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It’s time to check in on Don Lothario! His house has been renovated to fit the Pleasantview aesthetic and the place is already bubbling with people. Don told Cassandra that he needed a few more days to pack up before moving in to the new house with her, but we all know he has other plans!

And yes, that is family man John Burb in the hot tub chatting up two ladies that are not his wife.


Actors [x]

🎧 + mafia

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Cheetah ✧ my number
Hyun A ✧ just follow | blacklist | roll deep | how’s this | ice ice
(BP) RaNia ✧ killer | just go | don’t start a fire
Blackpink ✧ playing with fire | whistle
Spica ✧ Russian roulette
2NE1 ✧ hate you | follow me | can’t nobody
CLC ✧ hobgoblin
Kitti.B ✧doin’ good
EXID ✧ hot pink
Troublemaker ✧ now
IOI ✧ don’t matter
Cosmic Girl ✧don’t worry ’bout me baby
AOA ✧ like a cat
CL ✧ MTBD | baddest female | lifted
Cho A ✧ don’t be shy
Mi Ryo X Giant Pink ✧ rock paper scissors
Yezi ✧ cider | ank su namun
Lee Hyo Ri ✧bad girls | white snake
Wa$$up ✧ stupid liar | dominant woman
Pristin ✧black widow
Cosmic Girls ✧ catch me
Wanna.B ✧ attention
4Minute ✧ volume up | hate | crazy
Hyo Yeon ✧ wannabe | mysterious
KARD ✧ oh na na

Kale: “Don’t even say that word in my home! I’m not one of them any longer!”

Cain: “Once a Skult, always a Skult. You are only able to leave once you die or have no use to them any more…and even then you’ll probably end up being killed. Kale, the Boss is serious this time. Do you want the same thing to happen to your lovely new lady - like your first wife, or Samantha?”

Kale: “Don’t you DARE speak their names! I have to live with what happened to them every darn day. I’ll get your work done, but you’d better get yourself out of my apartment before I forcibly eject you!”

perfectchekov  asked:

i don't like cho chang at all, her character is completely a racist portrayal of asian people by a white writer

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YES!!!! GOD…….. i want to like her so much bc her place in canon had a lot of potential imo but…… I CANT

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