signs as fast food restaurants

Aries: Dominos Pizza

Taurus: Dairy Queen

Gemini: Burger King

Cancer: Subway

Leo: Starbucks

Virgo: Dunkin Donuts

Libra: Pizza Hut

Scorpio: McDonald’s

Sagittarius: KFC

Capricorn: Papa Johns

Aquarius: Taco Bell

Pisces: A&W

The verbal form of my immortal love for pizza.

Good morning.

You know, I just really love pizza. Eating pizza is the best, when you have a freedom of choosing how many (or in my case – how much, as it’s countless how much pizza I can eat) slices you’ll eat, what type of pizza, what part of pizza, how big your slices are, and how hot they are, etc. Having as much time as you want to enjoy that slice, that beautiful perfect slice with a perfect amount of cheese (a lot of cheese), with the best sauce (a lot of sauce), a great meaty-meataty meat (a LOT of meat) and the best veggies in the world (not that much of veggies, but I like to pretend that the cheese is a vegetable too).

The best pain in life is not when you have a broken heart, it’s when a hot pizza burns your mouth. Pizza could throw rocks at me, I still will think that this is a love for life.

You know those annoying people who always talk about their crush? This is pizza for me. I cannot shut my mouth up about pizza. One day I will write a book to express my undying love for pizza. Heck, I promise, the first book I publish will be dedicated to pizza. I’m not yet sure, will it be to the Domino’s Carbonara or Hawaiian?

If I had to choose between marring, well, I don’t know, a k-pop star or something, or having a power to eat as much pizza as I want (for free) and do not gain weight, I would eat 4 cheese pizza on Fridays.

My love to olives on pizza are so strong, like they are my kids, except for the fact that I will love my future children less than I love any pizza topping.

The only days I want to breathe are days when I eat pizza.

Pizza is not just love and life, pizza is something that you cannot describe with the world, it’s the highest form of love, it’s the sense of living.

If you ever think about your life as something miserable and pointless, just remember, that you were born in the century where pizza exist, people who lived in 800 AD weren’t that lucky.

The true word for love is p i z z a.

Looking forward for the next time I’ll eat pizza (something that I do all the time, this how it works: I wait for the next time I’ll eat pizza → I eat pizza → I wait for the next time I’ll eat pizza)

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