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GTFO Banishing Spell Jar

I did this lovely little spell with my best friend @playwith-a-witch. If there’s someone in your life who you want to get rid of (this would be great for stalkers), this is the spell for you. It is designed to cause minimal damage to the caster, so don’t be afraid that this is going to come back at you too hard. Happy hexing! 

Necessary tools: 

  • Rosemary, to protect the caster
  • Chili Peppers, to burn them away
  • Pine cone, to strengthen the spell
  • Chamomile, to keep happiness from them
  • Coffee, to be happy once again
  • Hibiscus, for potency
  • Apple seeds, to keep them from your loved ones
  • Your own spit
  • Olive oil, to ensure that the spell is long-lasting
  • Poppet, to represent the offender 
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Black Paint
  • Jar with sealable lid
  • Sigil writing tools
  • Candles
  • An offering to any spirits/deities that may assist you


  • Thoroughly paint the inside of your jar black to ensure that the offender can’t bother you any longer. Wait until it dries before you begin the spell.
  • Make a smol poppet that will represent the offender.
  • Construct a sigil to basically say fuck you, bitch
  • Gather all of the tools you will need to perform the spell.


  • Ground yourself, and cast a circle if you wish.
  • Invite any deities or spirits of karma to assist you in the spell: 

Guardians of the watchtowers, deities and spirits of karma, I invite you into my space to assist me in my spell. Please see that nothing dark, negative, or evil will be apart of it (wink). Make sure this bitch gets what she spit at me.

  • Put each ingredient, one-by-one, into your mortar and pestle. Think of each meaning and why you are using them. Grind thoroughly.
  • Draw your pre-made sigil on the poppet, visualizing what it stands for.
  • Put your poppet in the jar, and pour the ground herbs on top, chanting: 

“All your annoyance pesters me, 

I command you to back to your activities.

Leave my loved ones and I be, 

No longer in my life I’ll see thee. 

This is my will, so mote it be.”

  • Pour olive oil into the jar, covering the herbs and the poppet, then spit in the jar to further the potency of the spell.
  • Put the lid on the jar and shake till your heart’s content (this is the fun part). 
  • Seal the spell jar with wax.
  • Thank the spirits and deities of karma for helping you complete your spell and present to them offerings: 

Guardians of the watchtowers, deities and spirits of karma, I thank you for assisting me in my spell. I present to you offerings of <insert offering here> as gifts for your efforts. Thank you for assisting me in my time of need. So mote it be. 

I decided to record the audio of the spell. It was rough, but there it is below for anyone interested. Thanks to all my lovely mutuals that give me the confidence to continue posting original content! ~H

fate/extra first time player protips

My recent liveblogging seems to have gotten a bunch of people interested in playing fate/extra, so here’s a few tips on how to avoid getting your ass handed to you on your first run. Here’s a post on where to get the game.

  • First of all PLEASE don’t start with Caster. It takes a lot of time for her to unlock the skills that make her mad strong in the later half of the game and even on easy mode she will die so many times if you don’t carry over enemy attack patterns from an NG+. Also, while her personality is great, her bluntness can kind of ruin the more emotional moments of the game.
  • Don’t bother putting points in Saber’s magic stat, since all her offensive skills use her strength stat anyway. Don’t bother with Archer’s luck stat either, it has the Worst growths and those points are better spent getting his poor strength up to par. If you’re playing Caster anyway, put just enough in her strength and endurance to handle Arena monsters and focus the rest on magic.
  • Use skills! Offensive skills cancel out an enemy’s regular attack, so they’re a great help when you don’t know much of their attack patterns yet. Especially once you get some MP recovering equipment, just use skills whenever you don’t know what to expect.
  • The Shockwave Strike equipment is a lifesaver. It’s a field attack that stuns an enemy, meaning you can either safely walk past it, or land up to three free hits in battle depending on which one you’re using. With Saber and Archer three hits is often enough to kill most Arena monsters.
  • Try to level up at least once every time you enter the Arena. The game’s difficulty curve can be a little wonky, but as long as you keep this up it shouldn’t give you too much trouble. If you’re playing Caster you’ll probably want to make that two levels for the first half of the game.
  • That being said, once you get to the 4th round, grind as much as you can. Both floors of the Arena that week run in a loop where the first monster you beat has respawned by the time you beat the last, so it’s perfect for excessive training. This week’s boss is also significantly stronger than previous ones, so make use of this. Grind the FUCK out of your Servant. If you’re using an emulator you can use save states to grind for literal days. I did that on my latest Archer run and now he can kill enemy Servants in like one and a half rounds. It’s great.

These past couple of months have been so heartbreaking and intense and horrible and I can’t even count the times that this sickening business made me cry, but like Will Caster said ‘don’t lose yourself to this’. I profoundly admire the way you all fight for justice and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this beautiful, sweet, loving and caring fandom but don’t forget to have fun, don’t forget to dance, don’t forget to laugh. Don’t forget the reason why we are here: love. We are here for the infinite love and respect for Johnny who has given us so much joy and comfort. Never stand with what they did to him or us, but take care of yourself, your peace of mind. Watch Mortdecai and laugh till you cry, sing along with Cry-baby, go visit the Hatter in Wonderland. Just breath xx