APH Russia Headcanon - Grandfather Domovoi

Russia has a domovoi living in his house: a small, bearded household spirit who takes care of his house while he’s away, and who only Belarus noticed initially. He is addressed as “Grandfather Domovoi” or “Grandfather Dobrokhot,” and Belarus often leaves out biscuits and milk in the kitchen for him.

Ivan was unaware of this spirit’s presence until one day when America came over. Since domovye are angered by poor keep of a household, profane language, or neglect, you can imagine how well Grandfather Dobrokhot took to Alfred with his rather messy habits. Unhappy domovye always voice their displeasure, and Alfred was subject to a great deal of it. Grandfather Dobrokhot moved around and rattled his things, creaked the walls of his room, and one night even gave him a rude awakening by banging pots and pans.

Ivan quickly realized there was another resident in his house and was far from being upset about it. To this day they’re still good friends, and Ivan likes to take turns with Natalya in leaving out food for Grandfather Dobrokhot.

(And Alfred, for good reason, still does not like to spend the night at Ivan’s house.)