I have this ink done from last year and never uploaded, where am I going seriousl.. Anyway again ocs. Story is about a transgender girl in 1720, Angiolo, who studies music in Venice in order to become a fake “castrato” (male singer who got surgery in childhood to remain natural sopran voice)… 

  • I think Magical Academy is the first like publicly fleshed out universe I have and people get to see me design a lot of the students if they happen to stumble upon it and that makes me kinda happy because I'm really passionate about the stories my characters (My 30 odd fucking OCs) have but I'm embarrassed to like put that into public like even Wisteria who is the most fleshed out and has actual writing for her I'm hesitant to go in depth about but I dunno I guess I just want to be an artist people take interest in and I want people to be interested in my characters and the stuff I do
  • That said I tend to put on an apathetic cold air on my art blog so ughhh..
  • You only really see the world building in the proto sketches of stuff and sometimes what I have to say is negative because I put all my talking in there a là Tofuvi style.
  • I don't know I guess I'll sort this under possible dreams I have