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What you say about Carl, his charisma&intensity "amped up to100" sounds clearly like effects of coke intake, no doubt that he was intoxicated. I've once seen a very different Carl, sober, tired, sad and stressed. Not so pretty with his hair in a ponytail, with greyish temples. Blank stare and obvious hearing issues. Yet he was sweet and friendly and willing to give a big tight hug to anyone who's asked for it. I'm glad you'll bear in mind a more joyful image of him than I do, you're lucky!

Hey there, I don’t normally run asks like this but I wanted to respond. I don’t think charisma is something that you get from cocaine. It’s the essence of a person, a chemistry they send out into the world, an electricity. When I discussed his ferocity, I wasn’t talking about drugs. I’m not at all a novice when it comes to drug use and it’s effects, and how I observed Carl - both in Brixton and Brighton - had everything to do with seeing his charisma manifest in person and nothing to do with what he may or may not have ingested and how that may have elevated his mood. I’m sure that he does have many days he’s down, in pain, or struggling. I’m sorry you saw him that way. I agree he’s a lovely man, and I don’t think my observing his intensity is controversial or drug related, nor really a surprise - he and Peter are both passionate men and all I meant was in person, it shows. X

Dear Taylor,

I know you don’t know who I am; I’m just a casual girl living in a casual little village in Belgium. Why would you notice me ?

I don’t have many followers, I’m shy, I don’t have the charisma of the majority of your fans, I’m not pretty and most of all I don’t deserve your love. The only thing I’m proud to have is that love for you. So yeah, why would you notice me ? Seriously, I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I will always love you. Forever and always. 💫 @taylorswift

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I know in the Charisma stay grinding mini-storyline there's a fairly important bit of Queen stuff it, so if you don't do the Charisma grinding to get to that scene what happens?

If you don’t raise your charisma stat and instead focus on other areas, you just don’t see that scene (you’ll get different scenes instead). It still happens, but there are lots of things constantly happening throughout the kingdom and the MC can only be in so many places at once…

The events that happen during the stat-grinding mini-storylines are usually stand-alone events (USUALLY. There are a couple exceptions, mostly when you raise Intelligence) that have little impact on the main plot, so if you miss them, it won’t change much. :)

Hope that helps!

iamvalc: not gonna lie… i think we nailed it 😂😂 totally channeled the romance heroes of our generation, the Don Juans who’s charisma would make that dog from Lady and the Tramp look like the k9 from Beethoven. Doug and Steve Butabi from the Night at the Roxbury, lived inside of us for the risqué role maks and I played on #fullerhouse … #ourwaytour #maksandval

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what inspiration did you have for Tigris?

There are so, so many little pieces that have influenced him over the years, but I think of him sort of like Don Draper authority and charisma plus the Rum Tum Tugger’s contrary nature and self obsession plus I dunno, like, Frank N Furter chaotic playful party spirit. Like, he’s not mean-spirited, but he likes to push people’s buttons. He carries himself with authority, but people who know him are completely aware of how immature and disobliging he is. He’s like the people version of a cat that knocks your water glass off the table just to see if it gets a rise out of you.

Looks-wise, he’s got some Lenny Kravitz, some Ger Duany, Naveen Andrews, Carl Anderson, Dennis Rodman, Chris Henry, Rael Costa, and Corey Baptiste among others

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