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Don’t breed your horses no matter how nice they are if you don’t have a facility that can provide ample turnout for the baby or are unwilling to move the foal and mare somewhere that can provide that. It is so not fair to a foal to be stuck in a stall or small paddock their entire childhood and it also doesn’t allow them to have the room they need to move around and develop good bone.

Service Dog Prospect ramblings

So lately I’ve been getting a lot of interest in being on our waiting list for potential service dog prospects…  we don’t intend to breed often, and our next planned breeding is one I have selected specifically for speed, size, conformation, drive, etc… temperament is of course always going to be crucial for us, while color is just a fringe benefit, but without a doubt the goal for this next generation is to really focus on producing silkens that are highly functional sighthounds.

Mouse is bulletproof, biddable, and just an all around amazing dog… you can go through all my posts here and on Facebook to see just how impressive she is shaping up to be.  But until now, I’ve only seen Ranger at race meets, where I fully expect to see a dog that is in a highly aroused state… Ranger is just a small, solidly built speed demon.  He’s one of the fastest dogs in our breed right now and really a joy to spend a day with in the field. 

Recently Ranger was sent to a breeder in Canada to sire his first litter (Mouse will be his second, the owner has no intention of letting him be overused) and I expressed my concern about using a dog that I only know personally from his dominance in racing.  I asked her to tell me about his temperament during the time she spent with him so that I could get an outsider’s opinion.  She sent me an extremely detailed response, but I’m just going to leave this bit here:

“He is extremely biddable, very outgoing and friendly and one of the more unflappable dogs I’ve met.  I would think that Ranger has the potential to sire excellent service dogs.  Christina describes him by saying that every day is Ranger’s best day ever, and she’s absolutely right.  He just seems to take it all in stride and he’s very friendly and polite.“

Suddenly, I’m even more excited about this litter…  waiting is so hard!

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if a toad was wild caught as an adult, is it possible to release them back into the wild?

No, it’s a bad idea. Toads adapt very quickly to living indoors and once they settle into being a pet you have to be prepared to keep them as a pet for life. Also generally if you want to keep a wild caught toad as a pet its much better to collect them while they’re a baby, so you don’t remove a breeding-age adult from the wild.

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Then why did you blush so much? Unless you're into that

Well you just fucking come in here asking me if I lay eggs and shit- that’s a little bloody uncalled for! 

…If you care so much, I’ll have you know that we don’t breed, we live for very long periods of time so there’s no use in …procreating. Bleh..

?? @ discourse to the effect of “don’t tell little kids about asexuality, you have to explain what sex is then, unlike with other orientations”.  the fuck are you on about mate, its the one orientation that’s defined by a lack of sex.  i’m holding back such a rant on this, because i know whenever i say “ace people are cool and alright” i get into some shit, but jesus christ.  “this person is ace, which means they aren’t into anyone”.  kids understand attraction, they’re bombarded with quite enough het romance in their media.  they understand

and if they’re older kids like 8 or 9 when they get basic sex ed, its worth bringing up then too.  i remember when i was 10 being told like “hey, y’know, this educational video is about reproduction, but some people are also gay, which means they’re into people of the same gender and don’t breed, but they also deserve sexual health and happiness and that’s okay too if you’re gay”.  like while you’re talking about that stuff and prepping kids for puberty and what attractions they might develop, how hard would it be to throw in an “and some people are asexual, and never find themselves attracted to anyone.  that doesn’t mean you’re less of an adult, and you don’t need to force yourself into sexual relationships if you’re not attracted to them.  that goes for everyone.”

like, what the fuck is this hiding behind the kids nonsense.  you know fine well “how will i explain this to my kids” is bullshit homophobes have pulled for years to explain why gay people are obligated to stay out of fucking public view.  why are you throwing that back at ace people.


Okay so I have been stalking around this spirit collector who likes to breed spirits together (mostly by force) and make children and sell them. They will often end up with mutations (DUH) and they’ll put them down… so I have been going there regularly trying to get out the children and the injured. Please please please talk with your spirit if they want to mix breed… some can but…. many can’t. Please don’t be selfish and do this. ~M (I’m calling this place the “Kindergarten”)

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Can Morriken be an alternate universe Morrigan? (Like a scenario where she was cursed by an unknown force and now has to find the one who cursed her/adapt to her body she barely remembers). Making it a permanent scenario would only require the 5th post to end with a poof (it looks like she's turning back) but showing that she is still in the Fennekin form. You could also include her in weird scenarios involving relationships....evolution levels don't affect breeding unless it's an actual child).

As interesting as it would be having Morri as a Fennekin long term (And as adorable as it would be) I can’t say I’m really comfortable with babyish evolutionary staged being in relationships with obviously physically adult characters, regardless of age.

Not to mention I already have endings in mind for the blog (that may or may not involve a time skip~)

As for it being an AU Morri, so long as acting on romantic relationships are dropped till she’s back to normal I guess it’s ok? .w.

This dude had bumper stickers that said “Arizona: doing the job the Feds won’t do” and “if you can’t feed em don’t breed em” and he had a young girl in his back seat and I wanted to roll down my window and be like sweetie if you wanna ditch your dad and come with me it’s totally cool

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What kind of puppy are you getting?

White Swiss Shepherd/ Berger Blanc Suisse. (If you don’t know the breed, Merlin of @two-sets-of-paws is one).

It was a hard choice between that and Standard Poodle, but my love for herding dogs won in the end :D

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Should woman work outside the home? What should women do in their lives? What about women who are incels and don't date or breed? Do you disagree with the suffragrates?


I’m very confused by this ask. I’m not sure if this is a bait question.

Yes, women can work, but family life and the home should be a priority for Christian families. I have actually talked about my future career plans as an engineer more than once.

Yes, I believe that women should have the right to vote. I have never said otherwise. In fact, I’ve actually talked about how I registered to vote and given voting advice to Catholics on Tumblr.

Yes, women should do what God calls them to do, whether it’s marriage, religious life, or being single.

No, I don’t have anything against women who don’t date or can’t have children. I have no clue how you got that idea.

I said at the beginning of my post that I believe in equality and that feminists don’t own it. It seems like you read “I’m not a feminist” and ignored the rest of that post and my previous posts.

Please read my last post about feminism and why I’m not a feminist carefully and don’t make assumptions.

God bless!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
María de Fátima

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Besides the fact that friesians are being used for dramatic effect in movies (and being misplaced in different historic time periods/places), what do you think of the breed?

Not a fan.

It’s part: 

a) Everyone and their mother seems to think that throwing random horses at Friesians to produce “Friesian Sport Horses” is an amazing idea (Spoiler alert: it’s not. But I’m salty about American breeding practices to begin with. Call me again when they have a more stringent testing program for horses allowed into the registry.)

b) They’re incredibly inbred, with the highest rate of dwarfism after miniature horses, and they have a lot of issues with connective tissue. Don’t love the breed enough to mess with that.

c) most of them that I’ve seen have long backs and laid back shoulders, and they’re not built for the saddle. I’ve ridden a couple of the sportier-bred Friesians and I had such a hard time keeping them all together - neck snakes one way, body goes another, and the hind end swings out  yet another. Again, I don’t love the look enough want to deal with that. I would rather have a Lusitano or a Morgan.

I’m also sick of how the Friesian is considered ~beautiful~ simply because they’re big and black and have long curly locks and dramatic feathers. I see a lot of casual horse people or non-horse people share photos of them with gushing captions, and my eyes roll back every time. 

But also, I wrote about them in the FAQ -wink-

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FMK- Shiro, Kuro, Ryou (Shiro's twin brother from Golion) Pets-I got a dachsund, a beagle, a big dog I don't know the breed of, a pretty cat who snuggles up to my chest and a snek. My family has a puggle. Story-I work at a grocery store and this mom had paid for her groceries and her two year old son grabbed a mentos and was about to take it so i had to stop him and I blanked and called him Sir funniest shit all night. Would you rather- Never watch Voltron again or be associated with antis.

okay, FMK i choose all three for fuck and marry, couldnt kill any sorry breaking the rules lol. and you have a snek?? a beautiful noodle baby??? bless❤️i really want a scaleless ball python:) i would def call a child sir/ ma’am too lol. and honestly,,,,id have to give up voltron;-; some antis are just too nasty (behavior wise) to be associated with

Zebra’s Summer Horse Show: Entry Instructions

Entries are now open! To enter, read below the cut for the form you must fill out.

So to enter, fill out the following form:

Player Name:Your character’s full name!)

Horse Name: (Either a show name of your creation, or their full ingame name to use as a show name if you don’t have one for them)

Horse Breed: (I don’t think this one needs explaining lol)

Horse Color: (Pretty obvious, I mainly use this and the breed to help me quickly find who I need on show day when looking at who is next)

Classes: (What you are competing in on this horse, English Dressage, Western Reining, English Musical, and Western Musical)

If you’re competing in a musical class, you’ll need these as well

Song Name: (if you’re making something of your own, give it a name, but this lets me know what it is)

Song Time: (Song cannot be over 4 minutes and 30 seconds or under one minute. If your song is too long you may use a part of it. If using full song list how long it is, if using a part list your start and end times.)

Song Link (I have decided to use rabbit, which means song must be available online to hear, youtube probably is the best option.)

Rabbit Username: (so I know who to pass the remote in the room to when it’s your turn! Please have an actual account and don’t be a guest, makes my life easier!)

If your song is over the limit by a tiny bit (for example if it’s 4:31) message me and if the difference isn’t huge I’ll approve it. Song must not be too inappropriate, I’ll be filtering them myself. I promise to be pretty lax about it, but if literally every other word is a curse, or the theme of the song is obviously not appropriate I’ll ask you to change it.  If you’re asked to and do not change it by the day of the show, you will be eliminated from your round. People of all different ages can watch or enter after all, so I’d rather keep it friendly for them.

If you want to check if I’ve added you yet, here’s a link to the spreadsheet I’m using. You can only read it, but this allows you to message me if something is incorrect.

If you don’t see yourself on there within three days of submitting a form, message me. I probably missed it or something.

Entries close on June 30 at 8 pm EST. Unless there are very few entries in a class, any entries made after that point will be void. If you are already entered, you can make changes by messaging me right up until the day before the show. While I promise to form an exact date ASAP all I know for now is it’ll be during the week after that, so you’ll have the weekend to keep preparing at least. The patterns will be here by Wednesday as long as that works for Zeal, so you’ll have them fairly quickly.