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His fans and people in the industry really love and respect him but GP don't know much about him. He didn't break the market with JHO like Harry with SOTT, he didn't gain new fans like Niall. He should do something himself, not collab, just to prove that he isn't 'the weakest voice in 1D' and he has so much talent, potential and charisma.

i don’t agree with that cause jho is probably the song i have heard playing the most in public while i’m out at coffee shops/restaurants. i think jho did amazing in streaming apps and is part of a lot of different playlists. also i don’t think that collaborating ing with other artist makes him seem ‘weaker’, it just means many people want to work with him. it’s also a very common thing in edm cause most tracks in that genre are often collabs between several artists. i think it’s actually wise so that he can get exposed to different fanbases as well. 

Hey, lots of charismatic people have no idea what they’re talking about and, having been deceived by their own charisma, don’t know that they don’t know. So, uh… Look out for that.

Alright but I do think Nerevar was far from ugly, dude was jacked and handsome he had mad charisma, I don’t think he was the epitome of beauty but he had /something/ about him that did make him very attractive to chimeri standards

I like to draw him with very golden skin and bright blue eyes because ayleid blood headcanons but also there’s More about his face no wonder they made masks outta him

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I'm the anon who sent you the ask about Niall and Harry's charisma. I don't mean that Harry doesn't have charm at all, he has. But you know how sometimes an actor in a minor role will steal everyone's attention? That's the kind of natural charisma that makes real stars and I don't think Harry has it. He needs to use props (not Louis, I meant his celeb friends or his clothes) to enhance his. Ed Sheeran is like that too but it's not an issue for him since he's marketed as the nice normal guy.

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Hi Charisma Anon–I don’t mean that Louis (or any of the other men) is a prop, but what I do mean is that he bounced his energy off of the other ¾ men in the band. In that way, he used them. It’s interesting that his clothes, etc are such a large part of what makes him charismatic. I think you have a good point. (This is just a great reminder of how we’re talking about image, image, image.)


The point about props is such a good one. This is what I’m finally admitting because I never felt I could say it in the fandom: Harry and/or Harry’s team treated the rest of the band like props in the making his brand. That happened for a long time and I don’t think I was even aware until all this madness how much it upset me. The sheer scale of how much insta-fame is being bought for Harry is creepy. And to be treated like I should just open my wallet to that coldness - no.

Hi anon. It’s amazing how you re-examine things in the past when you’ve reached your limit, right? I’ve definitely been rethinking the way things seemed back then.

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I'm curious about how you feel about Bae Jinyoung? If I'm honestly speaking I don't think he is very talented and I know he is only popular because of his visuals(which tbh there are waaaay better visuals than him aka donghan) and I don't hate him I just don't understand why he is SO popular. I think he needs to be a trainee for a good while longer to improve but he is not ready to debut

Tbh I don’t like him not just because he’s not particulary good neither at singing, dancing or rapping, it’s more about his attitude and the fact that he has zero charisma ?? Like I don’t want to be mean but like there is other trainees that his visuals pushed them to the top like Haknyeon or Guanlin but at least they have some kind of charisma (don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of the 3 are ready to debut). And I agree 100% with you I don’t like his visuals either ? he looks like he’s 12 or something but again I suppose some ppl like that boyish image 

iamvalc: not gonna lie… i think we nailed it 😂😂 totally channeled the romance heroes of our generation, the Don Juans who’s charisma would make that dog from Lady and the Tramp look like the k9 from Beethoven. Doug and Steve Butabi from the Night at the Roxbury, lived inside of us for the risqué role maks and I played on #fullerhouse … #ourwaytour #maksandval

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what inspiration did you have for Tigris?

There are so, so many little pieces that have influenced him over the years, but I think of him sort of like Don Draper authority and charisma plus the Rum Tum Tugger’s contrary nature and self obsession plus I dunno, like, Frank N Furter chaotic playful party spirit. Like, he’s not mean-spirited, but he likes to push people’s buttons. He carries himself with authority, but people who know him are completely aware of how immature and disobliging he is. He’s like the people version of a cat that knocks your water glass off the table just to see if it gets a rise out of you.

Looks-wise, he’s got some Lenny Kravitz, some Ger Duany, Naveen Andrews, Carl Anderson, Dennis Rodman, Chris Henry, Rael Costa, and Corey Baptiste among others

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