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scenario w someone trying to seduce away Tsuna, Dino and Xanxus' pregnant s/o thinking that now's the chance since they have lost interest in her


Admin Enma would like to apologize for being an absolute donut and misreading the prompt, Anon. Instead, here are some women trying to steal away the men because they think the S/O lost their interest now that she’s pregnant. Please forgive Admin Enma, she is sorry.


When the announcement of the pregnancy reached the ears of the mafia world, many people tripped over themselves to give the Vongola Decimo their congratulations. Presents were sent to him and his wife - diapers, powdered formula, baby clothes, baby toys - and they sent back personal thank you cards for their thoughtfulness. Each present was also pre-screened and analyzed for safety protocols but of course, that was to be expected.

Some of his closest friends were amused by the man’s outlook towards his pregnant wife. The first few months were filled with anxiousness and overprotection, much to her dismay and Tsuna’s insistence. She even went far as to get multiple doctor’s notes on how she was still capable to doing her regular desk job without any issues, not that Tsuna didn’t ignore them. But the effort was there and Tsuna eased up just a tiny bit. Instead of five bodyguards to look after her through the day, there was three.

There were some women who saw this as their chance to climb the ladder in the mafia world. It was evident near the end of the second trimester during a formal party held by an ally family that women had their sights set on Tsuna once more since his marriage to his wife.

“She looks like she swallowed a watermelon!”

“Do you see how her stomach is bulging out of her dress?!”

“Yes! What a shame too, that dress was designed by the same man who did my dress tonight.”

“Really? It flatters you but definitely not her.”

“Oh dammit all, Abrienne is making the first move.”

Sure enough, a slender woman had managed to strike a conversation with the Vongola boss and his wife. Abrienne was what many people can call beautiful, tall with nice curves, flawless skin, and shiny hair. She knew exactly what to wear to accent her best assets and took advantage of it. She also knew exactly what to say to befriend the wives of many bosses only to sweep their men from under their feet.

“The poor woman.”

“She has no idea what Abrienne is capable of.”

“Do you think Don Vongola would still acknowledge the child as his heir if he leaves her?”

The women at the party watched as discreetly as they could at how Abrienne caused the Donna to laugh brightly, holding onto her husband for support and to her belly, as if laughing too hard would make her due date come faster. They stared petulantly at the triumphant look on Abrienne’s face as the Donna left to go towards the direction of the bathroom, the female Mist guardians following behind her for protection, and completely missed the adoring look the man sent his wife.

Abrienne latched onto Tsuna’s arm quickly, tiptoeing up to whisper in his ear. It was exciting for the women to watch the scene unfold as she gave him the most seductive look she could after lowering herself back down and licking her lips. They watched in horror and fascination as the Don Vongola retched his arm out of her hands, his face full of controlled rage and spat something at.

The could-have homewrecker stepped back, causing the women to burst into conversation as they watched the Vongola walk away from Abrienne. The next time they saw him, he was completely wrapped around his wife and was practically showing her off to everyone he came across.

“Oh my!”

“That was exciting!”

“The Donna is so lucky to have him!”

“I wish my husband was like the Don Vongola when I was pregnant!”


The meeting was dragging on and on and the other man would just not shut up. Dino resisted the need to roll his eyes as he listened to the boss of some small family from the west of his territory drone on about how beneficial an alliance between their families would be for the both of them.

Normally Dino would have killed this man and crushed his family’s forces under his boot but he wanted to challenge himself to a bloodless 9 months while his wife was pregnant to avoid causing her stress. It was a challenge he had set himself and he was doing pretty well 7 months in.

The other man’s wife smiled serenely next to him, occasionally fluttering her eyes at the Don Cavallone. Her make up perfectly accentuated her face, bringing attention to her bright green eyes. She was a young thing, probably 10 or so years younger than her husband and was around Dino’s age.

“Ah, my apologies, Don Cavallone,” the man said after listening to Dino mused aloud on the prospects of an alliance. “May I be excused to go to your nearest restroom? I’m afraid I drank too much water as a result of talking your ears off. That was terribly rude of me.”

Dino laughed it off politely. “It’s all right, my friend. My subordinate here will guide you to a room. I will go ahead and draft a treaty while you are gone.”

Both men stood up and shook hands before the elder left the room, following after one of Dino’s men. The blonde sat down in his chair, glancing at the picture of his pregnant wife on his desk before beginning to type out a treaty on his computer.

There was a silence between Dino and the other man’s wife as he typed away on his laptop. Such an alliance would be beneficial and the other man seemed like a good business partner to work with. Everything he had proposed, albeit in a lengthy way, was sound and fair and if Dino worked hard enough, he could find an advantage to use and abuse.

“Ahem, Don Cavallone,” the woman interrupted his thoughts, causing him to pause in his typing. He looked up to see her look at him under hooded eyes and knew exactly where this was going.

He quirked an eyebrow before turning his attention back to his computer. “Yes,” he indulged her to go on. Dino was always fast at typing, something he was proud of. Given no distractions, he could probably finish this document and print it out just as the older man returned to his office.

“Ahem,” she went again. Dino sighed as he looked up from his desk to look at the woman. He was not amused at the sight of her shirtless, obviously trying to use what little breasts she had to entice him. “Everyone knows your wife is pregnant but I figured someone of your caliber wouldn’t be interested in a woman as big as she is now.”

She leaned forward on the desk with her arms, obviously hoping to push her breasts up more than they were by her push-up bra. “Of course, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Dino stared at her face for a moment before leaning into her space with a smirk. He pressed a button on the phone on his desk, never breaking eye contact. “Martin,” he told the subordinate standing outside his office as a guard, “can you please come in and remove this trash in front of me. Thank you.”

The woman stared in shock as she was bodily hauled, shirtless and all, out of the office by one of his men. Dino picked up her shirt she left in her chair, threw it outside of his office, before sitting down back at his desk and returning to his typing. This time, he added he condition of the other man to file for a divorce in order to secure their treaty.


There was nothing more amusing to Xanxus than someone trying to cozy up to him to climb up the social mafia ladder. He’s had men and women throw themselves at him multiple times throughout his entire life and he’s always used and thrown them away before they could do anything. They were his toys, they were the ones who chose to play with fire.

However, this time it was just annoying. The woman practically ground her hips against his side, hoping to elicit some carnal reaction from him. Useless really, he wasn’t in the mood. Even if he was, he had an S/O he knew would be happy to take care of him. Pregnancy hormones were a blessing sometimes.

Xanxus didn’t do anything to tell her off, but he didn’t encourage her either. It wasn’t bothering him at all, just a mild annoyance that would surely tire of his lack of reaction and reciprocation.

The entire night, she had plastered herself to him. It was beyond annoying now, it was down right irritating. He could feel the woman’s lips on his cheek and his neck, biting at his ear. It was funny to see how desperate she was for his dick, for a higher position in the mafia world.

It was when she tried to palm him between his pants that drew the line.

Tired of playing games, Xanxus roughly shoved the woman off of him. He watched as she fell to the floor with a shriek, her eyes flashing with anger. “What is your problem?”

He stared back at her, not amused and with disgust lacing his voice, “Nothing. I don’t like it when trash try to hang off of me.”

She stood up, huffing and fixing her bra through her outfit without a care of who was watching. “I was trying to offer you something. Figured your pregnant bitch wouldn’t put out and thought you might need someone to warm your bed.” The woman scowled at him, her face distorting ugly. “I guess you’re pretty happy with your hand.”

Xanxus lazily took out his gun and pointed it at her head, watching her freeze in place. “One - you’re trash. Two - trash like you shouldn’t say a damn thing out the woman carrying my child. Three - we have plenty of sex, most definitely better than anything you can try to give.” He used the barrel of his gun to push her down to the floor, the fear in her eyes getting his blood boiling.

Damn, he hopes his pregnant lover was ready for a long night.

He pulled out his wallet and threw a couple of bills at the woman on the floor. “Here, this is probably more than what you would get in a night out standing on the corner. I’ll be sure to tell my men about you if they’re interested for a romp.”

Show Me Paradise

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo spot 5-1; love at first sight. [D27]


Dino falls in love a lot like he fights when he’s protecting his family; without hesitation, and ready to go to any length to ensure the job gets done.

The day he meets the man named Sky, the man so many in Vongola call ‘the Immortal’, its like that moment right before the first opening move in a fight, when he can feel his blood set to boiling, all his sets sight on the goal in front of him. When he knows there will be blood and death, but his mercy is at its end. When he is ready to hunt this enemy to the end of its existence and drive it back into the dirt from whence it has come.

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I keep having these creepy scary and weird interactions with people that just creep me out even more. If you feel uncomfortable you can ignore it. Mukuro's Fon's and Dino's gf were in the capital city alone since they were meeting with a friend they haven't seen in a while. And while waiting for a bus a man kept looking at them and try to make eye-contact and conversation in any way possible even if they ignored him so they call their bfs telling them what is going on.How would they react (hcs)?


  • Mukuro is pissed - becuase first of all, how dare he; second of all how dare he
  • he’ll keep you on the phone, keep talking to you as he gets someone to hack into the local cameras to get a picture of the guy
  • after getting a picture of the guy, he makes up a whole fake rap sheet (if there’s not one already, he wouldn’t be surprised) and outstanding warrant then pings the local police department with the information
  • shows up while the guy is inside jail and threatens the shit out of him


  • stays very calm while activating a tracer app on your phone (it’s not that he doesn’t trust you, it’s just that he’s involved in a very dangerous line of work)
  • he has some contacts in the area, they’ll find you and make sure that the guy doesn’t try anything - they’ll only step in if he does
  • he won’t go after the man, instead let his contact talk to them a little
  • once you get back, he’s going to introduce you to a training plan that’s all about self-defense


  • he keeps you on the phone as he calls one of his people stationed in the city to go meet up with you
  • said man will also get a picture of the creep
  • Don Cavallone (not Dino…Dino and Don Cavallone are two entirely different men) will pay a visit to the man
  • you’re also now getting a bodyguard or two (possibly four, but the final two will be hidden so you won’t know about them)
You're not the first assassin sent to kill me, and im sure you won't be the last.

The dead of night was the perfect time to sneak around and kill people, picking his targets off one by one. Tonight his primary target was Don Valentino Cavallone. Mafia boss of a family over five thousand members. This would be rather difficult, but it was worth it due to a heafty reward on the black market.

Itachi tied a mask with a crow design to his face, easily securing it so any survivers wouldn’t see his face. He swirled two short blades around his fingers and slid them into the cases. After that he loaded his guns and grabbed extra ammo for each one. He then sat by the front door and secured his shoes before taking off.

Getting onto the premises wasn’t hard, in fact, it was easier then he thought. He slipped into a cracked window, landing with a soft thud. He hid against the wall and pulled out a knife, and killed the person who came to investigate. Stealthily, he made his way to Dino’s room. He slipped in and quietly approached the figure, eyes widening in shock when he noticed it was made out of pillows and the lights flicked on.

The raven haired male spun around, face to face with Dino, Romario and Brutus. He stared at them before making a break for the window.


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fav thing about mafia? old school arranged marriage and status issues x100 pick any 3 bosses who didn't want to marry the girl they love due to her lower status but then they find out someone is tryin to arrange marriage her and completely lose it and just take her for themselves


admin adelheid


  • Byakuran knew for a fact that society is not kind. By all rights and purposes he could take his pick marrying anyone he wanted, including you. But your parents would never agree.
  • As law abiding citizen your parents have threatened to kill themselves if you married a Mafia man so he forced himself to keep his distance.
  • He longed for you, though. You were the only person who had ever seen him as a human being. Not as a God or the Devil.
  • Your treatment stung his pride but gave him freedom in a strange but pleasant way.
  • When he hears about the engagement he would be furious as hell. The cold smile on his face would give his Funeral Wreaths nightmares for endless days to come.
  • He would order the man’s family investigated. No stone will be left unturned.
  • Of course he’ll learn your fiancé belongs to a prosperous clan. Your parents would never have agreed to marry you off to someone less.
  • Byakuran will then systematically take steps in breaking down your fiance’s family fortune until he and his family is left penniless.
  • He then meet with the man and gives him an offer he can’t refuse.
  • You are then surprised when you learn your fiancé has backed out of the engagement much to the fury of your parents.
  • Byakuran then steps in to save the day and proposes to save your dignity by marrying you.
  • Your parents were so ashamed and furious about your fiancé jilting you they had no choice but agree.


  • He loved. Had always loved you since you were children. But you were the maid’s child and he was his father’s only son expected to marry well. He could not disappoint his don.
  • When he heard someone had offered you marriage his whole world fell apart around him.
  • Married? How are you getting married? Surely they were joking, right. That’s right; the world was joking and it was currently playing a dangerous prank at him.
  • Dino had to sit heavily in his chair and lean into the backrest to stop his head from spinning. Over and over the words ‘This cannot be right.’ Spinning around and around his head.
  • Ignoring everything else he couldn’t stop himself from sneaking into your rooms that night to find you getting ready for bed.
  • He would confront you about it and demand to know if you loved this man.
  • Since you knew how far apart your stations in life were since the very start you had no choice but to say yes.
  • He would go insane despite himself. Insane with jealousy and envy and so much anger at the way things were he almost forced himself on you then and there.
  • If only your mother did not knock on your door.
  • That night Dino would approach his father and drunkenly open up to him about his feelings for you. About how much he loved you; how much he loved you.
  • The elder Don Cavallone loved his son. His Dino. He never knew he was making the boy suffer this much all this time suppressing his feelings.
  • The next morning your parents are surprised when they received a formal marriage proposal from the elder Don Cavallone.
  • He was asking for your hand in marriage on behalf of his only son.
  • Your original fiancé was so scared he left without a word.
  • Dino couldn’t get a ring on your finger fast enough.


  • All his life he had pledged and raised himself to be the perfect son. A worthy heir for the Vongola’s throne. That was why he made himself blind when it came to you the moment he realized you were a threat to his feelings.
  • He treated you like you were not there but he always noted your every move from the corner of his eyes. As his personal maid it was hard not to.
  • Over time he became your silent protector. Threats to you were removed before they were even conceived.
  • His obsession for you was eclipsed only by his obsession for the Vongola throne and everyone in the Varia knew it. For his sake they all pitched in to protect you in their own ways.
  • So when he heard you were sent home because of the arranged marriage your parents had set you up with he had first went weak in the knees before his Wrath burst forth and he went berserk.
  • The staff didn’t even deemed it fit to tell him you were going home that day and instead already set him up with a replacement. A replacement he had nearly killed in his rage.
  • The thought of you in another man’s arms was unacceptable. The thought of anyone doing things to you that he had ever only done to you in his dreams and fantasies was too much to bear.
  • He didn’t care if his Varia were following him. Mammon had already obtained the address of the country inn where you would be meeting your fiancé for the first time and Xanxus quickly made his way there.
  • He found you and the man taking a pleasant night time stroll in the inn’s gardens while both your parents were entertaining each other inside.
  • Xanxus couldn’t help himself. He stepped out of the shadows and put a gun to your fiancé’s head terrifying the man into wetting himself.
  • You beg him to spare your fiancé and Xanxus agreed only if you kissed him.
  • Blushing you agreed and as you did his obsession was realized as held you to him with all the need he had kept inside him all these years.
  • Secreted away as his mistress, you were never seen again.

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Tsuna, Dino, and Enma when they're in an arranged marriage and the person they actually love refuses to be their lover


“What is wrong with you?” Tsuna finally snapped, closing the distance between you two. “Why do you keep refusing me?”

You had done your best to avoid him but of course Tsuna couldn’t act like a normal person. He just kidnapped you.

You tried not to wither but Don Vongola’s glare was known to even make men three times your size whimper.

“Listen,” you took a step back, “you’re married to another woman and I refuse to be the ‘other’ in a relationship. It hasn’t even been two weeks since your marriage. Find someone else you can fuck around with–”

“She doesn’t mean a thing, (Name),” Tsuna said and raised his hand to touch your face but you moved away. “The one I love is you.”

“Do you even know what ‘love’ means?” you demanded. “Stop throwing around words. There’s never going to be an ‘us’.”

“I’ll divorce her then,” Tsuna said, his eyes glowing. “If you promise to never leave my side, I don’t see the point in being to married to someone else.”

“Why would I promise you anything like that?” you said haughtily.

“As much as I love your rebellious little attitude,” he cornered you against the wall, “this needs to stop. The whole marriage to someone else happened because of you. I can’t wait around for you forever.”

You know what Tsuna was like, the reputation he had. How could you give your heart to someone who had the reputation of breaking them? You were just a toy and he’d get over you as soon as he laid his hands on you. Then he went ahead and married someone else.

“You’re not a toy,” Tsuna said sharply, like he read your mind, “and I’m never going to get tired of you.”

“Let me go–” you pushed him away and tried to leave but he grabbed you and pressed him against his chest.

“I’m divorcing and marrying you. You will be my side forever,” Tsuna whispered into your ears. “You’ll eventually learn to like it.”


“See you tomorrow, then,” your co-worker said after he walked you all the way to your home.

You nodded shyly and, after a few seconds of hesitance, kissed him in the cheek. His face went red and you blushed as you waved him goodbye and walked back into your apartment.

You nearly fell on your feet when you saw freaking Don Cavallone in your living room, glaring at you. He walked strides towards you and grabbed your wrist.

“Who. was. that?” Dino demanded.

“How is that any of your business?!” You pulled away your wrists, and crossed your hands. “What are you doing in my house?!”

He immediately cooled down. “Fine then. I’ll find it out myself. Don’t be surprised if he goes missing. You should know better than to let someone else touch what’s rightfully mine.”

“You, a married man,” you said, sharply, “don’t get to treat me like I’m your fucking whore.”

“She means nothing to me, (Name),” Dino said coldly. “I don’t even sleep in the same room as her. She married me for my money and reputation, and I married her due to the pressure of heirs from the elders. If you would have married me when I asked you to then it wouldn’t have come to this. Say the word and she’ll be gone.”

“I love you,” you blurted, “I really do love you. I’m trying so hard to move on but this isn’t helping. Dino, I can’t start a family with a Mafia Don. You kill people for a living. You destroy lives. You aren’t the sort of man I can have children with–”

“So whose children do you wanna have?” Dino’s tone was dangerous. “That co-worker of yours? I might be dangerous but I love you. No harm will ever come to you or our children. You will have jewels and clothes others can only dream of, travel to the most exotic places under the sun, have any singer that strikes your fancy performing in our living room.”


“You stole a Don’s heart and now ‘no’ is not an option,” Dino said. “You either come with me willingly or I’ll be dragging you down the altar.”


“So a slut like you thinks that you can steal my husband, huh?” the woman had cornered you alone in the party and tightly grabbed your throat.

“Please,” you choked out. “I’m trying not to do anything–”

Enma’s wife was a mafioso herself and you were just some civilian that worked in the IT department. You were no match against her, and you felt yourself turning blue.

“He won’t even touch me and he has pictures of you all over the place. He has men follow you around, and eliminates any potential threats your ugly ass might have. He is completely obsessed with you. You must be really good at fucking to have that sortof charm on him.”

“We ne-never h-a-a-ad se-ex,” you tried to speak.

“You’re a whore as well as a liar–”

You heard a gunshot.

The hold on your throat loosened. Enma’s wife fell on the floor and a pool of blood grew around her.

“Enma?” you said when you saw who was holding the gun. “You just killed your wife!”

He took strides towards you and his eyes were redder than the blood on the marble floor. “No one, no one, hurts or insults my woman and gets to live.”

“I’m not yours,” you said.

“I’m tired of you acting like this,” Enma said angrily. “You were the one that tricked me into marrying her because you were too scared to be with me. She used her fucking illusions to get us married and you stood by and did nothing to stop it.”

“I had every reason to do what I did,” you said. “I saw you kill the entire Famiglia that kidnapped me and I had every reason to be scared of you–”

Enma threw a white dress at you. “Wear this. We’re getting married today. There’s even guests at this party.”


“I’ve been denied you for too long,” Enma said. “This ends today.”

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Enma, Tsuna and Dino falling in love with someone they greatly underestimted? I love you guys so much and excited for the new admins!!


admin adelheid


Enma stared at you some more and honestly thought you were a prank, a joke, a twisted little trick designed to insult him. How can you possibly help with finding the embezzler who was robbing him blind right under his nose when you were so frail and fragile looking? You weren’t even a hitman! You were nothing but a glorified pencil pusher! How could you possibly help with this problem?

Still Tsuna recommended you and his best friend knew this incident needed to be kept discreet of the Shimon will be a laughingstock. Spurning you would be similar to spitting into his best friend’s eye so he allowed you to do as you will. He decided to give you everything you asked for even as he swore to keep an eye on you at all times.

Luckily you didn’t ask for much. You were quite content working in a tiny little table in the corner or Enma’s office poring through the ledgers he had personally hauled for you and dumped on the floor by your feet. He was a little hesitant when you asked for a computer but he shrugged and gave in eventually after a few terse warnings to not steal any of the information.

You were never offended his subtle little accusations and as the days pass by Enma noted how you treated him and his Family with sincere respect and not just out of fear or duty. You had ever gotten fond of Rauji and even Kaoru was becoming quite protective of you. Shittopi approved of you by floating by your workstation with food whenever you forgot to eat because you were working so hard since you weren’t judgmental nor cirtical and Adel found you quite likable. Enma had caught his right hand woman conversing with you pleasantly or dragging Julie off by the ear when he came by just to flirt. Hell even Koyo was opening up to you by showing off.

Enma was quite convinced you had his whole Family in a magic spell.

On the other hand he could not help admiring how dedicated you were. He found you working on that same corner as soon as he entered his office and left you there still working late at night. It was as though were working like a machine.

It had gotten so bad that he had to carry you to bed a few times when he came by in the middle of the night to check on you when he couldn’t sleep and saw you sleeping on the table.

You asked for nothing but the barest of necessities and had been sincerely grateful for anything extra they provided. It made him wonder how you could be so happy over something so small.

He couldn’t help but be amazed at your dedication and the strength of your will and determination even though you possessed no Flame. He couldn’t help but watch you and take note of the fact that you were… beautiful. And most of all he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have all of that intensity and dedication focused on him.

The day you found the culprit you approached him with no joy on your face despite your success. In fact there was only sadness there and sympathy as though you knew this betrayal would hurt him. And it did. Because the embezzler they were after was one of the first captains who have sworn loyalty to him when the Shimon started gathering power again.

The night after Enma had to kill his subordinate and stayed inside his office to get drunk and brood you came to him and offered your condolences. And the genuine compassion in your eyes did him in. Before he knew he was in your arms and he was clutching you to him desperately as you welcomed his sadness. As you shared the burden of his pain. You refused to let go of him till morning.

You triggered something needy in Enma’s heart and before he knew it he had grabbed you around the waist and buried his face in the crook of your neck as he made you sit on his lap, seeking comfort in your scent. And then he was kissing you, ignoring your surprise.

When Enma woke up to find you wrapped around him and stared at your face he only had one thought in his mind.

He called Tsuna as he stared down at your form sleeping on his bed to tell him you won’t be coming back to the Vongola anymore.


It had been a complete puzzle to him that Reborn would even allow you to be a part of his personal set of bodyguards. Guards that would be with him when his Guardians can’t be. It was supposed to be an elite group handpicked by the greatest hitman himself to shield him from any sort of harm.

So why in the world was someone so small and frail included in this handpicked group?

He fought the urge to ask his old tutor because the way the hitman cocked his brow at him basically dared him to ask so he didn’t. He chose to ignore you existence altogether thinking he might have to protect you instead when the time came. It was a troublesome thought.

He bonded well with his other bodyguards. They were all very confident and easy going people who were all fond and loved their Decimo. As with everyone who came close to him they were all drawn to him like moths to a flame. He ignored your existence but you never seemed to mind. You always stood in the outskirts of the group like an oddly placed thumb. But you never complained. Never.

Tsuna kept on ignoring you until one particular incident.

It was a Don meeting, supposedly peaceful. This Boss was supposed to be a long-time ally so Tsuna was prepared for a few laughs and drinks. He had been joking and laughing about it with his other bodyguards when suddenly, the men this other don brought slowly brought out guns with a few more men hidden in the false walls carrying more fire power.

By the time Tsuna noticed something was wrong he was almost too late.

And then suddenly you step in front of him and the other bodyguards calmly, shielding them all with a thick, dense, Cloud Flame that neutralized all the bullets shot at them. Tsuna’s eyes widened at the sight of your Flames coming out of your back like a par of wide, purple wings shielding him from harm.

The sight of your power made you stunning but the fragility of your face and form made you look like an angel. Tsuna was stunned at your utter beauty.

And then chaos ensued and the other bodyguards made short work of the enemy. After interrogating their Don it seemed as though the man was forced into it by an enemy Famiglia who had kidnapped his heir. His initial refusal was met with the delivery of his son’s hand the next day.

Tsuna sent Yamamoto and Ryohei to search and destroy and eventually rescue the hostage.

After that Tsuna found his eyes following your every move. He made a point for you to always be by his side and talk to you more, curious about uncovering everything there was about you.

You weren’t exactly talkative and the more you answered it seemed to Tsuna that you became more mysterious as you did so. Every day he discovered something new about you. Every day you became an obsession.

He started bristling every time someone even came near you. Your non-existent presence became his whole world. Afterwards he didn’t care if you were an elite. The thought of you being hurt had become unacceptable to him.

You try to keep things professional between you but Tsuna wanted none of that. And you couldn’t do anything about it when he took you to bed and claimed you.

He should know that there was no way you could deny your Sky.


The first time Dino saw you he had thought you were nothing but a misinformed fool of no consequence or power.

For sex, Dino uses a paid, professional escort. He never uses a Family member for sex because he didn’t want internal disputes coming up.

This professional escort turns out to be your sister and she falls in love with Dino despite the waiver he had her sign about never becoming emotionally involved with him. When she starts making demands of his time he pays her a significant amount of hush money and discards her.

Heartbroken, your sister comes to you claiming she was pregnant by Dino and that he paid her money to get rid of the child. You react with furious righteousness, takes the money and doubles it with your own savings to throw all that cash at the Cavallone don’s face when you found him. “We don’t need your money. I will raise her child myself.” To which you earn Dino’s interest. Your protectiveness and the strength of your will attracted him.

Dino had Romario hunt down your personal info and casually bullies your Boss into calling you in his office before kicking your Boss out. You come in surprise at finding him and your sister in the office. Moments later he makes your sister tell you the truth that the pregnancy was false and what her job really was.

At first you thought he was just forcing your sister to tell you all this but then your sister bitterly tells you the truth before walking out in a bad temper.

“I apologize for the accusations, Don Cavallone, I’m sorry if I offended you,” you look him directly in his golden brown eyes staring steadily right back at you making you shiver because it felt like he was stripping you down on the spot. “But she’s my sister. I will take full responsibility for her wrongs.”

Dino then tells you the only way he’ll accept an apology is if you become his new paramour.

Seeing your hesitation he exploits your sense off honor and family until you give in. He makes you sign the same waiver your sister signed but you added a time constraint on the clause that you would only agree to be his sex toy for a year and that you will be allowed to keep your present lifestyle. After the contract then you will be allowed to sever all strings with the Cavallone don. Dino agrees in amusement thinking it wouldn’t matter.

Dino’s sex was surprisingly tender. It took time before you allowed yourself to enjoy him. Your hesitation only fed his interest in you. You would never know that, while he had had only paid your sister a visit once every other month, his visits to you were as often as every other day. And if he found he could afford to do so, he would never let you leave his side. You have had to remind him that he agreed to let you keep your job.

He becomes obsessed with you and frustrated that he couldn’t pin down your will other than when he had you beneath him. It led him to making sure he knew where you were and who was interacting with you.

When he finds out that a coworker had asked you out on a date and you agreed thinking it would be better to build a real relationship other than the contracted one purely physical one you have with Dino he goes coldly berserk and finds the bar the coworker took you to. You stare in shock when he wordlessly punches the man’s teeth in and drag you away.

The sex after that bordered on violent but thrilling in the way that he placed you under a crippling amount of foreplay before shoving himself inside you so deep all you could do was scream out his name.

He is now trying to get you to sign another contract. A marriage one.

anonymous asked:

Think of this!! Dino, Enma and Tsuna keep on humiliating this clumy maid that works really hard because it reminds them of their old self but after noticing their work eithic and optimism fall in love



  • How this new maid managed to get hired was beyond him. He couldn’t understand how she was able to pass the physical exams required for all of the staff members at the Cavallone HQ
  • She trips. A lot. It’s especially worse when she is handling fine china and cutlery. It drives him nearly insane.
  • If there’s a crash in the distance, he knows that 9 times out of 10 it will be her fault. He knows it, Romario knows it, everyone knows it.
  • So what if he sometimes makes her job harder by leaving behind crazy messes? And yeah, sometimes he’ll intentionally throw his trash on the floor of his office just as she’s finishing cleaning up.
  • He can’t help it. Looking at how clumsy she is makes him feel wrong. Like he’s looking through a time machine and seeing his pre-Reborn days.
  • He hates it.
  • But why the hell is she so forgiving?! “It’s okay, Don Cavallone, I’ll clean that up.”  “No worries, I’m sure you didn’t mean to drop those stuff, Don Cavallone.”
  • Not once has he ever heard of her missing a day at work. He’s always seen her around, working to clean messes made by the inhabitants of the mansion and the messes she makes out of her own clumsiness.
  • Dino knows she works overtime too. He’ll sometimes catch her asleep on the stairwell with cleaning supplies around her late at night, far beyond any staff member besides the skeleton crew stays late.
  • (He later found out she had just finished doing a double shift and had offered to cover for a sick night staff member.)
  • He covered her sleeping form in one of his less nicer jackets he wore, telling himself that while he didn’t like her at all, Reborn would kill him if he found out he had left a lady out on the cold without helping.
  • It took her leaving his jacket on his bed, folded and dry cleaned, with a note saying her thanks for letting her borrow it and for hiring her to realize he was slightly enamored with her.
  • “Shit,” he mumbles under his breath as he sees her walking his way to start her duties. “Since when was she this pretty?”
  • “Did you say something, Don Cavallone?”
  • “I said you look shitty.”


  • He was so fucking sure that Adelheid would fire this clumsy idiot of a girl the moment she drops the extremely expensive fine china all over the dining hall
  • So why the hell did his Glacier guardian instead ask another staff member to help the maid clean up the mess? Did he enter the damned Twilight Zone or something?
  • The Don Shimon has never seen this maid not covered in bruises and bandages. It’s either from tripping down the stairs, burning herself in the kitchen, cutting herself on shards of china she dropped - the number of injuries were endless.
  • Looking at her makes him feel like a teenager again, all bumps and bruises and band aids. Pathetic, weak, helpless.
  • He hates her jokes and puns. Enma is positive she has made it her mission to say at least one pun around him whenever she works.
  • Enma privately refers to her as his No-Good Maid, despite knowing Tsuna would tan his ass for bringing that nickname back up. He only says it out loud when he’s alone in his office.
  • He gives a great loud laugh whenever she messes up in front of him. His laugh is harsh and mocking, causing her to flush in embarrassment.
  • It’s adorable how she always apologizes and spazzes out as she tries to clean up her mess. She’s always smiling through it all.
  • The maid is a hard worker, he’ll giver her that. She hasn’t used any sick days nor asked for any vacation time. He hears praises from the other staff members about how ready she is to help her coworkers.
  • “Don Shimon, is something the matter? Did I do something wrong?”
  • She’s looking at him now, a worried look on her face. Shit, was he staring that much at her?
  • The hand on his forehead is cool to the touch and causes him to blush lightly. He fights it off the best he can but loses when she sends him a smile. “No fever, shall I get you something to snack on?”
  • The fact that he was in love with this maid hit him like a ton of bricks. He knew, then and there, that he fucked up.


  • He absolutely hates the new maid with a fiery passion. She’s reminds him of his No-Good days, and he hates being reminded of those times. He’s better now, a lot better.
  • Everything he did back then, she’s just as bad, sometimes worse. She trips (will it kill her to tie her shoes?) and slips (for fuck’s sake, watch where you’re going) and drops everything she touches (a portion of that is going to be docked from her paycheck).
  • Why the head butler keeps her around is beyond his imagination. He cannot stand seeing her in the Vongola mansion, he wishes she would just disappear.
  • Tsuna intentionally has women he chases come home with him the nights before it’s her shift to attend to him. He feels a thrill, seeing her blush in the morning at his and his partner’s nakedness.
  • He keeps the woman of the night around longer during these times, using the new maid as a form of entertainment to laugh at with his partner. Tsuna is ruthless in pointing out her faults to the woman in his arm.
  • What angers him the most is how the maid not only takes it all, but even decided to crack jokes at her expense. It’s then that she smiles at their laughter at her, despite knowing full well they are not laughing with her.
  • The man later realizes that she’s a hard worker, a jack-of-all-trades around the Vongola mansion. She covers for any staff member that is absent - the cook, the maid, the gardener, and so on.
  • It’s impressive, really. It’s even admirable, he admits to no one.
  • Despite her desire to help, accidents also follow her wherever she goes. A minor kitchen fire, the plates are dropped, the weed killer is mistaken for pesticide, and the list goes on.
  • For every positive action, there is a negative reaction. An almost cycle of good and bad surrounds her work. If he didn’t require the most extensive and ridiculous background check on his staff members, Tsuna would think she was an enemy spy sent in to passively attack him from within.
  • But she smiles and smiles and laughs and laughs though it all. The maid just bounces back from these accidents. She cleans and helps repair the kitchen, she cleans up the plates and goes out to fetch new ones, she plants new flowers in the garden.
  • It’s when she becomes sick from working herself too hard and fiels for sick leave does Tsuna realize that he’s grown used to her antics. Through this time, he’s anxious and nervous and antsy, making sure to keep in all inside.
  • When she returns to work with her smiles and jokes and accidents, Tsuna feels a huge relief wash over him. For the first time since she was hired, he smiles back at her, surprising both of them.
  • “Shit, I’m in love.”

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Ey, <3 your blog! A scenario of Tsuna's ex accidentally meeting them on a mission? s/o just killed their target and when Tsu learned who it was he tried to stop her but she escapes. Kudos to you!


It was your biggest mission since you broke up with the Vongola Decimo. You worked as an assassin for the Millifiore family and Don Gesso had only allowed you to see the Decimo if you agreed to be the official liaison instead of an assassin between the two families. However, since then you had decided to step down from that position to avoid any awkward encounters with your ex, and had gone back to your life of killing.

The details of the mission were simple - infiltrate the rival family as a staff member, learn the favorite food of the boss, poison, and then bail. It was pretty simple and clean cut. You had already gained the trust of your coworkers because let’s face it - your cassata was the fucking bomb. The boss had eaten enough of it that he’s specifically asked for it when other bosses come for dinner to impress them.

If things had gone differently, you think you would have become a pastry chef than an assassin. But things didn’t and now here you are, poisoning your beautiful work of art just to finish the job. You had been undercover for almost a year, sneaking around the base during your breaks to leak information back to the Millifiore.

Tonight was a dinner with several bosses participating to celebrate the success of some other man. Your target was someone the alliance wanted dead but could not do so without angering others. It would have started a war but there were more details to it that you didn’t really care about. All you cared about was that the evidence was placed to frame a different family for the alliance to attack before splitting the target’s assets among each other.

Each of the bosses coming that night had taken the antidote for the poison you were serving. It was a precaution in case the wrong slice of the cassata was served and the poisoned fruit was not given to the target. The alliance didn’t know who was in charge of the assassination, there was a blind selection done to protect the one to give the hit.

So there you were, personally delivering the cassata to your target to cut and to serve. You stood there with pride at your creation and the future job well done when you realized you forgot one little detail.

The Vongola was part of the alliance.

That meant Don Vongola was at this dinner, sitting at the table you were serving and standing in front of.

The same Don Vongola you had made the same dessert for his mother’s birthday party.

Oh shit

You watched as the realization in his eyes became present at the first bite of the cassata, his head swerving to see you next to your target. Inwardly, you cursed the recipe you used and refused to change. Pride had lead to the discovery of your identity. Soon you saw Don Cavallone and Don Shimon look at you as well, they were also at your ex-boyfriend’s mother’s birthday party where you were introduced.

Those men were smart enough to see through your dyed hair and colored contacts. Don Vongola had just started to get up, obviously to make his way towards you when your target began to choke and foam at the mouth before flopping back onto his chair unmoving.

It was a quick acting poison, specially made by the Millifiore scientists for this mission.

Everything went into chaos. The staff began to scream as the other bosses sprang into action to build an alibi for themselves. You could see Don Gesso continue to eat the cassata with glee, uncaring of the mess and loudness around him. At least someone was enjoying your work.

A flash of brown to your left and then a set of amber eyes stared into you, Don Vongola in front of you. He had grabbed your wrist, searching in your eyes for something. “It is you,” he breathed out, wonder lacing his voice.

You panicked and roughly shoved him away to fumble for your pockets. Grabbing the smoke bomb, you threw it onto the ground and dove under the table to quickly crawl to the other side of the room. You could hear your ex-boyfriend telling you to stop, to wait but never by your name.

Once on the other side of the table, you unleashed another smoke bomb to hide your escape through the open balcony and down to the ground floor. The motorcycle you placed there the night before was still waiting for you, the quiet engine letting you get away easily.

It wasn’t until the next day later when you got two texts on your disposable phone. The first was from a number you recognized as from Don Gesso. He had complimented you on the cassata, asking for you to make it on your return to base. The other text was from an unknown number asking to meet up to talk. You knew exactly who it was from without reading the information of the meeting place as the restaurant you two went for your first date.

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anything with dino and tsuna with their s/o and acting like a boss?


I tried so hard with this one, Anon. For some reason, this prompt was pretty difficult. I hope you like it though! ~Admin Enma


When Dino went to go out for dinner with his S/O, the last thing he wanted to do was run into an allied boss and his escort for the evening. The boss side of him wanted to go over and greet the man, but another side just wanted to have a nice, quiet meal with his lover. Thankfully, his S/O was understanding enough that they offered the idea of him going over to greet the boss.

So here they are, all four of them, sharing a meal. Technically it was a double date but Dino wasn’t particularly fond of this man. He was known to disrespect and treat his subordinates as toys but had a massive foothold in a part of Italy Dino needed access to.

“Don Cavallone, it is a pleasure seeing you here tonight. I certainly did not expect to run into you at this establishment.”

Lies, lies, lies, Dino thought viciously as his hold on his S/O’s hand under the table tightened. He plastered a cordial smile at the man, “The same could be said for me as well, Don Gallo. I was not aware that you were interested in Japanese cuisine.”

Don Gallo gave a boistrous laugh that grated on his nerves. “Well, Don Vongola has Japanese roots, so I figured it would be best to see what they have to offer. I myself am not a big fan of raw fish.” He gave a wary look at the menu, as if expecting each dish to be composed of only raw fish.

It took Herculean effort not to reach over and punch the man in the face. Dino knew fully well that Japanese cuisine consisted more than raw fish and had grown fond of such food during his stay in Japan. Also, nothing beats Sawada Nana’s cooking.

“I stayed in Japan for a long period of time, so if you’d like, I can recommend some dishes for you that I think you might like,” Dino gritted out, his smile never fading. Give me one excuse, just one to wipe out your family. That’s all I’m asking.

He took deep breaths as his S/O rubbed circles on their intertwined hands. He gave them an honest smile as they offered to teach Don Gallo and his escort how to use chopsticks properly. “Dear, you do know they offer forks here as well.”

Dino’s S/O was cut off by Don Gallo as he gave the younger boss a surprised look. “Do they? Well, why don’t they offer that right away? Can’t they see I’m struggling here?” He angrily waved down a waiter and raged on him about how they could even expect their patrons to know how to use chopsticks.

Madonna, please grant me the strength to deal with this man. Dino looked at his S/O, who had tapped on his hand. They smiled at him before leaning over to gently give him a kiss on the cheek.

“You’re doing so well, it’s just dinner,” they whispered in his ear. “After this, you’ll never see him again until the next allied meeting.” They leaned back and smiled brightly at him, giving the Cavallone boss’s hand a squeeze.

Bringing their intertwined hands to his lips, he strongly pressed a kiss to the back of their hand. Never did a day pass when he was thankful for such an understanding S/O, a true saint they were to put up with him and his job.


When Tsuna’s S/O moved into the main Vongola mansion, they were overcome with awe and trepidation of the situation. Their lover was a high ranking mafia boss, the highest ranking boss. He held the entire mafia world at his fingertip and commanded thousands of men and women under him. He was king of the underworld and could have anything and everything he wanted.

That kind of knowledge is a lot to take in, you know? Even more when it finally hits them in the face that holy shit this is happening oh god I’m living with a mob boss.

He did his best to keep them out of the family business though. The first few weeks, Tsuna had gone out of his way to not talk business around his S/O. But after some prodding, mostly consisting of There’s a reason why I moved in and that’s so I can be closer to you and I just want to keep you safe, okay, Tsuna began to slowly trickle his world into his S/O’s.

One day, that trickle became a flash flood. The mansion was under attack by two enemy families that had teamed up in hopes of bringing the Vongola down.

Fights broke out on Vongola premises as reinforcement from nearby allied families poured in, rushing to aid Tsuna and his men. Blood painted the walls of the mansion, servants and staff members had tried to fight back in vain while some enemies were taken down. Tsuna’s S/O was corralled into a corner with some of the kitchen staff, all of them holding onto some knives and cast iron pans to defend themselves.

In the aftermath, Tsuna screamed for recompense as he was given a report of his S/O’s injuries - second degree burns on their forearms, gunshot wound to the shoulder, head concussions from being thrown across the room and into a wall. No one argued against Tsuna’s demand, the allied bosses all held down their eyes and looked at the table in front of them.

“This way, love.” The Vongola boss had a gentle grip on his lover’s arm, careful not to hold too tightly because of the recovering burns. He had plans that day, plans that would allow him to get his revenge on the dumbasses who dared attack his family, specifically the individual who had caused his S/O’s injuries.

They smiled at him, laughing a little at the gentle hold he was giving them. “Tsuna, you know I’m not made of glass. You can hold a little tighter than that. But where are we going?”

The room they entered was in the lower levels of the Vongola mansion. It was a little chilly, but it was bearable. There were a couple of chairs sitting side by side in the room, one of which Tsuna had guided his S/O to sit in. “You wanted to be part of my world, so here is our first step. Just… Don’t think any differently of me, okay?”

Before they could say anything, Gokudera came through the doors followed by a line of men from the cloud and storm divisions. Following them were two rain users, dragging along a figure with a black bag over their head. Tsuna’s S/O’s eyes widened as they recognized the tattoo on the figure’s arm. It was the same one on the arm of their attacker.

This figure was forced down onto their knees before the bag was violently ripped from their head. The man underneath blinked blearily at nothing, his eyes adjusting to the lighting before landing onto Tsuna’s S/O. His eyes widened in fear, a understanding look on his face.

Tsuna’s S/O looked at him, confused at the events. The confusion turned into shock as they saw the satisfied look on their lovers face, a sort of vindictive smile adorned his lips. “Tsuna?”

He spared them a glance before addressing the man in front of them. “I just wanted you to see this man’s punishment for hurting you. He’s going to be an example to the entire mafia world as to why no on should ever lay a hand on you. Ever.”

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Hi! Could you please write a scenario with Alpha!Dino being protective of his mate? Like, another Alpha (poor foolish soul) corners Dino's mate and gets a little handsy when Dino swoops in like the BA he is and saves the day.

 Oh God the idea of this scenario is just making me melt (/)///w///(\) Thank you for such an amazing idea anon!


 You worked under one of the best mafia bosses of the era, Dino Cavallone, as his personal assistant and lover. There were very few places you were allowed to go where Dino or his men could keep a close eye on you and make sure you were not hassled by other Alphas; especially when you went into heat. One of these places was your mate’s strip club. The place was crawling with his men and he almost always had you right by his side. I say almost always because sometimes shit hits the fan.

 And boy did it hit the fan tonight.

 Dino had left you alone at the bar so he could go attend to the needs of one of his business partners. It honestly scared you being out here, around so many Alphas, without your mate but you knew you could do it. You weren’t supposed to go into heat until the next day so you should be fine. Dino had promised that you wouldn’t be here long.

 Of course, not everything in life can be scheduled except ruined plans. Dino was known to only be gone with his business partners an hour at a time if you were with him, and ten minutes to the hour it started. Everything became hot and stuffy and suddenly it was like you couldn’t stop panting so loud. You could feel the slick lubrication ruining the underwear you wore. You knew it was only a matter of time before every Alpha in here would be staring you down. Luckily enough the Omegas who were bound to the Alphas smelled it too and dragged their Alphas away. Unluckily, however, that left you with half of Dino’s men (the hardcore Omegas and Betas) and some unmarked Alphas, one of whom was just drunk and ballsy enough to start stumbling towards you. Dino’s men immediately made a box around you but of course they were no match for this guy, drunk or not. Every nerve ending was on fire in your body and it caused you to gasp out loud when he grabbed your arm.

“W-wait.. agh…” you groaned, trying to push on his chest when he pulled you closer.

“Fuck no. God I love it when a bitch goes into heat.” He growled, biting your earlobe and sliding a knee up between your thighs. Tears pricked your eyes at the thought of this not being Dino and just how angry your mate would be when he found out. You almost started crying when you felt someone press up against your back, wrapping his arms around your waist. You would’ve if they weren’t wearing the sleeves of the green jacket Dino always wore.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing Haveir?” Dino growled darkly, his eyes glowing blood red as he pulled you into his chest. He bared his teeth in an animalistic way, a warning sign for this new guy. “This is mine.” He growled as he sunk his teeth into your neck, causing you to moan.

“D-Don Cavallone, I’m-”

“You’d better fucking be sorry. I’m still debating on whether or not I should kick your teeth down your throat.” he growled, pulling you closer. You couldn’t think straight, the heat was unbearable, the tightness of your clothes almost too much.

“Dinoooo…” you whined, dragging out the last syllable, panting lightly.

“…It seems as though ___’s going to be your saving grace. But watch your back Haveir, if you so much as think of coming near ___ again, I’m going to show you why I’m the Don.” Dino snarled before dragging you off to one of the many mating rooms in the back of the strip club.

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I live for this blog and the scenarios and headcanons ya'll post. You guys are seriously slaying these dark headcanons & scenarios omg. I have a request for when you guys return in June. Could I get a NSFW scenario with Dino and his extremely shy SO? As for the kinks I'm giving ya'll free reign. 😈

//omg thank you! you guys give us life!!//

You loved Dino. A lot. But sometimes you wondered if dating a mafia boss was the dumbest thing you ever did. And, no, it wasn’t because of the whole crime thing.

“Your woman doesn’t talk much, does she?” one of the guests in Dino’s ball asked your boyfriend. You grabbed Dino’s suit tightly, trying to hide any nervousness you felt.

All these billion social events drained you out.

“She’s a little shy,” Dino smiled sheepishly, probably remembering how long it took him to break you out of your shell. “So how’s your Famiglia doing? Congratulations! I heard you just had a granddaughter…”

Dino’s hand around your waist was tight as he jumped around social circles, happily chatting away. You were constantly at his side but people would easily forget you in favor of your social butterfly of a boyfriend. But everyone commented on how quiet you were and you could see the looks of disapproval in some of their faces.

You didn’t have the charisma that was needed to be a Don’s woman. You always heard whispers about people hoping that you were just a toy Dino was using because “no way a strong man like Don Cavallone deserves a quiet, antisocial wife like (Name)”. 

You weren’t antisocial. You liked people. You were just scared of being judged and not accepted, of doing or saying the wrong things. And all these comments and looks were making you more nervous. Everything stung and it was getting into your head. Maybe Dino was just using you and when you were done, he’d replace you with a strong, charming super-model.

Dino excused himself from the current group of businessmen he was talking to and directed you to a secluded balcony.

“You’re shaking slightly and I can your flames are in a frenzy. What’s wrong, (Name)?” Dino asked and, under the moonlight, you were struck by how handsome he was.

“I’m sorry,” you said and looked away from him, playing with your fingers, “I’m embarrassing you in front of the guests. I wish I was talkative and charming and-”

Dino silenced you with a kiss, wrapping his arms around you so tightly that you were sure your hips were going to bruise.

“I like you shy,” Dino said when he broke up from the kiss, “The less men who get to know the real you, the better. Plus, the way your face turns red whenever I say something dirty is worth everything.”

He started slowly tearing off the rose dress, gliding his calloused fingers down your skin.

“Dino, people might walk in and your guests, there’s still a party-” You said nervously as he started biting your collarbone.

“Well, don’t worry,” Dino bit the shell of your ear and grabbed your hips to grind against his. “No one who gets to see you in this state lives. Now, look at me. I’m the boss and you listen to every order I will give you.”

You looked at him and his intense gaze made you want to look away. Dino was this sweet, bubbly person in front of everyone and it marveled you how he would turn into this dominating, dark person when the both of you got hot and heavy. He’d drop all his pretense when he was around you and would let himself be consumed by his primal instincts. 

He made you sit on the railing of the balcony and forced you to wrap your legs around his waist so he could have more access of you. 

“Dino,” you couldn’t bite back your moan.

It doesn’t matter how a Don’s woman acts around other people. All it matters is that a Don’s woman knows who she belongs to,” Dino whispered into your ear.

A frog without memorys~ [Dino]

A greenhaired boy was walking down one of the roads in Italy. Somehow he didnt look like he knew where he was going, he was constantly looking around and hesitating at every street corner.
He reached a road that was famous for having many big and luxurious mansions.
He looked really out of place there, instead of the suit that the other people and inhabitants would have worn if they were out, he had a simple indigo shirt and a pair of pants, on his head he had a White fedora that hid the upper part of his face.
The boy decided to read one of the signs outside a mansion. “Cavallone Famiglia.” He read out loud. ‘I feel like ive heard that name before, but i cant remember where.’ he thought. Now there was the problem, the little boy could not remember anything, not who he was or where he was. So, he had just been walking around trying to find out anything, but no luck until he saw the sign.
He walked straight into the big manor, not caring about even knocking on the front door. He slipped past the guards pretty easy, they didnt even notice him. (He had somehow used an illusion without knowing it himself.) He sneeked trough the mansion until he saw some men in suits, he sneeked as close as he could without them noticing him to evansdrop at them. “Is boss still in his office?” one of them asked. “Yes, but we need to get to the front door, the guards were saying something about a giant mink running around!” the other said. “A giant mink, are they kidding us?” he could hear the first one say while they hurried away. The boy decided to find this boss.
The way to the boss’s office was easy, he soon found himself outside of the door to said office.
Not bothering to think if this was the right idea, he opened the door inwards and walked in. He saw a blond man sitting behind a desk and writing something. “Who are you?” the greenhaired boy asked.