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oh ABSOLUTELY. they have no scheduled activities except for “raise a little hell” (click for the line up)

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If it's not too much trouble, could you do headcanons on being married to the WATXM!Brotherhood members please?

this is the best kind of ask tbh no one ever gets marriaed/marriage asks?

-honestly such a good husband. will do anything for his s/o
-lowkeye jealous if they take ain interest in someone else. probably still up for poly though?
-he’s probably the one who cooks even though he’s shit. he’s just trying to impress his partner ok?
-always grumbles when its his turn for the kid’s school runs
-kisses his s/o constantly and is very very mushy/cutesy in private

-insists on making breakfast every morning. her s/o has gotta eat well for the day ahead!
-not keen on having kids initially but she warms to the idea pretty quick and they end up having like 10
-can’t be trusted to do grocery shops. she goes for 2 things and comes out with a whole cart of stuff
-definitely the most organised one. always remembers the stuff her s/o forgets
-loves going to restaurants with her partner and always gets the most expensive thing on the menu

-at first he’s happy just being with his s/o and doesn’t consider marriage until much later
-very protective of his s/o and his kids
-needs waking up in the morning otherwise he’d sleep until noon
-is a surprisingly good cook and always makes it all romantic with candles and fancy cutlery
-has a habit of staring adoringly at his s/o when they think he isn’t looking. his kids catch him doing it all the time

-honestly would do all the cooking/housework/etc if his s/o didn’t tell him to chill
-it takes him a milennia to get ready in a morning and always hogs the shower
-actually him & his s/o probably just shower together
-definitely a morning person and is always the first up, cooking breakfast before his s/o is even awake
-loves lazy days with his partner and kids where they just chill at home all day and watch movies or something

-even years later he’s still a nervous bashful mess about his relationship
-shopping trips usually end with him trying to sneak loads of junk food into the cart when his s/o isnt looking
-spoils his s/o and his kids absolutely rotten
him and his s/o probably spend at least half an hour in bed cuddling before they can bear to get up
-cleans obsessively ‘cause he’s so used to the gross Brotherhood house it’s nice to have a clean place of his own with his s/o