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Prognathism is well recorded as a trait of several historical individuals. The most famous case is that of the House of Habsburg, among whom mandibular prognathism was a family trait; indeed, the condition is frequently called “Habsburg Jaw” as a result of its centuries-long association with the family. Among the Habsburgs, the most prominent case of mandibular prognathism is that of Charles II of Spain, who had prognathism so pronounced he could neither speak clearly nor chew as a result of generations of politically motivated inbreeding.


Hugo De Hana’s gorgeous production of Verdi’s “Don Carlo” [ 2013 Turin Royal Theatre’s revival]

Don Carlo is a five-act grand opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi based on the dramatic play Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien by Friedrich Schiller. The opera unfaithfully retells real events from the life of Carlos, Prince of Asturias (1545–1568). Though he was betrothed to Elisabeth of Valois, a clause in the peace treaty ending the Italian War of 1551–1559 between the Houses of Habsburg and Valois demanded that she be married instead to his father Philip II of Spain


Descanse en paz, Carlos, Prince of Asturias.  Pretty clearly an unfortunate product of a long line of inbreeding among the Hapsburg royalty (for instance, he had only six great-great-grandparents, instead of 16, like most people these days), Don Carlos is reported to have been unpredictable and deformed even before he fell down the stairs and knocked his brain all around.  Shortly after that, he was imprisoned by his own father and died within six months (no one knows what of…) (….), on this date in 1568 at the age of 23.  His story contributed to the Black Legend anti-Spain propaganda originating in the late 16th Century, which in turn led to Schiller writing a play about him (1787) and Verdi composing his famed opera (1867), among many other portrayals.

Stamp details:
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Issued on: September 26, 1967
From: Budapest, Hungary
MC #2360

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Issued on: May 13, 2013
From: Brussels, Belgium
MC #4382

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Issued on: May 23, 1969
From: Vienna, Austria
MC #1298

We need to talk about Carlos and Jane in Descendants 2

Okay, so, first of all: I’m not saying that you can’t ship them ‘cause everyone knows that in Descendants franchise there’s a lot of couples that we like. This is not a hate post. So, if you ship them, be happy and have a nice day :)

But this is something that was really bothering me since I saw the BTS special today, so I need to talk about it: Carlos and Jane really looks forced.

It’s like they feel obligated to pair up him with literally anyone, and they chose Jane. When I watched Carlos new scenes I saw the way that he’s always trying to ask Jane out or something like that, but IT LOOKS REALLY FAKE!

And I don’t think this because I think that he’s gay. It’s because I don’t think Carlos needs to be paired up with someone. Yes, I think Jaylos is a better ship, but the thing is: we don’t need Carlos dating someone just because it’s cuter. We just need Carlos. He has an amazing history that they could explore a little bit.

In “Ways to be Wicked” one of his lines is: “Hear her voice in my head”. He lived with the fucking Cruella De Vil! Can you imagine how was his childhood? This isn’t something that you forget easy just because you live in a better place now, or because you have a crush.

It must be very hard for him to go back to the place where his mother lives. The person who tortured him for years. But he goes, because he cares about Mal. His friends (Mal, Evie and Jay) were his family during all the years that he lived on the isle, and Carlos does anything for them, even if that means that he might have to face Cruella again. This is something that they needed to show in the movie.

I didn’t read the books because I never saw them here in Brazil, but in the first movie, Carlos and Jane just danced together in “Set It Off”. It was just this. I know that we’re talking about a kingdom with the characters from the fairy tales, but, I don’t think that one dance made Carlos fell in love with her. And, in my opinion, their scenes were kinda (I mean, very) awkward…

What I’m saying is that Carlos is a survivor. He has a very good history and they shouldn’t waste it just because they think that they have to pair him up with someone.

What Carlos need isn’t a girlfriend or boyfriend for sure. He’s a badass.

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And I’m saying again: feel free to ship him with whoever you want. I will. But this is my opinion about Carlos and Jane in Descendants 2.

I needed to unburden, sorry :3

Love you all <3

P.S.: I was thinking about writing another posts about the other characters, what do you think? Yeah, I guess I will…

See ya!

Never dwell on past events except in reference. To emphasize them would mean to take away from the importance of what’s taking place now. A warrior cannot possibly afford to do that.
—  Quotes from Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda