Chain Reaction.

Everyone knows that a line of standing dominos creates a fun chain reaction when you knock the first one over; but did you know you can use increasingly larger dominos and get the same result? 

The setup.

Professor Stephen Morris knocks over a 1-meter tall domino that weighs over 100 pounds by starting with a 5mm high by 1mm thick domino.He uses a size ratio of 1.5, meaning each domino is one and a half times larger than the last one. This is the generally accepted maximum ratio that dominos can have to successfully knock each other over.

Hans Van Leeuwen of Leiden University in the Netherlands, published a paper online showing that, theoretically, you could have a size ratio of up to two. But that’s in an ideal (and probably unrealistic) situation.

Fun fact.

There are 13 dominoes in this sequence. If Professor Morris used 29 dominoes in total, with the next one always being 1.5x larger, the last domino would be the height of the Empire State Building.

Source: Physics Buzz.

The Signs as Pizza Places

Aries: Papa Johns
Taurus: Domino’s
Gemini: Pizza Hut
Cancer: Lefty’s Pizza
Leo: Round Table Pizza
Virgo: Little Caesars
Libra: Pizza Planet
Scorpio: Marco’s Pizza
Sagittarius: Chuck E. Cheeses
Capricorn: Cici’s Pizza
Aquarius: Tv dinner pizza
Pisces: Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria


Have a watch of this fantastic Doctor Who tribute video, created with over 34,000 Dominoes, by YouTuber jojodrummer96!

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