Thank you.

2016 has been a year like no other to me. So many changes, I finished school, I did so many things I wanted to do, I failed at so many things, I lost people and new people came. I saw Muse live for the first time. I moved for the first time.
It’s been about 2 years now since I created this Tumblr blog, I hit the 2k followers, I got to know so many people through Tumblr.
Tumblr was my first social media, and you all mean so much to me! This whole fandom means so much to me, still. Even though I have to say that since the drones era is somehow over I am not that active on here anymore than I used to be. But I will keep this blog and I will try to stay as active as possible.

All I can say is that Muse is and will always be my favourite band, this fandom will always mean the world to me because this is where it all started. Thank you so much!!

I cannot wait for the next era. Love y’all!!!!!

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Hey lovelies! I can’t believe it but I recently reached 2k followers so, here I’m doing my first follow forever!  I just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, guys! You deal with my crazy, annoying self! I don’t know how you do it, but thank you, thank you, thank you! LOVE YOU ALL <3

Below are a list of blogs who I admire and are always filling my dashboard with perfection. They’re all beautiful people so check them out if you haven’t already! 

I probably forgot a lot of blogs but I tried my best -w-

Bolded are my ultra faves:

a - b - c - d

a-girl-and-his-cat absoiution ♤ apocalypse-plz apocalypsemuse  bellamyfan ♤ bellvmy ♤ black-holes-and-panic-stations ben-c  bouncybanjie coexistwiththechill ♤  cvdonia ♤ cydonianassassin cydonianbird cydoniahype ♤ darker-than-darkness-bt ♤ deadstar505 ♤ dominic-bellamy dom-museum ♤ dom-howard ♤ domnichoward ♤ domfuckinghoward domjhoward ♤ dorks-of-cydonia ♤ dorkshines dorkshiya

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eternalweirdfeeling ♤ eternallymused exobellamy exogenerian fuckoffucunt furiousmuser glitterymaffoo ♤  glitteringclitorishardcore-muser hellamys ♤ howardsyndrome  hyper-muse-music ♤ hypernova666♤ isolated-knight isolatedknights isolatedhysteria isolateddesires

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It’s that time of the year again so I decided to make a follow forever yay! I just want to thank EVERYONE for everything, you guys are hella rad ♥ Thank you for making my dashboard so perfect :’D

Every single blog I follow is amazing af and making these lists are kind of hard bc y’all are awesome but I can’t put you all here :( So I’m picking my favorite ones ♥ Bolded are ULTRA FAVES.

Important: If you are not on this list, do not feel disheartened. I appreciate and love each one of you ♥♥♥

But, without further stalling…. 

Nerd squad - my children, my sinners, you are so perfect and I love you so much I’d give you my liver. This year has been a roller coaster ride and you’ve always been there for me…I fuckin h8 u 🔪 💕

@cherrylng @stuart-and-the-bands @potholes-and-revelations @controlandhypnotize @tiinkers-tales

Muses and mutuals - how dare you being so cool and wonderful???¿¿¿ your creations are majectic - fucken goals imo. I  admire you so much omg

@arabellamys @hyper-muse-music @reaqers @shlne 

Crème de la crème:


 @absolouition ❄ @amaazingdan ❄ @apocalypsemuse  ❄ @apocalypse-plz  ❄ @bellamyfan  @beatlessssss@bellvmy  @black-holes-and-panic-stations  @boulevardsofdreams  ❄ @cydonianbird  ❄ @cydoniahype  @danhowcll  @droones  @domfuckinghoward  ❄ @domjhoward  ❄ @dom-howard 


@eternalweirdfeeling @eternallymused ❄  @exogenerian  @exogenetics-symphony  @fweakofcydonia  ❄ @furiousmuser  ❄ @fuckoffucunt  @glitteringclitoris  ❄ @glitterymaffoo  ❄ @glorioused  @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station  @howardswife  ❄ @hypermuse  ❄  @i-only-dream-of-you-my-beautiful  @immaswine  ❄ @isolatedsystem @isolatedhysteria 


@kinastya  @knights-of-bellamy  ❄ @knights-of-delusion  ❄ @knightsofhysteria  ❄ @lettterbomb  @live-long-and-pwoper  ❄ @manson-mirror  ❄ @mattbelloumy  @mapofmymuse  ❄ @mori852​ ❄  @musclemuseums


@no1animallover  @orgas-muse  ❄ @originofbliss  ❄  @originofasymmetry  ❄  @p-a-n-i-c-s-t-a-t-i-o-n  ❄ @pwoperbitch  ❄  @red-glitter-god  ❄ @rocket-baby-dolls   ❄ @ruledbycydonia  ❄ @rulebysecrecy  ❄  @starlighthowell  ❄  @sit-the-fuck-down ❄  @srankie


@the2ndshowbiz  ❄ @unceasinglyendless  ❄ @violetlilygreen   ❄ @zomuse

P.S. I wish y'all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year  💖 🎆

anonymous asked:

You have the best muse gifs in the universe! can u recommend a blog with muse pictures?:)

hello! thank you so so much lovely person, that means the world to me :) but just one?! oh gosh

Bellamyskills - one of my favourite muse blogs. perfect selection of photos, wonderful edits and this girl is just an all-round darling!

I just have to sneak domjhoward in here. the quality! holy moly kill me kill me now

Another year passed and it’s almost Christmas so I wanted to make another Follow Forever!  I always get paranoid making these lists ‘cause I end up forgetting people and I feel bad D:

Anyway, I want to take a second to thank you all guys! This year has been one of the hardest to me, I had a lot going on and a lot of personal issues. Nevertheless, you all have been there for me. You cheered me up with your presence and your kind words. Thank you for your help and support, this 2014 wouldn’t be the same without you <3

So here’s a list of all my favorite blogs that I’ll follow forever.Thank you all for being so lovely, talented and making my dash perfect! I love you all, my lovelies! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bolded= The Best of the Best <3

a - b - c - d

a-girl-and-his-cat absxlutionx♤ absoiution ♤ apocalypse-plz ♤ apocalypsemuse  bellamyfan ♤ bellvmy ♤ black-holes-and-panic-stations ♤ ben-c  bouncybanjie ♤ coexistwiththechill ♤  cvdonia ♤ cydonianassassin ♤ cydonianbird ♤ cydoniahype ♤ darker-than-darkness-bt  ♤ dominic-bellamy ♤ dom-museum ♤ dom-howard ♤ domnichoward ♤ domfuckinghoward ♤ domjhoward ♤ dorks-of-cydonia ♤ dorkshines ♤ dorkshiya

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eternalweirdfeeling ♤ eternallymused ♤ exobellamy ♤ exogenerian ♤ fuckoffucunt ♤ furiousmuser gothbellamy♤ glitterymaffoo ♤  glitteringclitoris♤ hardcore-muser hellamys ♤ howardsyndrome  ♤ hyper-muse-musichypermuse hyperxmusic♤ hypernova666♤ isolated-knight ♤ isolatedknights ♤ isolatedhysteria ♤ isolateddesires

j - k - l - m

jdrox ♤ juliadoesstuff♤ kawaii-bellamy kinastya ♤ knights-of-wolstenholme ♤ knights-of-bellamy ♤ knightsofhysteria♤ lemoncookies99 ♤ lifeisgood-e ♤@l ikeneutronstarcollision live-long-and-pwoper♤ madgetto ♤ manson-mirror ♤ mathew-stb ♤ mattbellamyruinedmylife mattbellamygoth♤ matt-frick-bellamy ♤ megaylomania ♤ metallikita666 ♤ micr0cvts monsieurbellamy ♤ moncoeursouvreatavoixx ♤ moon-light-madness ♤ musepls ♤ musedotmuoffcial ♤ musefan666 ♤ musermuseum

o - p - r - s

origin-of-showbiz ♤ origins-of-absolution ♤ originofasymmetry ♤ oos ♤ orgas-muse ♤ p-a-n-i-c-s-t-a-t-i-o-n ♤ poopoftheproblematique♤  prettybellamy pwoper-dommeh pwoperbitch♤ redglittermanson ♤ r0cketbabydolls ♤ ruledbycydonia ♤ ruledbysecrecyy  saffysaffyyshowdarkshines ♤ s-h-o-w-b-i-z shiya-na-chan sketch-zap♤ silvia-victim-tk♤ sit-the-fuck-down ♤ supremuse ♤ supermassive-dragonsflies

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