It’s taken me a full week to reflect on everything we saw in our whirlwind tour of Berlin, Stockholm, Ourense, La Coruna and Madrid. Beautiful cities and beautiful brands take time to digest.

The day that brought the entire experience together for me was the last official day of the trip, spent in the very capable hands of La Sociedad Textile Lonia (STL) - owners of the Purificacion Garcia, Carolina Herrera and Dominio do Bibei brands.

These are people with a very clear aesthetic: the STL offices, the look and feel of the brands, and even the clothes the management wears is clean, cool, and very thoughtful. I was amazed that their ‘branding’ wasn’t something conceived in a studio — they live it every day. When touring the factory where the Purificacion Garcia and CH goods are made, I was blown away by the intensive hands-on methods by which their garments and leathergoods are made.

However, this care for making things in a specific and thoughtful manner didn’t fully process for me until we arrived at Dominio do Bibei. This winery is making wine in a way I’ve never seen (and wish I could do myself) — no expense spared, back-to-the-land, esoteric and risky — truly putting the values of these brands in perspective. The wines even taste like the care and the land from where they came, all wrapped up in a beautiful bottle inside a beautiful winery. The entire experience was an in depth look into the way that the owners of STL view the world.

My only wish is this: that Dominio do Bibei might tell its fascinating story in the same articulate and compelling way that the Purificacion and CH stories are told. With more discrete storytelling, the Ribeira Sacra region could be poised for a true renaissance among wine aficionados.