don bosco technical institute

Balang Araw (Someday) is a 17-minute drama based on a true story that was shot for exactly 13 days. It was produced by students from Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) and was nominated for multiple awards in the 1st DBTI-SHS film festival for best picture, best trailer, best actress, best supporting actress, and best poster. 

In our Contemporary Arts class we were tasked to create a short film as our main performance task in the final quarter of the second semester. I have always been an advocate of film and have always been interested with the art of making one, therefore I was one of the those who were ecstatic once I heard the news.

After conceptualizing, finishing the script, and finalizing decisions with group mates was out of the way, it was time to start filming. Since we were all amateurs and first-timers, we didn’t have enough experience to know what the ins and outs of filming were. It was challenging especially when you barely have enough knowledge on which scenes to take first, which angles to shoot first (especially when you only have one camera!), and which way you should go next.

The following days definitely did not become easier. We struggled a lot especially in following the script. We edited out and cut certain scenes and had trouble with the pacing. We had trouble with the story line; with how events were supposed to change. There was a point wherein we didn’t know which direction we should go for. It was becoming a disaster in the making.

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I attended Don Bosco’s Youthfest Raised to the Eleventh Power last night. I was with David, Baste, and Porn. They were my schoolmates in Tarlac State University – Laboratory School. I met quite a lot of my schoolmates in High School too.

TSU – Laboratory School’s entries got in, and actually won. Animates, the entry for the Acoustic Competition, won the first place. Their rendition of Her, Soul Sister was awesome, and they all looked rad in their outfit. The Dance Squad got the third place. Oh well, they both won the People’s Choice Award anyway.

I went home with Armi and Jem. We were also schoolmates. Armi is a member of the Dance Squad, and Jem is a part of Animates.

I missed everyone in High School.