don celender

We like to look at some art projects that might inform our work together. Today we’ll look at this project and book by the artist Don Celender. In September 1975, his students from the class “Art of the Last Ten Years” at Macalester College in Minnesota surveyed 400 working people on their opinions concerning the arts. Their answers were written or verbal. Many of these responses were turned into a book and exhibited at OK Harris Gallery in New York City in December 1975. It’s exciting how quickly this went from being a project with students to an exhibit and book! We’ll post some sample pages from this book as well.

For his 1972 multiple Artball Playing Cards, Don Celender grafted the heads of various artists, critics, and gallerists onto the bodies of football players. Here’s a card for the artist James Rosenquist. Lots more Don Celender here.

This post is a Public Collectors Request Line fulfillment for every-th-ing, who asked to see “old trading cards and pen-and-paper role play material.” I have none of the latter but could post a bit more of the former.