Begin Praying

The reason I was so confused about David’s flashback on my first watch of Dominion 2x04 is that he says “I believed he sent that boy to teach me a lesson,” but Chad looks so much older than young!David (who looks about 15.)

Later, he refers to “that man with the gun”, so I guess in that first part, he was just thinking about Chad-William parallels…

I also think it’s interesting that William says “Chad hung himself when you kicked him out of church” - why did he kick him out? Maybe so nobody would realize his depression wasn’t miraculously cured at all?

Religion comes from the infancy of our species, when we didn’t know that the earth went round the sun, we didn’t know germs cause disease, we didn’t know in Genesis that when it says we’re given dominion over all creatures that this didn’t include microorganisms, because we didn’t know they were there, so when diseases broke out it was blamed on wickedness (or else on the Jews). We didn’t know anything, it was all a mystery. And so as a reasoning species, we must look at why it makes no more sense to believe in this myth than it was to believe the sun revolves around the earth. Not only is it wicked, but we do not need it, just like the old thoughts that have been disproven.
—   Christopher Hitchens
Help Me Prove It

19 year old girl can’t prove her American citizenship. Her parents failed to file a birth…

Alecia Faith Pennington was born into a dominionist Christian sect (ATI, I believe, home of Bill Gothard), and her parents have kept her – as well as all of her siblings – entirely off the grid. She escaped recently, and is now living with her grandparents, who are not part of the group. 

She’s discovered that, thanks to new laws in Texas intended to punish illegal immigrants, she cannot get any other documentation - including a driver’s license - without proof of American citizenship, which her parents deliberately withheld. (No registered birth, homeschooled, no medical records because she was never taken to a doctor, and so forth). They refuse to sign an affidavit to prove her American birth and are using these paperwork hobbles as a weapon, in order to force her to return home, under their control. 

Faith is looking for anyone who has dealt with similar circumstances, or with information that could be helpful in advancing her case and establishing her legal identity. 

Signal boosting, in case anyone has information or contacts that could help. 

But, of course! Actually, Hillary helped Obama kill Breitbart, using the same knife she used to murder Vince Foster. Then they had a troop of Communist lesbian girl scouts bury the body near Obama’s birth place in Kenya, in a secret Muslim ceremony, before plotting to send all of America’s children to college, so they could grow up to be atheistic climate scientists bent on fluoridating our water in order to kill Jesus before He could show that Obama was faking last quarter’s jobs figures.

Connect the dots, my friends, connect the dots!