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Please note: this is not my entire collection! That would be far too many for me to review (but it’s an awful lot of them).  Also the reason why I haven’t included small summaries for the fanfictions in this list - sorry! These are fanfictions that I really enjoyed/reccommend: if you want my entire collections, please check out my AO3 and collections, respectively. Thank you!

I also humbly suggest my own writing, all posted to my AO3.

Most of the links are either from A03 or, they’re mixed up within. A few are tumblr links now too, fyi!

I will try to remember to update this list when I can. Please enjoy!

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Category: Angst

7A WF 92135 (T) - GEM8

10 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days (M) - CMW2 / @trumpetnista

25 (M) - VLRWriter

28 Hotel Rooms (T) - The Purple Pineapple

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (T) - breatheinsync

A Handful Of Moments (T) - SciFiSis

A Minute Past Midnight (T) - SciFiSis

A Piece of Me (T) - gladiato59

A Rage in Rome (M) - apollonialust

A Selection of Moments (K) - lissylou78

A Song for the Funeral Mourners (T) -  Dans-ma-propre-tete

A Summer of Sunsets (M) - lostecho1125

ADDICTS (M) - Jadidar

Aeipathy (T) - anjelicajasmin

Afraid to Love (K) - olitzalltheway / @olitzalltheway1

All Apologies (T) - SnoopyJinks

All In (M) - The Purple Pineapple

All That Is Expected (T) - Softrock-showtunesgirlscout22

All This and Heaven Too (M) - The Purple Pineapple 

Alternate Hunting Season (T) - amaryllis214

Another Chance (T) - The Purple Pineapple

Another One Shot (T) - Next To Me 

Away From The Monster (K) - SpinningMoreDreams

Better Days (T) - ALynette1

Big Mistake (M) - zayyduhkidd

Bigger, Better, and Badder (M) - hydrangeasia

Blowback (T) - BellaDameNoir

Broad Daylight (T) - rosesaregreen

Broken (M) - @labellebeaucoup 

Broken (T) - gladiatorRed

Broken Comfort (M) - dyehanna

Broken Promises, Broken Trust (T) - @babycakesbriauna

Can’t Let Go (T) - ALynette1

Cherry Stems (T) - tore-my-yellow-dress

Christmas in DC (K) - politicsandprose00

Closer (M) - musesofthemind / @musesoftheminds

Collide (T) - DayDreamLover / @daydreamloverslane

Collide (M) - storygirllo87

Come Too Far To Go Back Now (T) - lonnii renae / @lonnii-renae

Crossroads - Uncensored (M) - @glamour02

Cutting the Cords (T) - torri.oats

Damaged Faith (M) - DancinCaliDiva

Daughter (T) - tore-my-yellow-dress

Dead To The World (M) - shipmyshipscandal

Duckies (K+) - tore-my-yellow-dress

End of Watch (M) - ScandalousWritingObsession

Endgame (M) - AbbieWood

Exodus (K+) - Zayz

Fall Apart (T) - fairwinds09

Falling Dominoes (T) - FresherThanYou

Falling Slowly (M) - OliviaLovesFitz8

Fate (T) - Ztilo

Favorable Optics (M) - loveoverpride / @lovesbiggerthanpride 

Fighting Words (T) - OnceinLoVe

Find A Way (M) - hydrangeasia

Fitz Feels (K+) - ShadowSoph

Fitzgerald and Olivia (M) - phungulai 

Flight (M) - @corinnestark

For God and Country (T) - InspiredtoRead

For the Love of Harper (T) - reneeharris49

Four Seasons of Loneliness (M) - starwars86

Full Circle (T) -Kla1987 

Gone, Gone, Gone (K+) - burtneymac95

Grow Up (T) - The Purple Pineapple

Growth and Development (M) - ScandalFanatic

Happy Birthday Mr. President (M) - @magicinhermadness

He Was Always On Her Mind (K+) - Ztilo

Heartbreakingly Tied To You (K) - lissylou78

Here is the Deepest Secret That Nobody Knows (T) - tore-my-yellow-dress

Home For The Holidays (T) - dustypencils

Hot For Teacher (M) - @kerryalycias

How To Save A Life (T) - jollybelucky

I Always Warn Them (T) - lonnii renae / @lonnii-renae

I Know (T) - irrevocably ives

I Love You Too (T) - The Purple Pineapple

I See You (M) - Reader575 / @reader575la

i taste what i can never have (T) - Zayz

I’ll Catch a Train, and You’ll Ride The Bus (M) - tore-my-yellow-dress

I’m Ready (M) - gizmo71

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Say More (K) - AgentRez / @democrattotheend

Icarus (T) - The Purple Pineapple

Improprieties (T) - noscruples

In Memoriam (T) - tore-my-yellow-dress

In Ruins (M) - tore-my-yellow-dress

In The Right Direction (M) - MyLoversPrayer

Inheritance (T) - SciFiSis 

Interlude (M) - SciFiSis

It Begins In Vermont (T) - Ztilo

Jam and Vermont in DC (M) - romanticgirlgeek

Just Friends (M) - @loveniaimani

King and Lionheart (K) - The Purple Pineapple

Life and Death (K+) - Aesay

Living (M) - torri.oats

Losing You (K) - lissylou78

Love At Second Sight (T) - Gladiator59

Love Is A Cruel Master (K) - CWprodigy

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart (M) - jollybelucky

Love of My Life (T) - Next To Me

Meant to Be (T) - amaryllis214

Melt My Heart To Stone (T) - Tinkerbell3902

Meltdown (T) - MonicaKingBingCastle

Midnight Encounters (M) - jaclynkathleen

Missing You (M) - olitzalltheway / @olitzalltheway1

Moving Forward (T) - kz4valentina

My Best Friend’s Sister (M) - Missschievous

Next Lifetime (M) - Lbgoogie221

Nicest Thing (M) - musesofthemind / @musesoftheminds

Not Tethered (T) - Topofthehour

No turning back (K) - lissylou78

Not With Haste (T) - lazysunday30

Now We’re Done! (K) - lissylou78

Obsidian (M) - LiberalShill / @theliberalshill

Okay (T) - OneFIshTwoFishTwo

Olitz: One Shots (M) - ShameOnMe 

Once More With Feeling (K+) - InspiredtoRead

Once Upon a Time in Vermont (T) - The Purple Pineapple

One Last Minute (M) - SciFiSis

One Missed Chance (K) - August12

One Pill Makes You Stronger (T) - rachgreengeller

Only You (T) - Next To Me

Ordinary People (M) - MyLoversPrayer

Paper Thin (M) - MissingOlitz2

Payback (T) - lonnii renae / @lonnii-renae

Playlist (T) - anjelicajasmin

Poison (T) - anjelicajasmin

Precious Girl (T) - rosesaregreen 

Pushed to a corner with nowhere to go (K) - lissylou78

Put a Ring On It (M) - Reunite Olitz1

Resisting You (K) - lissylou78

Roses are Red (T) - History Princess 1986

Saving Grace (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

Seeing Each Other (T) - SEMtv2

She’s Thunderstorms (K) - The Purple Pineapple

Ship to Wreck (M) - The Purple Pineapple

So Far Gone (T) - AgentRez / @democrattotheend

Soft (M) - GladiatorInHeels

Soul’s Release (T) - I’m Not Even A Writer

Step-momma Grant (K) - olitzshipper

Still (M) - @loveniaimani

Stolen Moments (K) - lissylou78

Surrender (M) - VLRWriter

Tea for One (K+) - Mingsmommy

That Life (K) - Pacingincircles

The Agreement (M) - phungular

The Arrangement (M) - Missschievous

The Assistant (E) - @kerryalycias

The Beginning of Vermontgate (T) - Pacingincircles

The Constancy of Happiness (M) - BellaDameNoir

The Game Plan (M) - mrsmswell

The Green Eyed Monster (M) - ScandalousWritingObsession

The Jekyll In Me (K+) - InspiredtoRead

The Lady Behind the Throne (T) - rachgreengeller

The Last Five Years (T) - anovegrlwrites

The Light (M) - gladiator18

The Opposite Of Love’s Indifference (M) - Fic Me Up

The Overhaul (T) - Anomilee1

The Return (M) - gizmo71

The Return (M) - torri.oats

The Right Thing (T) - AgentRez / @democrattotheend

The Secret (M) - GladiatorInHeels

The Simple Life (T) - gladiator59

The Things People Do For An Oval Office (M) - Reader575 / @reader575la

The Unthinkable (M) - @loveniaimani 

The Way Back (T) - The Purple Pineapple

There Go I (T) - InspiredtoRead

there is always hope (K+) - Befham

There’s Hope (M) - zayyduhkidd

This Place Was A Shelter (T) - tore-my-yellow-dress

Time Won’t Tell (T) - AgentRez / @democrattotheend

To Let You Go (K) - lissylou78

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder (M) - tore-my-yellow-dress

Torn (K+) - @belladamenoir

Torn (M) - mrmswell

Trying Not To Drown (T) - Olitz1600

Unbroken (K+) - burtneymac95

Undone (K) - Niobe563

Unguarded Moments (T) - Harligh Quinn

Unravel (K) - lissylou78

Unsteady (M) - OliviaLovesFitz8

Victory: An Olivia and Fitz Story (K+) - Evey Edge

Waking Up Is The Hardest Part (K+) - Tinkerbell3902

Watch Me (T) - AgentRez / @democrattotheend

Waves (M) - DesperateRomantic

We Both Belong To Someone Else (T) - lonnii renae / @lonnii-renae

We’ll Always Have Vermont (M) - rileypotter17

Welcome to Forever (M) - The Purple Pineapple

What If? (M) - olitzalltheway / @olitzalltheway1

What Is It Like In Words (T) - breatheinsync

What’s In A Name (K) -  They'reLLBFF’s

When The Past Catches Up (K+) - torri.oats 

Where Do We Go From Here (K+) - Lovealovestory

Wherever You Will Go (T) - blackNdeadly

Welcome to Forever (M) - The Purple Pineapple

When Fate and Reality Intertwine (M) - Ztilo

When The Lights Go Out (I MIss You) (M) - loveoverpride / @lovesbiggerthanpride

You’re All I Need To Get By (M) - @magicinhermadness

You’re my friend (M) - Tryitandbuyit


Updated on 10/5/2017

anonymous asked:

Are you a dom or a sub?

dominos and submarines aren’t even that closely related?

Maybe i’m more of a domino, makes more since with the black dots on them


On the third hour, River calls Nic over to briefly play dominoes. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to work in getting them to pay attention to each other, as they both go back to looking at art until the end of the date…

Overall, a pretty bad date experience, but there were a couple of wishes rolled:

River - Go on a date with Nic, Have a great date with Nic = +8pts

Nic - Go on a date with River, Have a great date with River = +4pts

Hello, Unit 03!

Black, white, and mahogany? I can dig that color scheme. It’s being transported on a crucifix… Now that’s just weird.

Wait, actually, isn’t that the color scheme that Toji usually wears?

Well then. A very curious episode, indeed. Clearly a set-up for the final story arcs in the show… I can tell it’s going to be very emotionally charged. Not to mention the fact that Angels are starting to incorporate the “Sea of Dirac” by default, it seems. What happened to the Second Branch is more than a little scary.

This is one of those episodes where all it did was set up the dominoes. And I can’t wait to see how they topple over.

I rate episode 17 of Neon Genesis Evangelion a 7/10.

Shinji did not need to Get Into The Goddamn Robot™, maintaining the series total at 10.

also they got 2 people making pizza+ cash register and 1 dude doing deliveries what the hell you need more people at dominos poor ppl working their ass off bc dominos won’t hire more

my dad is so fucking weird with money. he’ll read out his card details over the phone to spend 3k with a company he’s never shopped with before but he refuses to let my brother use his card to order pizza online because he doesn’t trust dominos