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Austin and I had been apart for the past month. He was filming in LA and I was at school in New York. He was visiting me for the weekend and I was really excited. But, from the moment I met him at the airport he was acting strange. I didn’t want to push it so I pretended nothing was wrong.

I showed him around campus and we spent our time exploring the city. I really had missed him. But I finally had enough. We were walking through central park when I brought it up. “Is everything okay?” I asked, we were holding hands.

“I’m just confused, (Y/N)” He turned to face me. “I wish I knew what you were thinking. Most people, when they feel something, they say it.” He was starting to get angry. “I just feel like we keep going back and forth.”

“You mean a lot to me, Austin. I don’t mean to make you feel like this, but this long distance thing is new to me. I don’t want to get hurt.”

He stepped closer to me and wrapped me in his arms. “I’m not going to hurt you. It’s always been just you and me.” I smiled up at him. He reached for my hand and we continued our walk through central park.

Are You Sure He Isn’t Playing Any Trick

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The plot: Void Stiles loved the reader and she convinced him to leave with her and because he loves her so much he did (this is when there are two Stiles, after Scott and Lydia went through his brain or whatever) and so they disappeared together not telling the pack.

Kira’s POV

The pack and I decided to take a little vacation to Austin, Texas. Don’t ask why it was Stiles’s idea. Anyways, we were all gathered outside a small café talking and stuff, and then I saw him. He was standing in line at another café next door, talking to somebody, I couldn’t see who though. But it was definitely him. He looked exactly like Stiles.

Apparently I was staring because Malia said, “Kira. What are you staring at?”

“Look.” Is all I could say.

The pack all looked over to where I was staring.

“Is that? No. It can’t be.” Scott says.

“But it is.” Lydia replies.

As soon as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Void Stiles looked over and saw us staring at him.


“Come on Void! I’m hungry!” I laugh as I dragged my boyfriend down to one of my favorite cafés.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” He laughed with me.

Yeah. Okay. So Void did try to kill all of my friends and stuff, but I knew that he really did care about me. I care about my friends, so I knew that the only way to save them was to convince Void to run away with me. And before you ask. Yes. I call him Void. I don’t know what else to call him, and he seems perfectly fine with that name.

Well, when we ran away, I tried to think of a place where the pack wouldn’t think of visiting right off the top of their heads. So I came up with Austin, Texas. I grew up in Texas so I am very familiar to the state. We got a small house together, Void works at a local gas station, and I make money from being a Youtuber.

Anyways. I was dragging Void down to the café to get some lunch. We had just been walking around the city doing random stuff. Finally, we got there and got in line. It’s an outdoor café so we didn’t need to go inside. Void and I started talking, when all of a sudden he started staring at something.

“Void? What are you starting at?” I ask.

“Come on. We gotta go.” He grabs my hand and drags me back the other way.

When I look back, I see the pack, staring like they had just seen a ghost.

Kira’s POV

He grabbed somebody’s hand and dragged them away. When the person looked back, we all saw the face of Y/N. Leaving our food where it was, we all started chasing after them. Y/N turned around and saw us and got wide eyed, she turned and said something to Void Stiles. They started running. So did we. We had lost Y/N once, we weren’t going to lose her again. Especially if it were because of Void Stiles keeping her hostage.

We were gaining on them. They noticed too. All of a sudden, they took a turn and headed into the forest. We followed.

“Crap. I lost them.” Scott says.

“Me too.” Malia agrees.

We keep looking though. They have to be here somewhere. Then, I see him. He’s crouched down, trying to catch his breath. Y/N is nowhere in sight.

“There.” I say.

We all walk over there. He must’ve heard us, because he stood up and turned around.

Malia transformed and started to charge.

“NO!” Somebody screams and jumps in Malia’s way, causing her to jump back.

It’s Y/N.


Malia started charging. She was going to kill him. I had to do something. It was a stupid idea, but it was the only thing I could do.

I jumped in Malia’s way and screamed, “NO!”

Malia jumps back, now in her normal form. The whole pack stares at me in shock.

“What do you mean no?! Y/N! He tried to kill us all!” Stiles yells.

“I know.”

“Let us kill him. You can come back with us.” Malia says.


“You don’t have to listen to him Y/N. You can leave. He won’t hurt you. Just let us kill him.” Kira agrees.

“What? Of course he won’t hurt me. What are you guys talking about?”

“He’s keeping you hostage isn’t he?” Lydia asks.

I laughed so hard it hurt.

“Keeping hostage? No! What has gotten into you all?”
“Then why did you leave?” Scott asks.

“I convinced Void to run away with me. I knew he would listen. It was the only way to protect you all without you hurting him. I did it for all of you.”

“Why would he listen to you though?” Stiles asks.

“Because I love her.” Void says from behind me.

They all look at him.

“What?” They all say at the same time.

“I love her. I would never ever hurt Y/N. Listen I know that none of you guys will ever be able to forgive me. But still. I’m not going to hurt any of you. Unless you try to kill me. Then. Then I will probably hurt you.” He says.

They all look at me, “Are you sure he isn’t playing any trick?”

“I’m sure.”

“Fine. But you make one mistake and I’ll slit your throat. Hurt her and I’ll slit your throat. Hurt any of us and I’ll slit your throat.” Malia says.

“It’s progress.” Stiles says.

I smile. I turn around and kiss Void.

When I pull away, I say, “You still owe me lunch.”


Austin lawmaker Don Zimmerman told a group of Latino kids to “do something useful.”

An Austin, Texas, city councilman has come under fire for racially insensitive comments made toward a group of mostly Latino children during a council meeting Thursday evening.

The children accompanied their parents to the council meeting, which centered on a debate for Austin’s proposed budget for next year. The parents were looking to ask for more funding for after-school activities.

“I’d ask for everyone here, including the children, when you grow up, I want to ask you to pledge to finish school, learn a trade, a skilled trade, get a college education, start a business, do something useful and produce something in your society so you don’t have to live off others,” the city councilman told the group of children.

Zimmerman apologized — but not to the children or their families.

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SUCK IT, METAL GEAR [Super Best Friends Play – Enter the Gungeon]
  • Austin: It fires bees!
  • Woolie: Ohhh, STING-er. I get it.
  • Matt: [deadpan] I don't get it.
  • Austin: [giggles] Let's test it.
  • Matt: What's happening.
  • Austin: [fires at enemies]
  • Woolie: The bees are homing.
  • Matt: The bees track!
  • Austin: They're homing bees! You can't ask for anything better than that.
  • Matt: The only thing better is if the gun was actually just a dog. And it shot bees out of its mouth.
  • Woolie: The bees are holding swords.
  • Matt: Yeah. The bees have guns.
  • Woolie:
  • Matt:
  • Austin:
  • Woolie: That fire swords.

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well a lot of other people were making it a thing like "isn't that Mikey dude the one Taylor was all up on? 👀" but also hes friends with Austin, don't know about the este thing tho

i’m bored.

Inktober Day 27


Really tired from last night and getting over this hangover but I got a inktober entry done. Plus it was my gorgeous niece’s birthday so that was fun! Only 4 more days to go! I think I’m going to make it xD


A Six- Part Series

Written by Jeremiah Bailey

Art by Don Austin

Demon Dog, an immortal barbarian, is every nightmare’s worst nightmare. He is a professional pillager. Monsters, mobsters, mad scientists, and morally bankrupt CEOs are all fair game. Even the NRA trembles at the whisper of his name. But after years of putting up with Demon Dog’s “eccentricities,” all the other depraved individuals around the world have decided to team up and do whatever it takes to kill him.

But after assembling a phalanx of bounty hunters, ninjas, ancient psychic tandem war elephants, warlocks, witches, elves, extra-dimensional pirates, giant robots, dwarves, along with Seal singing “Kiss from a Rose” while strapped up like the Doof Warrior from Mad Max: Fury Road– and still falling short of their intended objective– they feel a little discouraged.

When one of the private investigators tasked with uncovering Demon Dog’s old sex tapes for a blog slander/blackmail scheme finds Demon Dog’s older brother instead, things appear to take a turn for the better. Until they learn his brother is a super-powered hero named Cedric.

Cedric is completely unfazed by society’s corrupt underbelly, and its attempts to seduce him with riches in return for the eradication of his sibling. He is a married father of two completely content with video games, being a stay at home dad, and occasionally saving the world to qualify for the government-subsidized housing he shares with his wife/lawyer/publicist. Demon Dog only attacks other criminals and creatures, so Cedric has no need to engage him. He wants his brother to grow up at his own pace. He still believes that Demon Dog can become a productive member of society some day.

DEMON DOG” is a story inspired by One Punch Man, Fist of the North Star and Ice Cube circa Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. The dynamic duo of Don Austin and Jeremiah Bailey set out to tell the wildest tale of family dysfunction comics has ever seen.

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Check This Out!!

I made a pitch for a comic called “Demon Dog” with Don Austin. Hopefully it will see the light of day.