don cliff

I watched Audrie & Daisy last night, the Netflix documentary about teenage sexual assault and the aftermath. I hope the sheriff of Maryville, MO falls off a cliff. They probably don’t have many cliffs in Maryville, MO, but they should manufacture one just to push him off of it.


how are there so many
beautiful things in the world,
and how is it
that you think
i am one of them?

you lick my lips 
like i am the sweetest thing 
you have ever tasted;
you stare into my eyes
as though they were 
more dazzling than constellations.
i let you read 
one of my terrible poems,
and even then you held me
like a mountain climber 
would hold on to a cliff.

but don’t make me the statue you put on a shelf,
the flower you put in a cup of water, 
the songbird you put in a cage.
like the wild honey,
and the starry sky,
and the soaring cliff,
you must let me be free,
if i am to be beautiful.

~ rae (aposematic lipstick)

anonymous asked:

will After- Ą͔̝̪̯̪͇̮̈́̆͒͑̌̊̎̉͑͘͢n̍̌͂͋̓͗͆̽̒͠ẗ̢̼̤̫͔́̒̀̇̕í̈́͋̍͊ ever be continued? It's my favorite story and I'd hate to see it end at that, It seems like a cliff hanger.

Don’t worry, I’ll come back to it eventually. I’ve been quite busy with other things at the moment, home and university-wise, but I will get back to it in the summer when given the time. :)


your body trembled and your hands were stained with blood
you tried to give me a hug and i reeled back in terror
you said, “i’m so fucking sorry, it’s all my fault, i know i know”
and i was incapable of feeling something, well i just felt…i just felt nothing
but the cops questioned me as if i had facts
but all i had left was a strange story and a pension

and they could gather up their “sorry"s
and throw them off a fucking cliff
i don’t want to hear nothing
am i the only one who doesn’t give a shit?

i’m 12 years old and i’m asleep next to my brother
i ask him if we’ll ever turn out okay
"who knows,” he said, “at least you’ll get to go to college”
but that moment weighs on me until this day
sometimes i feel oh so broken, i cannot be touched
and i don’t think i am lovable just yet
sometimes i feel like i’m just a story
a walking tragedy and it gets kind of boring

doumeki-deserves-better  asked:

For the ask thingie Ann? From fomt?

  • Why I like them

She’s a sweet little cinnamon roll and tbh, the cutscene where she has a tummy ache because she ate too much is just ME ALL OVER. 

  • Why I don’t

I like everything about Ann!

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

My favourite cutscene is the above mentioned scene in which she gets a crazy stomach ache and it just turned out she ate way to much food! 

(this one!!:

  • Favorite line

“its not my fault, I was hungry”

“These days.. I think a lot. That’s good… but I end up breaking lots of dishes!”

  • Favorite outfit

Her overalls of course

  • OTP

I can’t not ship Jack & Ann. 

  • Brotp

Ann and Popuri, those two must chat a lot at the spring every morning right??

  • Head Canon

She’s very protective of her boy squad upstairs.

  • Unpopular opinion

I…don’t like Cliff and Ann together lol, but thats literally because I marry Cliff in MFoMT and Ann in FoMT

  • A wish

It would be cool if Ann made a cameo appearance one day in some of the other games…

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

That she doesn’t hurt herself breaking all the dishes…

  • 5 words to best describe them

Clumsy, sweet, hungry, blue, egg

  • My nickname for them

I don’t really have one, I just call her Ann. 

ecojak  asked:

what really gets me is that as much as we joke about cloud's shitty memory, he can still remember the exact spot in the entire wasteland where zack died to even put a marker there, and visits it regularly

Originally posted by elterr


…unless you’re Cloud Strife. then you do. bUT WHEN YOU REMEMBER, YOU DON’T FORGET. AGAIN.

the-moon-loves-the-sea  asked:

Also, if I may: Uhura, Jim Kirk, Spock, Chekov, T'Pring, McCoy!

Hmm now this is interesting, because I don’t know Star Trek all that well…

Push off a cliff: I don’t know who T’Pring is, so sorry.
Kiss: Bones
Marry: Uhura
Set on Fire: aaaahhh… I feel like Kirk has already been through a lot, so maybe he wouldn’t take it too personally…
Wrap a Blanket around: Spock
Be Roommates with: Chekov

Six characters

  • Inris's relationship with Allir: Starts out extremely unhealthy as Inris just wanting a steady supply of drugs, sex, and protection from everyone else he's pissed off but they grow to genuinely care about each other and begin to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Not all the way there, but they're working on it. Took one dying and being raised into a death knight for them to figure out there's emotions called "love" and "affection". And by them, I mean Inris.
  • Inris's relationship with Divust: Don't shove him off a cliff. Don't shoot him. Put- put the sword down. Do- stop trying to shove him off a cliff. Actually talk to each other you goddamn morons. Where are your clothes. What are you two okay maybe focus on fighting the Legion for a bit aaaaand nope they're still screwing. Okay now that you're nice to each other maybe go on a date first and now they've proposed okay whatever works
  • The three of them together: the single most concentrated force of gay energy Azeroth has ever seen

iamartemisday  asked:

Jane Foster, Clark Kent, Red Reddington, Loki, Tony Stark, Elizabeth Keen.

Push off a cliff:
I don’t really want to push any of them off a cliff?? But I’m going to say Tony, not because I dislike him, but because he’ll totally be fine since he can just use his suit to, y’know, avoid dying.
HMMM, I’ll go for Red. He’s played by Spades, so I’m 100% sure he’s good at kissing, so I’m curious about how this would go since my experiences with kissing have been pretty “meh”.
I’m going for the pragmatic answer here, which is Clark. He’s not my favorite character on the list, but I do like some versions of him, and he’s a really nice, stable guy, so is the most logical person to marry out of the other options on this list. 
Set on fire:
I don’t want to set any of them on fire either, haha. BUT, Loki can be a big jerk, so let’s set his cape on fire, yeah? He can put it out easily, it’s fine.
Wrap a blanket around:
Liz. Man, this poor woman. She’s been through so much nonsense, the least I can do is wrap a blanket around her. 
Be roommates with:
 I think Jane would be good to have as a roommate. I feel that we could stay out of each other’s way when it’s necessary, but could maybe also have some fun conversations? 

Send me 6 characters and I’ll answer these six questions

hypnictwitch  asked:


14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom.

BBC Sherlock:
John isn’t a great character, and his wife eclipsed him in terms of development.

I don’t feel fandom gets Molly’s character right a lot of the time in fic. She’s portrayed as either a shrew or a mouse.

It doesn’t matter in what way, Sherlock Holmes loves Molly Hooper.

Star Wars:
Rey’s victory over Kylo on Starkiller Base was by the skin of her teeth, and she was only lucky her opponent thinks that the right time to offer tutelage is on the edge of a cliff.

I don’t think Reylo is gonna be canon, but I do think their connection is gonna be explored throughout​ the next two movies.

Vader is a goddamn fucking Villain. With a capital V. His tragedy is that he lost his future in trying to save it, and became a puppet as a result. Kylo is an antagonist, and the two aren’t the bloody same.


Superman/Batman Annual #1 - “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One…”

written by Joe Kelly

art by Ed Mcguinness, Ryan Ottley, Sean Murphy, Carlo Barberi, Dexter Vines, Cliff Rathburn, Don Hillsman, Bob Petrecca, Andy Owens, & Rodney Ramos