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Shadowhunters 1x06 “Of Men and Angels” Review! SPOILERS!!!!

This is the second episode of Shadowhunters to make me cry.

I am going to start off with everything but Malec because that is going to be a long segment of this review, because <3

Izzy, is such an angel. She is trying to sacrifice herself, who she is to protect Alec. She is a soldier in every sense of the word. The scene where she wrote the note to Meliorn tellin him she can no longer see him , them she changed her appearance, broke my fucking heart. My God, these Lightwoods are breaking my heart. Izzy knows Alec, better than he knows himself, she knows this arranged marriage is not something he would want and now she feels a responsibility to save him from it.

Simon, licked his bloody hand… I was like, “Dude, seriously?” But either way, Simon is still perfection in this episode, even when he thinks he can take Jace on. I like how he was quickly reminded that he could not. 

Jace, was slightly more likeable in this episode… I mean he didn’t yell of snarl at Alec for once, so that is a plus. Dominique Sherwood is a good Jace. He will make this better, I think.

Clary, discovered her secret talent, and the biscotti came back into play for like 4 seconds. Clary helped Magnus make a potion, Clary made Alec slightly smile, Clary looked into Jace’s eyes with something special in her own…. Ahhh, a Clace moment… Beautiful.

Luke, was waiting to be healed for most of the episode, but when he was healed he did what he should have done from the beginning, he told Clary the truth. I was so ecstatic when Clary said that Luke was the only father she had ever known, and that she couldn’t lose him.

Maryse, I love to dislike this woman. I think she is portrayed better in this episode, because she is showing some of the love she actually has for her children. She was crying closer to the beginning of the episode, and I think it is because she does not want sacrifice her children’s happiness, but she has no other choice. I almost cried seeing her cry, then Alec walked in and I was like, Hi, with a goofy grin on my face.

Robert, ummm… wow… I think this dude is Robert. He looked sort of what I envision Robert to look like, and he acted like Robert as well, going behind Maryse’s back to tell Isabelle about Alec’s arranged marriage.

Max, I nearly cried when this child came onto the screen. It is adorable how they already made him into a little troublemaker. I can’t say too much about Max because tears will begin to flow like none other, but I will say that his relationship with Alec and Izzy is so adorable.

Now, the flashbacks were kind of awesome. I loved getting to see the circle. It made me hate Valentine more, and love Jocelyn. We even saw when Valenetine tricked Luke.

Magnus Bane, Highwarlock of Brooklyn, and all around clever perfection.

Magnus: “One more thing, I need Alexander.”

Jace: “Um, Why do you need Alec?”

Magnus: “Virgin shadowhunter energy.”

I died laughing. 

Magnus told Clary about the circle, this alone was just amazing. You could see the emotions going through Magnus’s face when he was recounting the past. He had to watch his people die because of Valentine and you could tell it hurt him. Harry Shum Jr. once again killin’ it as Magnus! 

Alec, is just so cute, my goodness, his interactions with everyone in this episode had me smiling. Especially every scene with Magnus. But more importantly, I was so happy that Alec said screw the rules, and did something for himself… finally. And he literally said screw the rules.

Alec: “I have followed every rule. I have given up everything.”

Izzy: “We’ll find a way out of this.”

Alec: “Screw the rules. Screw them. Screw all of this.”

Matthew Daddario also killin’ it as Alec, as he has done since episode 1. 

the amount of Malec in this episode made my heart so happy. Them holding hands, them having a drink together, Magnus being sincere and telling Alec how he felt. My God, words cannot express how much I enjoyed them together in this episode.

Magnus: “Help me, I need you strength.”

Alec: “Take what you need.”

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! My fangirl heart it is fluttering! Then when Magnus collapses into Alec’s chest, and Alec asked if he was okay. Then their little date… I am just so happy with Malec in this show. 

To be honest I am happy with this show as a whole. XD

I cannot wait for next weeks episode! And if you have seen the promo you know why! XD