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I killed the engine on the motorbike i had on and whistled while I adjusted my blue cap. I unzipped the bag that held the still hot pizza boxes and checked my phone to see if i had the correct address. This seemed to be it. I was walking the short steps to the front door when someone cleared their throat from behind me and I turned around cautiously with my eyebrows raised.

It was a guy with brown hair that reached his neck. He was holding a pizza box too but the red logo gave away everything, not to mention the matching red cap he had on with the Pizza Hut logo on it.

“Do you have the wrong address?” He asked, voice rough and deep. I shrugged at double checked again to make sure.

“Nope. How about you?” I asked.

He frowned and checked his phone, looking up at the house again and if possible his frown deepened.

“Well there aren’t laws that forbid you to order pizza at the same pizza place right?” I asked as i knocked on the door.

I turned to the pizza hut guy and he was scowling at me. I almost snickered, almost. But his scowl was adorable so i kept my mouth shut.

“Mom!! the pizza is here!” The door opened to reveal a girl my age, and her eyes went wide when she saw the both of us.

“Mom! where did you order from!” She shouted, voice carrying out through the house.

“Pizza Hut and Dominos!” a lady shouted from inside and I grinned at the girl.

“That’ll be $25.30” I said, handing her the pizza.

It took her a while but she handled all the boxes and i turned towards the pizza hut guy who was still scowling.

I started whistling the tune to “Why can’t we be friends” and he seemed to recognise it because he turned a glare towards me.

I laughed because he seemed to want to seem intimidating but i found him really cute.

He seemed taken aback and I realised I had said that aloud but before he could say anything, the girl came back with her change and gave us a thanks before closing the door.

I counted my change and sighed.

“Aww, no tip” I pouted, pocketing the change and taking my cap off to push back my blonde hair.

Surprisingly, i heard a chuckle and i looked up to see the pizza hut guy smirking at me.

“Maybe she picked the most attractive between the two of us” He grinned, showing me an extra 5 bucks.

This time i was the one scowling as he made his way towards his motorbike. Stupid attractive moody pizza hut guy.

Another laugh came out of him -Dammit, “I said that out loud again did i?” i sighed, getting a bit embarrassed now as i put my cap back on.

“You’re adorable, dominos.” Pizza hut guy said, grinning now.

Fuck, he is SO attractive. No wonder he got a tip and I didn’t.

“I have a name, just so you know!” I went to his motorbike and grinned at him.

He raised his eyebrows in inquiry.

All i did was take his cap and exchanged it with mine, jumping back when he reached for it back.

“But i guess you gotta find that out on your own if you want your cap back” I said, already walking backwards to my own bike.

“Or i could just get a new one!” He called out.

I winked at him, “Sure, but you won’t know who i am” Before turning around and getting on my ride.


It took Bucky 3 days. He couldn’t stop smiling after the delivery that his boss sent him home for being too happy and ruining his mood. His best friend and room mate Steve was creeped out by the second day, and his classmate Sam asked who he was by the third day.

So It took Bucky 3 days to go to the nearest Dominos that was near the house and asked for the cute, blonde dominos delivery guy.

“Oh, look who came looking for their cap back” Bucky looked up from the floor he was studying and smiled.

“I believe you owe me a name” He said.

“Clint. And you are James Bucky Barnes” Clint grinned at the shocked look on Bucky’s face.

“You were really slow, it turns out my friend is dating your friend and he knew exactly who i was talking about the first time i told him about you” Clint shrugged, shoving his hands into the pocket of his jeans.

Bucky was impressed, and fairly really attracted.

“So, what do i have to trade for your number?” Clint hummed in thought, eyes twinkling as he directed the question at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes and stuck a note on Clint’s tshirt.

“Call me if I’m so slow then!” Bucky called out, back turned but a smile on his face even though Clint couldn’t see him"

Clint grinned at the fluttering his heart felt and took the note off his shirt.

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Marvel Comics have just announced another new X-Men series - Weapon X. The series will be written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land. The series will see the Weapon X program resurface, leading Logan to put together a new team to combat the threat. The team includes Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Domino, and Warpath!

So I’ve been reading sixpenceee blog for a while now and I thought I could collaborate with one of the most shocking paranormal stories I’ve ever been told.

So as far as I know this is 100% true, since it involves very delicate situations that my mother wouldn’t ever lie about. Also she was very reluctant to tell me this story and seemed uncomfortable when talking about it.

It goes like this:

My grandmother had a stroke that left her paralyzed and unable to take care of herself when my mother (her youngest daughter), who we will call Andrea, was just 17.

And so they had to move to a small town in Mexico with my great aunt, let’s call her Cynthia. 

She was a terrible evil woman, and for several years Andrea was both mentally and physically abused by her and her husband. She was beaten constantly, and eventually wasn’t even aloud outside of the house. 

Her life was miserable and she dreamt of running away to her older brother, Jerry. Jerry was 20 years older than Andrea, so he was already established with a family in Mexico City and remained unaware of his sister’s situation. 

And evil aunt Cynthia made sure it stayed this way, she threatened Andrea to tell the police her brother had sexually abused her (which of course was not true and disgusting) if she ever tried running away with him. 

Without anywhere else to go, Andrea and her disabled mother were stuck in this nightmare of constant beatings and verbal abuse.

Meanwhile in Mexico City her brother Jerry lived happily with his wife Elena. Elena was a fan of the paranormal and would get together with her friends every day to play with an Ouija board. They would contact spirits all afternoon while smoking and gossiping, just as if they were regular ladies playing domino.

The spirits that would appear on the board were dead family members or acquaintances, just passing by ghosts, even soldiers from the revolution. And they would ask them all types of stuff, from “is my husband cheating on me?” to “when will the world end?”. Anyway they didn’t take any of it seriously and were just looking to pass the time in their housewife lives.

This was until a peculiar spirit appeared. It was a regular afternoon, Elena and her friends had been playing the Ouija board with no luck for about ten minutes until something finally answered their much insisting question “is somebody there?”. “Yes” the planchette pointed on the board finally. “Who is this?” They asked and the name “Ana” was spelled on the Ouija. They went on asking the regulars and were surprised when the spirit revealed she hadn’t been born yet, but would in a few months.

The ladies were fascinated with this fact, they were talking to an unborn child (which is pretty creepy to me), an “angel” they called her and continued contacting “Ana” on a daily basis.

They came to know so much about her; she even revealed the name of her future parents, the day and the hospital she was going to be born in.

One afternoon during one of their regular sessions with Ana Elena thought about her sister in law, who she hadn’t seen in a long time; “how is Andrea doing?” she asked… Three words were almost immediately spelled on the board “Help her escape”. Elena, now freaked out and worried went on asking why, waiting, then the answer: “They hurt her”. By the end of the session Elena had discovered Andrea was in danger as Cynthia made her life a complete torture.

The very next day Elena and Jerry were visiting Cynthia, and after managing to stay alone with Andrea for a few minutes they found out about the hell she was put through and got her and their mother out of there immediately.

Elena was very thankful with Ana’s spirit, yet she was nowhere to be found. “Ana are you there?” she kept on asking the Ouija board every afternoon with her friends. There was no answer for months, until… just a day before what Ana told them was the day she would be born, the Ouija board pointed “Yes”.

Excited the ladies went on asking what had happened to her, where had she been… yet the answer left them shivering: “I was punished”. Worried, Elena was quick to ask why. “Telling you things” spelled the board. At this point with tears in her eyes one of Elena’s friends asked what happened, what was the punishment? The planchette took its time to move again “I won’t be born”. No one could speak, no one could move, yet the Ouija spelled one last sentence “Do not play”. Crying the women tried to reach for Ana with more questions, but she wasn’t there anymore.

The next day they went to the hospital Ana was going to be born in and asked a nurse for Ana’s mother.

-Let me check… umm… she is resting in room 36, are you family?

-Just friends.

-I’m sorry she asked for rest and also only family members are allowed.

-Well we just want to see the baby, just a second, we won’t disturb anyone.

-Oh… you… Well I’m so sorry to tell you this but there was trouble in the labor… I’m so sorry but the baby was deceased by the time the doctors could get it out. I am really sorry for your loss.

They burnt the Ouija board that same afternoon and never played again.

Top 10 Comic Book Ladys

I was tagged by my mate @misterjjjcomics in THIS POST to do my Top 10 female comic book characters.

1. Red Sonja

2. Magik

3. Livewire

4. Valkyrie

5. Domino

6. Roku

7. Lady Bullseye

8. Psylocke

9. Harley Quinn

10. Eimin

I tag @hellstromknight!

anonymous asked:

Hi mr.Kaiba! I w-was wondering... d-do you know the - Lady Domino - magazine? Y-you probably don't... we're a local mag for girls and ... you just got the first place on our monthly ranking of the most attractive men so... c-can you please pose for our cover? It'll take only a minute ...

Really? Posing for a magazine cover only takes a minute? Here I thought it involved arranging the camera so that the light conditions are acceptable, makeup and an aesthetic background…

You know, I’ve been a celebrity for five years now. I recognize bullshit. I have a feeling you just wanted a photo of me. If you were honest, you would’ve gotten it!


Greg Pak (W), Marc Borstelmann (A), Skan ©.

* “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” Part Five!

* Batch H is finally ready for a test drive… Its targets? Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Domino, Warpath and the Hulk!

* With a genetic cocktail of the most powerful enhanced beings on the planet coursing through its veins, how can anyone stand a chance?!

32 pages, $3.99

Why I will hesitate killing myself tonight/tomorrow:

1. My cat, I love my cat more than anything.

2. Will the lady at dominos hate me since she just hired me?