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1.   Love Paint (every afternoon) - NU'EST

2.   Still 24K - 24K

3.   Moonlight Sonata - BIGSTAR | @hudian


5.   Get Down - Boys Republic

6.   Phone Number - Tahiti

7.   THE BEAT - Topp Dogg | @narcissisthyeyeon

8.   EOEO - UNIQ

9.   Bad Girl - Purfles

10.  Knock - Nasty Nasty


12.  Wiggle Wiggle - HELLOVENUS

13.  Too Very So Much - MYNAME

14.  Feel So Good - HALO

15.  Amazing -Bad Lady- - Cross Gene

16.  Strange - MASC

17.  Swagger Time - MAP6

18.  Queen - History | @mssnxbxdy

19.  Just Tell Me - MYNAME

20.  Hey You - 24K

21.  Taola - B.I.G

22.  Deepened - Brave Girls

23.  Feel So Good - IMFACT

24.  Playback - Playback

25.  I’m Fine - VICTON | @yung-cutiepiee

26.  Fire - JJCC

27.  Bounce - BOYFRIEND

28.  Breathe - ZE:A

29.  Stalker - U-KISS

30.  ON&ON -  BOYFRIEND | @mamaduckiesp

31.  Shall We Dance - Snuper

32.  Beautiful - LU:KUS

33.  Crush On You - The Legend

34.  Ah-ah - Teen Top

35.  Don’t Tease Me - SPEED

36.  Urikiri -  Bonus Baby | @sxungcheol

37.  Target - Romeo | @sweethoneysuwoong

38.  Bingo - 24K | @gargoylesanddaffodils

49.  The Rain - LADIES’ CODE | @gargoylesanddaffodils

40.  Superfly - 24K  | @gargoylesanddaffodils

41.  Rainy Day - Topp Dogg | @gargoylesanddaffodils 

42.  Excuse Me - BESTie | @yecjin

43.  The Light - The Ark | @yecjin

44.  Thank U Very Much - Bestie | @eureureong

45.  Shooting Love - Laboum | @dana-in-wonderland

46.  Don’t Believe - Berry Good | @dana-in-wonderland

47.  Play With Me - Cross Gene | @hongbombs

48.  The Real One - Boys Republic | @hongbombs

49.  Obsession - Boyfriend | @hongbombs

50.  Headbanging -  OFFROAD | @supastareden

51.  Love Options -  BESTie | @diamondjeonghan

52.  Summer Cold - Voisper |  @narcissisthyeyeon

53.  A Song For You - Heart B |  @narcissisthyeyeon

54.  Color Me Rad - D.Holic |  @narcissisthyeyeon

55.  Cleansing Cream - Brown Eyed Girls |  @narcissisthyeyeon

56.  Find Me - Jun Hyo Seung |  @narcissisthyeyeon

57.  Galaxy - Bolbbalgan4 |   @narcissisthyeyeon

58.  I Wish - I feat. Tiger JK |  @narcissisthyeyeon

59.  Good Time - A.DE |  @narcissisthyeyeon

60.  I Wish - WJSN |  @narcissisthyeyeon

61.  Weekend - Perc%nt |  @narcissisthyeyeon

62.  First Love - After School |  @narcissisthyeyeon

63.  Rainy Night - Villain |  @narcissisthyeyeon

64.  Hair Short - Wings |  @narcissisthyeyeon

65.  Girls Girls - Girls Girls |  @narcissisthyeyeon

66.  One Way (Bing Bing Bing) - JJCC |  @narcissisthyeyeon

67.  The Time - Juniel |  @narcissisthyeyeon

68.  Insomnia - Stellar |  @narcissisthyeyeon

69.  1.2.3 - B.I.G |  @narcissisthyeyeon

70.  Midnight Circus - Sunnyhill |  @narcissisthyeyeon

71.  Pray - Sunnyhill |  @narcissisthyeyeon

72.  Girl Gang - H.U.B |  @narcissisthyeyeon

73.  Over - Two X |  @narcissisthyeyeon

74.  I’ll Pick You Up - Standing Egg |  @narcissisthyeyeon

75.  Dream - Kassy |  @narcissisthyeyeon

76.  Talking To The Moon - Kream |  @narcissisthyeyeon

77.  Take It - MVP

78.  Don’t Stop - Mercury | @wangbum

79.  Pizza - OOHYO | @chocolatekitten19

80.  Stupid Liar - WA$$UP

81.  Baby Boy - HIGH4 | @giribaey

82.  Might Just Die - History | @mssnxbxdy

83.  Dance Dance - DAY6 | @wonpil94

84.  Boom Boom Clap - Highteen

85.  In Front Of The Mirror - Glam

86.  AB City - AlphaBAT

87.  Domino Game - Kiss&Cry

88.  Shaking Heart - C-CLOWN

89.  Show Me - O21

90.  A Little Close - HIGH4 feat. Lim Kim

91.  Love At First Sight - TINT

92.  Amazing - MYTEEN

iliveonmylaptop  asked:

I wish you would write a tidbit of.., afterlife Domino Squad!

“The continuing adventures of the Dead Dominos as they find themselves yelling louder and louder at the remaining living members of their original squad.”

“Did Cutup just get eaten by a kriffing eel?! Seriously? An entire army of deadly droids out there in the galaxy, and he couldn’t even bother to get killed by one of them.”

*“Guys, Fives and Echo are ARC troopers now!”

*“Oh kriff, is that a goatee?”


*“Why hasn’t anyone killed this Krell fuck yet?”

*“Guys, get over here! Fives just discovered a secret government conspiracy that rocks the very foundation of our perceived existence!”


anonymous asked:

I see the asks with Katie meeting ms stoll but what r your own head canons about the first time she does?

  • it’s the summer before college and Katie goes to visit for a few days 
  • Ms. Stoll adores her immediately and gives the boys lists of errands she needs them to take care of so she can get to know Katie away from their ridiculousness
  • Travis is sweating bullets about it all day 
  • the first night they have a little family dinner and it goes super well 
  • Travis helps his mom clean the dishes while Katie and Connor start a game of dominoes in the living room and Ms. Stoll tells Travis she’s quite the young woman and he blushes and his mom bumps him with her hip and they laugh together and Travis feels totally whole and at peace it’s crazy 
  • he also sneaks into the guest room to cuddle with Katie that night and she grumbles that he’s gonna get them in trouble with his mom but she doesn’t push him away so he places a kiss to her neck and holds her closer 
  • he sneaks back out right before breakfast but when they’re sitting at the table his mom asks him if he thought the mattress in the guest bedroom was comfy enough and Katie slaps her hand over her mouth to keep from spitting out her food 
  • “Did you forget who you’re dealing with” 
  • “Apparently so” 
  • but they just laugh about it and she tells Katie about the time she snuck out of a mobster’s house with his whole art collection without waking up a single servant 

anonymous asked:

I was playing Rune Factory and suddenly a super cute bigger girl appeared. My sister in law sat next to me, saw her, too and her first comment was on how she looked pregnant and laughed. With me - a fat girl - sitting next to her. The characters name is Eunice btw. Look her up, she is gorgeous!

I just wanted to add that Eunice is obsessed with sweets of course and the player can make her go on a diet, which made me super angry. Because before you marry her or something OF COURSE she has to lose weight. So the character is still cute I hate how the game treats her. 

Man, what a cutie! I do like Eunice’s character design. 

Sucks about the dieting thing tho. :/ I like how she is now.

- Mod Dom


Gif is mine

Imagine playing dominoes with Reid and then getting bored and making little houses out of them with him? 

Requested by nowhere-dawn-death-phan~

With everyone asleep or reading, nobody noticed how you ruined the game of dominoes in favour of stacking them up. So as Spencer was returning to his seat on the opposite side of the table, he frowned in confusion at your actions. “What are you doing?” He asked, examining the dominoes.

You gave a half-shrug, all your attention on the makeshift domino buildings. “You left and I got bored.”

“You have the attention span of a child.”

“Are you gonna help, or not?”

Spencer gave a small huff of laughter before ultimately sitting down. And he pushed your hands away to demonstrate a better way of making the base.

“I feel like during the verses, I’m playing that game where you stick a Post-It on your forehead, and people shout out clues to what it is…And Miles is shouting out clues to the Post-It on my forehead.”

so i drew miles and alex,,,playing the forehead guessing game!! i hope tumblr didn’t kill the quality of this picture,,i kinda liked how it turned out :’^) 

(the post-it note on alex’s head says “BEATLE” and in the speech bubbles there are pictures of stag beetle, volkswagen beetle, and a bee with a turtle ! and in alex’s speech bubble there is a question mark !)