dominique richardson


+ Will Jardell in Extremely Graphic

Fantastics Magazine editorial with America’s Next Top Model’s runner up Will Jardell photographed by Allen Zaki

Styling: Dominique V Richardson
Grooming: Nicole Wittman
Digi Tech: Christian Raices
Studio: Edge Grip & Studio


Vanity Teen | ph: Allen Zakl | style Dominique V. Richardson | prod: Evan Gonzales | models: Jordan Ver Hoeve & Jon Herrmann @ LA Models. 

Great editorial with some of our Rufskin gear. 


The Best of the Best Choreography - 11/11.
Yep. That’s it. The last one. That’s why there’s so many gifs right here! To go out with a bang. Hope you enjoyed! I will definitely keep making gifs though just not in a series like this (:

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(left to right) The Dash have called up Dominique Richardson, Megan Kinneman, and Tori McCombs for Houston Dash v FC Kansas City. Richardson (M) appeared in two games for the Dash earlier this season, but was waived. Kinneman (GK) and McCombs (M) both trained with the Dash as trialists during the preseason. All three have recently been training with the Dash, so if asked to play, will unlikely change the Dash’s flow and unity on the field.