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have you ever wanted to use tonio or prima?

not really tbh? mostly b/c i don’t think they’d work with my style –

though then again i think tonio might work really cool for like…… background vocals

like you know when the main singer is a higher vocal and the harmonies are done by a much deeper vocal???? yeeeeee

Is it really random?

For context, My brother is DMing a DnD 5E campaign over skype. I dont have a full set of polyhedral dice, but I do have a bit of experience with coding, so I wrote and offered to send him a copy of a profgram that “rolls” any number of n-sided dice. This was then said.

Me: Do you want to see it, so you can see it is random?

DM: I don’t know C++, but I know it is random, because if it wasn’t, you would have rolled a better character.