusting Rick, which shakes him to the core.

Verbal Communication” (wip)

Summary: The slow pace of life in Alexandria gives Rick and Michonne a chance to step away from what they do best (communicate without saying a word) and open their mouths. It’s touch and go, starting with Rick’s fumbling attempt to ask Michonne to live with him and the kids and worsening when Michonne finally confirms Rick’s long-held suspicion that she had a child.

Guiding Light” (wip)

Summary: There had been nothing heartwarming about that conversation, about her apprehension and fear. But the memory of her voice brought him a degree of comfort just the same.

*Great author who writes Richonne perfectly. Read all her stuff and I believe she has at least two more Richonne stories so I will link her page to all her fics, just click her name. Also, not all but some of her stories involve mature content. And in one, there’s this thing that happens with a ring that I can’t even talk about. Take some deep breaths!

Author: givesup

The Richonne Chronicles” (wip/collection of one-shots)

Summary: One-shots focusing on the lovely ship known as Richonne.This will have everything from fluff to angst and everything in between.

*Captures Rick and Michonne perfectly, indivdually and together. I love these stories and I can’t wait more more. I love them all but my favorite would have to be the ones titled “Richonne short” which is 4 parts and “Mellifluous”, something about those two just stayed with me for some reason, but they are all amazing and worth reading. 

******Lyra Verse, Cakebythepound, Siancore and Shipnation are all on tumblr btw. If I forgot someone I apologize and please let me know.

Part 2 and maybe 3 coming soon!

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