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Today the Phoenix arrived full of surprises. For those who haven’t got to this yet, GO GET IT NOW. For those who got it, I’m sure there is some shit going on in your head right now. It’s so confusing when it comes to the Phoenix. Let me explain something; what I think it is. I don’t really discuss much here, let alone the Phoenix, but this book got me to care a lot more than I thought. The cover of this book is awesome. It’s a 3-D cover.

Let’s talk about the weirdness.

Ok, as if this wasn’t weird enough. There is no explanation, therefore we can’t understand what the fuck really happened to those kids but from the interpretation of Beast, it seems like those kids were dead alive. Pretty much that’s what this book is about, I think. There were a few characters who had reappeared from the dead. We’re in the first issue of The Resurrection so nothing yet makes sense here but I can at least use my expectation. So here is a theory.

We know Wolverine died in the book: Death of Wolverine, issue 4.

The strange news is that we saw the real James Howlett, a.k.a the real Wolverine. Holy shit!

The reappearance of the Hellfire Guard. When were the last time they were around?

We also saw one of Magneto’s followers from the Acolytes, Seamus Melloncamp. Last time I heard all the Acolytes were dead.

But for some reason Wolverine, Seamus, and the Hellfire Guard vanished into thin air WTF? What does that mean? I don’t know.

We know Cassidy, a.k.a Banshee, died in Deadly Genesis 2

But he also reappeared once again.

Even Cyclops, who we know for sure was dead, came to see Jean. So Cyclops and Jean are also here.

Each of those characters that reappeared are all dead. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck is going on but this is getting very interesting. Here is the thing. If the kids are recovering and have no memory of the incident whatsoever, can this explain Jean and Banshee not knowing each other? I mean she’s a waitress and he’s a customer with no memory of who they are. It appeared that only Cyclops and Jean are the ones who know each other but from my guessing I would say that is because they have a strong bond and that their love they carry for each other is pure.

Another theory is that maybe those that reappeared has to do with some kind of  connection with Jean? Well, we have Hellfire Club where she was one of the Queens as the Black Queen. That can explain the Hellfire Guard. We have Wolverine, her second affair she had in her past life. This can also explain the young Wolverine. But what about Melloncamp? Well I’m sure she fought the Acolytes during her time with the X-men and to be more clear she fought with Melloncamp.

Oh how I miss the 90s. So…can this explain the Acolyte Melloncamp? Maybe. Who knows. And that’s the point, we don’t fucking know anything but I can only guess.

My last theory. Remember when AVX took place, everyone was fighting for their beliefs that the Phoenix will destroy the entire planet or will restore the (mutants) X-gene. This time from my perspective, it looks like this Phoenix is resurrecting the dead mutants along with Jean Grey. It can also mean that they were never dead in the first place. One simple explanation for this is that the Phoenix could have gathered those that were “dead” and restored them in a hot white room LOL. Well, Disney bought the rights back and knowing Marvel, they will do just that: revive all the dead.

Clearly a lot of weirdness going on here and a lot of answers to seek. You gotta ask yourself is the Hellfire Club coming back? Are the Acolytes returning once again? Are Banshee, Cyclops (we already know Jean is coming back), and Wolverine coming back with a few others, like Xavier, for example? I only have one answer and it’s Wolverine. We know Wolverine is coming back, no question. The book is about the resurrection and not only the return of Adult Jean Grey but also the Return of The Dead. Just like one of my favorite old movies.


Superhero Aesthetics // X-Force

The point is, our group will be forward-thinking. Gender neutral. From now on, we’ll be known as… X-Force.

X-Men [x] [x]

New Mutants [x]

New X-Men [x]

The Brotherhood [x]

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With Ahab continuing to hunt Charles Xavier’s original, younger X-Men through the timestream, every X-Men team in existence is called to arms in Extermination #3. And as Marvel’s solicitation for the September issue reveals, young Jean Grey will call upon a classic team from the ’90s to act as her personal bodyguards.

The Mark Brooks cover for Extermination #3 features Jean Grey charging into battle alongside Cannonball, Domino, Boom Boom, Warpath and Shatterstar, better known as the lineup from Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza’s X-Force, which debuted in 1991 and saw Cable convert the New Mutants into a more proactive, militaristic group.

Snipe’s X-Men Femslash Week Master Post

Day 1: Flowers

Field of Flowers - Rachel Grey/Kitty Pryde

Excalibur era. Rachel has never seen a field of flowers before, and Kitty is determined to show her how beautiful one can be.

Day 2: My Choice

We Belong Together - Rachel Grey/Kitty Pryde

Part of the Always You series, where Kitty is a transwoman. Kitty and Rachel have been dating for quite a while now. Rachel brings Kitty to their spot for a drink and a special occasion. Unrestrained fluff and sap and short but sweet!

Day 3: Family

The View From Above - Jubilee/Laura Kinney

In a vaguely canonish AU, Jubilee and the Kinney sisters are now sharing an apartment. Family can be a vampire, a pair of clones and a baby. And sometimes an actual factual Wolverine.

Day 4: Music

Neena Thurman and the Dominos - Domino/Psylocke

That one night stand has turned into 3, and then 4, and Neena doesn’t know which way is up any more, only she doesn’t want it to stop. A Domino/Psylocke Band AU

Day 5: Tradition

Yearly Traditions - Kitty Pryde/Illyana Rasputin

Every day on the same day, Illyana disappears for a few hours. This year, she takes Kitty along with her.

Day 6: Adventure

Just Dropping In - Blink/Domino

Sometimes your luck runs out. Sometimes you just get lucky. And sometimes luck means you land in a hot pink chick’s lap and you can’t take your eyes off of her. Or the AU where Domino works for an unspecified agency and Clarice is a theater actress.

Day 6: Bonus Adventure

Shocking Developments - Kitty Pryde/Xi’an Coy Manh

A Mekanix What If? What if Kitty and Xi'an actually kissed and found a different way to deal with that sentinel?

Day 7: Safe

Anchors - Rachel Grey/Kitty Pryde

Not long after Kitty took over the X-Men and had the school teleported to Central Park, she’s looking at herself in the mirror and not liking the person who’s staring back. What’s it like to feel safe and happy? Rachel is usually the one on the receiving end of comfort, but this time she gets to return the favor.

Top 10 X-men female characters

Another list after a long while. This time I will count down my ten favorite x-men female characters. I love x-men comics, movies and tv shows and that’s why I decided to make this list. I will make list of ten x-men male characters later today. Also, I can’t wait for X-men Apocalypse.

10. Jubilee

Real name:  Jubilation Lee                                                                           Powers:  Jubilee formerly possessed ability to create energy plasmoids, she calls fireworks. Now she is a vampire and doesn’t have her old skills.                 Portrayed by: Lana Condor

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9. X-23

Real name: Laura Kinney                                                                                 Powers: Regeneration like Wolverine. Two adamantium claws. Superhuman stamina, agility and reflexes.                                                                           She is not in any X-men movies

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8. Scarlet Witch

Real name: Wanda Maximoff                                                                     Powers: Chaos magic, which includes hex bolts, teleportation, telekinesis and flight                                                                                                           Portrayed by: Elizabeth Olsen in MCU. She’ll might appear in X-men universe too.

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7. Psylocke

Real name:  Elizabeth Braddock                                                                     Powers: Telekinesis (she can also create telekinetic katana), telepathy, umbrakynesis (= manipulation of darkness into psychic blasts and bolts)     Portrayed by: Olivia Munn                        

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6. Rogue

Real name: Anna Marie (surname unknown)                                               Powers: Power absorption                                                                           Portrayed by: Anna Paquin

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5. Storm

Real name: Ororo Munroe                                                                             Powers: Atmokinesis, flight, energy manipulation, weather resistance, earth-link, telepathic resistance and energy vision                                             Portrayed by: Alexandra Shipp, before by Halle Berry

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4. Jean Grey/Phoenix

Real name: Jean Grey                                                                                   Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis and Phoenix force,which gives her cosmic pyrokinesis, resurrection and pyro-telekinesis                                       Portrayed by: Sophie Turner, before by Famke Janssen

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3. Shadowcat

Real name: Kitty Pride                                                                                       Powers: Phasing                                                                                       Portrayed by: Ellen Page

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2. Mystique

Real name: Raven Darkhölme                                                                     Powers: Metamorph                                                                               Portrayed by: Jennifer Lawrence, before by Rebecca Romijn

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Honorable mentions: Magma , Domino , Polaris 

1. Emma Frost/White Queen

Real name: Emma Frost                                                                           Powers: Telepathy, telepathic defense,illusion,control and manipulation,mind link, psyonic blast, astral projections, mental detection, phoenix force (unlike Jean, she can’t control the force) and organic diamond form                     Portrayed by: January Jones

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I hope you liked the list. I also apologize for any mistakes. English is my second language.

part i - in which ino and neji turn sakura into a superhero

sakura hates the outfit with a passion and tells them as much. “i look like a loser,” she complains. she looks at her reflection and considers the skin tight suit of red and black and white. “also why are the boots white? it’s not very pragmatic considering they’ll get dirty or scuffed right away.”



sakura turns around, utterly unimpressed with ino and neji’s response. they wanted so badly for her to put her powers to use in style and then declared that they would design a suit for her to wear to conceal her identity. 

“can’t my boots just be black?” sakura asks. “i can use the ones i wear everyday. at least they have my orthotics in them.”

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