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chris schmelke angel!? YES! finally working on some concept/reference for him! as i said, he’ll show up in the standalone swaingel book. i got really excited because the last of what i needed for him was a weapon design, and it finally hit me as i was falling asleep last night

it’s basically a light saber powered by grace to become a concentrated energy beam HELL YEA (i feel like @winjennster and @mittensmorgul will appreciate this)

More thoughts/ideas/conclusions for Dominion...

Last night, I posted my thoughts on Dominion (Syfy Series) Episode 07. Today, I would like to post more of my thoughts for the whole series. 
Yesterday, we all found out that Noma isn’t human and that she’s also an angel. I’m thinking that Michael could have asked her to stick around or to keep an eye on Alex too for him if he got some business to attend to in exchange of staying in Vega and keeping her secret (being an angel). I do want to see Noma flying around and kicking arse of some 8-ball.

As for Arika, I have this thought that she’s also in neutral or a neutral power; she can help David out from his son’s watch. However, in one of the episodes, she seem to be giving out a signal to someone somewhere near Vega using her earring. She turned something on in her earring then it started blinking. We saw that something not that far and from a bit higher than where she is responded. Could it be that she’s actually on Gabriel’s side? Remember when William found out that Alex’s been revealed by Michael that he is the chosen one after the tattoos on Jeep transferred to him, he went to see Gabriel outside Vega and what seems to be a lighthouse? 

As for Claire, she do love Alex and would stick to his side. However, after finding out that her dad is sick and her mom was possessed by an 8-ball, turned out dying after the ritual thingy that Alex did..she became more mature in every possible way. I’m thinking after wedding, she will be the new leader of Vega and since she’s been telling her dad to treat everyone in the city as people not numbers, she might change the rules for the better. And she might send Alex and Michael away after what happened in the vault room and to her mom. Again, these are just my thoughts/ideas/conclusions about the series. I love to think of what could happen next, the possibilities in the next episodes.Nope, not just Dominion but in every book I’ve been reading or movie/series I’ve been watching.

As for General Riesen, I don’t know but I have this feeling he might not be able to stick around. He’s sick, he said.. Senator Becca same thoughts about her on my previous post but I want her to be with Michael. If ever they did end up together..but.I don’t know Michael seems really scared of admitting he loves her..or scared of creating a Nephilim (Half-human, Half-angel) because it could lead to a much bigger mess. Imagining, a nephilim siding up with Gabriel once Michael sends it away or tries to kill it and it flew away then…oh, ideas (*U*) 

As for Uriel, same thoughts about her on my previous post too. I want to see more of her with her brothers. Gabriel, forever shipping him with a pudding..Ok, still the same thoughts about him too. Ooh! The other soldier, what’s his name again… the guy who started questioning Alex or something like that about angels or angels being with them after the murder of innocent angels….well, the way he talked and looked at Alex and the dead angels, he seem to know more than Alex does. When Noma and Alex are talking before (previous episode not sure in which one), Noma gave Alex a look when the dude ask them what’s going on. Could it be that Noma know something about him that Alex don’t know? Or he’s just a weird dude? Asking Michael if angels Or he’s on Gabriel’s side.  

What if Clementine, Claire’s mom, would be resurrected? As well as Bixby? But to fight against them..oooh..As for Michael and Alex, they clearly need to get more time together and to work things out. Ok, that’s it. Can’t help but to think about all of these and obviously I need Dominion Season 2. #RenewDominion This series is actually the first one that I’ve made a post about my thoughts. Usually, I keep it all just to myself but end up having a hard time to sleep at night..too much thinking. Anyway, would really love and want to have a season 2.

I think I need some more flying..Michael, Gabriel and Uriel..How about meeting new Angels..Oh, that would be great! And yes, more Michael. Would love to see our archangel again..Don’t we?