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Sonny x Reader

You and Sonny are married but have kept it a secret from the squad. 

A/N: This is my first imagine that I have posted. If you guys like it and want a part 2 please let me know! Feed back is always welcome!

When Sonny was transferred to Manhattan SVU, he had waited to tell everyone he was married. Not because he was being shady, but he wanted to make sure his family didn’t get thrown in the line of fire. You couldn’t blame him, with a toddler at home, you wanted to feel as safe as possible. It never really bothered you.

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Sonny Carisi x Reader: Sonny Loves...

    - Sonny loves seeing you wearing his light grey Fordham Law t-shirt around the apartment, you like to tease him by ‘forgetting’ to wear panties. You make sure to bend over in front of him, give him a flash of what he’s missing while he tries to study. Seeing you like that brings out something possessive in Sonny, he needs to take you right there and then.

    - Sonny loves it when you mark his skin, he adores the sensation of your teeth nipping at his throat and the curve of his shoulder as he makes you moan and writhe against him. His fingertips digging into your hips as he fucks you hard and fast on the kitchen table.

        - He loves to tell you just how beautiful you are, how tight you feel around his cock, how you’re the only one that’s ever made him feel like this.

    - He loves it when you run your hands through his unruly blond hair, tugging at the roots lightly. There’s something about the ecstasy mixed with that little bit of pain that drives him absolutely crazy.

    - He loves hearing you make noise for him, he loves the way his name rolls off  of your lips as you get closer and closer. He adores the way you look into his eyes at the point of climax, it makes him fall in love with you all over again.

    - In the morning Sonny loves looking in the mirror and seeing the evidence of your love making marring his skin. Everything from the hickey just under his collarbone to the scratch marks etched into his back reminds him of just how wild he makes you and how he loves every single second of it.

Imagine Sonny getting jealous after he thinks you’ve been on date

Imagine Sonny getting jealous after he thinks you’ve been on date

You silently cursed as you stepped out your car. A bitter cold breeze hit you as soon as your high heels hit the ground. You jerked your hands up to your arms in a failed attempt to keep yourself warm.

You were wearing a sleeveless white dress that was fitted at the top and loose starting at the hips to about mid calf with multiple layers. This wasn’t your usual crime scene attire but you got the call at dinner and didn’t have time to change. You almost wished that you had chosen the other dress with this cold.

As soon as you started walking a uniform came up to you and retold you what your partner Sonny had told you over the phone. A body had been found under bridge with heavy prosecution activity with torn clothes. You’d reached the tape when the uniform lifted the tape and told you how pretty you looked. You beamed and thanked him before reaching your colleagues.

Fin saw you first. Standing up from his crouched position and began nodding his head.

“What’s with the fancy getup, Y/L/N? Trying to impress me?” Fin asked jokingly.

His comment had alerted the rest of the squad to your arrival. Sonny and Amanda caught sight of you as well. You bowed your head before you could see their reaction as you quickly jotted down some notes about the crime scene.

“Who else would I impress?” you joked back still with your head down.

“Nah, but really. Did we steal you away from someone thing or more importantly someone special?” he questioned raising his eyebrows.

“Oh it was definitely something special.” you commented.

Walking closer you caught a glimpse of the body, taking note of the bruises and bending down to get a closer look. Fin’s phone rang and he stepped away to take it

“What happened?” you asked to no one in particular.

“Uniforms found her while clearing the area at 9pm,” Amanda answered coming closer, “ ME says she died about ten hours ago and witnesses say that this area was clear at 7 when they first got here.”

“So it’s a dumpsite then. Did any of the girls see who dumped the body?” you probed.

“They say they were distracted and didn’t see anything.” Amanda informed.

“Great, no witnesses, no ID and no crime scene.” You commented sarcastically.

“That was Liv,” Fin informed steeping back, “Somebody just reported someone missing who matches our Jane Does description. Amanda and I will go back to the station. Y/N, Carisi you finish up here.”

“As you wish.” you teased.

“Dresses up fancy one time and suddenly she’s a princess.” He joked before walking to his car.

Amanda followed suit stopping right next to you.

“You look hot by the way.” she complimented, giving you a wink.

“So hot yet so so cold.” you shuddered jokingly.

She chuckled rubbing your shoulder momentarily before quickly following after Fin. You watched them leave before turning to your suspiciously quiet partner.

“You alright partner?” You asked.

“I’m fine.” he said sternly before turning away.

His tone took you aback. What was up with him? You shook it off, hoping you were imagining it and continued to work the scene. You didn’t know how much time had pasted before he came up to you and told you had go back to the station. You asked if he wanted to drive and snatched the keys out of your hand and walked without you to the car. You glared after him.

Something was definitely wrong.

You walked to the car and sitting down in the passenger seat. You slammed the door closed and he began to drive before you could even buckle yourself.

“Okay, what’s your problem?” You demanded.

“I don’t have one.” he said simply.

“Oh okay. That’s why your treating me like am a perp because you don’t have any problem with me.” you said spitefully.

A silence fell over you as he didn’t reply. You saw his knuckles go white as he gripped the stirring wheel. You went to lean on the window only to be stung by the cold. You jerked away fast and once again began rubbing your arms.

“Are you still cold?” he asked quietly.

“What?”you asked unable to hear him.

“Are you cold?” he repeated louder.

“Do you even care?” you retorted.

With that response you watched him with one hand yank off his coat and hand it to you.

“Take it.” he said.

You reluctantly took the coat off him and wrapped it round yourself. You instantly felt better but were still slightly on edge.

“What’s wrong Sonny? Did I do something?” you asked sadly looking at him.

You watched his face change.

“It’s nothing. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like that. Just forget it.” he responded quickly looking back at you.

He looked right into your wide eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that Y/N.” he sighed.

“Like what?”

“Like that with those big eyes of yours.” he replied annoyed.

“I’ll stop if you tell me whats wrong with you?” you bargained.

There was a long pause before he replied, “I was jealous,okay.”

“Jealous? Why?” you asked shocked.

“Because you were on a date.” He admitted sadly.

You couldn’t help but burst out laughing. You couldn’t contain yourself. You put a hand up to your mouth trying to contain yourself.

“Alright Y/N. Go on, laugh. You know I like you. I can’t believe you’re finding this funny!” he huffed.

“I’m sorry,” You spluttered, “It is just really funny.”

“What’s funny, Y/N? ME being upset?” he prompted.

“Nooo. That you think I was on date.” you laughed.

“You weren’t on a date?” he asked shocked.

“No.” you exclaimed shaking your head still extremely amused by the accusation.

“Then why are you dressed like that?” he questioned.

“I was chaperoning my nephews school dance.” you informed putting him outside of your misery.

“You’re a bit over-dresses aren’t you?” he joked but you could tell he was relieved.

“You’re telling me. Twelve years olds have been staring at my boobs all night long.” you chuckled.

He laughed at that, “Lucky Kids.”

You smacked him playfully, “Maybe you shouldn’t assume things without all the facts. And anyway you shouldn’t worry because I’m pretty sure my next date will be a certain cannoli-loving jealous Italian.”

“Oh yeah.” he said.

“Oh yeah. I’m just waiting for him to ask. Pretty boy is taking his time though. Might have to hit up another middle school dance. Make him jealous.”’ you sighed playfully.

He turned and smiled at you. You met his gaze and chuckled softly as shook your head in amusement.


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Imagine washing blood off Sonny’s face, maybe pulling him into the shower with you, hugging him cause he just looked so scared, little forehead kisses, just lots of comforting Sonny 

Requested by multi-fandomxmess~

Even though you had washed the blood off of Sonny’s face, it had stained his skin. You could still tell that there was blood on his face, but Sonny didn’t even seem to care. His eyes were staring at nothing, even though you moved yourself to where you were in his line of sight.

“Sonny.” You said softly, trying to draw his attention away from his thoughts. “Sonny, everything is okay now.”

He blinked once, and his eyes finally focused on you. “Yeah, I know.” Sonny managed to mumble out.

He didn’t say anything else, and he didn’t have to. You could see how affected the detective was by the look in his eyes. The sound of his voice. He didn’t really react when you went up to your tiptoes and pressed a comforting kiss to his forehead.

It was going to take a little bit of time for Sonny to smile again. And you were willing to wait for as long as it takes.

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you enjoy and that it meets your expectations. This is probably bad. I’m half asleep writing this because it’s like 2:00 am and I’ve been working all day and I was too stupid to check my plan and was writing the wrong imagine up for the whole of my writing time. So I hope you’ll forgive me for being late. Even though it’s still Tuesday in some places!) 

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

“Jameson!” You shouted sternly right behind Jamie’s back, intending to scare him.

You were successful. Obviously, that police academy training did nothing to help with how easy Jamie was to scare. You watched in delight as he jumped up slightly and spilling the coffee he was holding slightly down himself before realising and saving the majority from spilling. He turned to look at you and glared.

“Y/N,” He hissed, looking down at himself and assessing the caffeinated damage.

“You’re still so easy, Jamie.” You giggled profusely, bending over and clutching your stomach.

“Do you not having better to do than to annoy me, Detective?” He asked, sighing and shaking his head at you.  

“I’m only doing my job,” You shrugged with a grin.

“It’s your job to annoy me?” He questioned sceptically.

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anonymous asked:

“I could kiss you all day.” With Sonny

Words: 517

Warnings: None

Tags: @n3shama

Bleary eyes blinked open to find Sonny’s face smushed up against his pillow. Despite having only about five seconds of consciousness, the sight of his messy blonde hair, the scruff on his cheeks, slightly parted lips made you snort silently in amusement.

Though, in its own way, the image he presented was rather cute. Sonny even snored lightly from time to time; a fact you’ll most certainly tease him with eventually.

But for now, the sight was too good to leave alone. Not after such a busy week of Sonny coming home late, sleeping in the same bed for just a few hours, and then going right back to work in the early morning. You missed him. A lot. So much so that you carefully started dragging yourself closer. Slowly, so you wouldn’t wake him and ruin the sleep he desperately needed.

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Crossing Boundaries - Carisi

Sonny Carisi x Reader

She was single for more than a couple of years after her long term relationship. Her friends all badgered her to get back out there and start dating. It was getting pretty irritating. She could usually tone out the badgering. When they saw that they were wasting their breath, they would cunningly set her up on dates without her knowing. They were all so sneaky. It happened so much that she gave in and just let them play matchmaker.

They were going to give up after her few failed first dates, but this is where Sonny came in. They introduced him to her at a housewarming party. He was a great guy, but he was always so busy with work so they never introduced him to her. They all told her to just forget the whole pressure of dating and just give him a chance, as friends. It didn’t sound like such a bad idea, so she did. This was the only way she could get them off her back. When the friends saw how well they got along, they scheduled more group social hangings. The plan was to slowly ease her into seeing him more often and being comfortable with him. Thankfully, their plan worked. After all, they were both very likable people. Soon enough, they became friends. Not close friends at first, but friendship always takes time.

Sonny, was Sonny. He was the guy that everyone liked because he was overly friendly and quick to help anyone in need. The man had a way with taming sour atmospheres and always had a joke in the back of his mind. He was what people would describe a physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine. Though, if you were to ask her if she found him attractive at first, she would deny it. Why? Because she would say that he was loud, trying too hard to please others, and talked too much with his hands. Eventually, those annoying little things, turned into charming little things. It took some time, but she warmed up to him.

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Imagine Barba not knowing that you’re married to Carisi

(A/N: For the Anon who requested this. Hopefully you and everyone else enjoys this!) 

Imagine Barba not knowing that you’re married to Carisi

“Rafael!” Erin called before leading you towards a man who was leaning against the wall and looking at his phone.

“Hmm.” He responded looking up and then straightening up when he realised it was Erin, his and yours boss.

“I would like you to meet our newest ADA Y/N Reagan.” She introduced once you reached him.

“So you’re the other Reagan,” he nodded extending out to you, “Rafael Barba.”

“I am indeed,” you smiled shaking your hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you I’ve heard great things.”

“Likewise.” He grinned before letting go and turning to Erin, “So you finally convinced her to transfer from Brooklyn.”

“There is a reason I’m the boss.” She chuckled.

“She says that but all she did was ask me while I was eating my favourite dessert. And when I’m eating that all I’m saying is yes.” You corrected, nudging her playfully.

“Her husband gave me the idea.” She grinned.

“So you were Brooklyn homicide before, right? The Dean case?” He inquired.

“That was me.” You confirmed.

“That was an amazing closing execution.” He complimented, “ We’re lucky to have you.”

“Thank you.” You smiled, “I’ve watched a couple of you cases before. You are incredible, like on the Fitzgerald case. You could tell your closing statement really sold the jury.”

“That was quite recent.” He remembered, “You were there for that?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, “I caught the closing statement whilst waiting for my husband.”

“Well, know that you are here. I’ll just have to return the favour and sit in on one of your cases.” He smiled.

“I look forward to it.” You chuckled.

“There is nothing sadder than two lawyers complimenting each other.” Erin interrupted jokingly.

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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Pairing: Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi Jr. x Reader

Word Count: 3804 (Yeaaaaah it’s long)

Warnings: Language, female reader

Synopsis: You’re invited to a wedding, but everyone thinks you’re dating your best friend, Sonny Carisi…well everyone but Sonny Carisi. Oh, and you’re in love with him.

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @carisiismyhomeboy!!! This one’s for you! And a special thank you to @do-me-carisi for editing and being my personal cheerleader with this fic! <3 

“‘Lauren and William would like to invite you to celebrate their wedding!’”


Not that you weren’t happy for Lauren, but she would want you to bring a date. You couldn’t go stag, you had to bring a date date. Except you’d been lying to her for the past few months. You and your boyfriend – well, ex boyfriend – had broken up and you hadn’t told her you were single. You had lied even more and named your best friend Sonny Carisi as your boyfriend. Even though he wasn’t.

You hadn’t told Sonny this either. Fuck.

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Imagine getting hot and heavy with Carisi at night, when you hear your toddler son’s voice calling out for you from the doorway, because he had a nightmare and wants to sleep with the two of you.

——— Request for anon ———

His fingers had just slipped up your thighs beneath the sheets when you hear the whine from the doorway in a small voice, “Mommy?”

You let out an exasperated sigh as Sonny reluctantly rolls off of you to sit up in bed and ask your son, “What’s going on, kiddo?”

Your voice calls out next, “Are you alright, sweetie?”

The small padding of your son’s feet sound along the floor as he comes to the edge of the bed, and you immediately know that your plans for the night had changed drastically by the look on his little face, “I had a bad dream.”

“Oh, no! Well, come on,” you push back the covers, urging the boy into the bed with the two of you which he gladly does.

Sonny rubs his arm over your shoulder comfortingly, “It wasn’t real, you know.”

The boy rubs his eyes sleepily, “I know, but it was scary.”

Request: Could you write a Sonny/reader where he’s jealous and misunderstands (friendship, or w/e you want). Please and thank you lovely.

So this was meant to be a jealous Carisi, but I started writing and it just ended up here. Where it’s protecting instead of jealous. I don’t even know how we got here. If the requester of the imagine doesn’t like it; I will gladly write a jealous imagine. But I hope you like it. Let me know if you do.


Sonny knew he was a lucky son of a gun to have found you. You were perfect. You were kind, sweet, smart, loved kids, loved his family, loved to cook and bake, catholic, and Mama adored you. He knew he’d never find anyone nearly half as wonderful as you. So that was why two weeks ago he got down on one knee and asked you to be his wife. The proposal was perfect; it was everything you’d ever imagined. You both knew you had found your person; the one you were meant to be with.

 Both of you had little things that got on the nerves of the other, but that was to be expected. You were perfect for each other after all, not perfect human beings. Still sometimes Sonny wished you wouldn’t do that one thing that always bugged him; and you wished he wouldn’t get so protective all the time. But still you both loved each other to the moon and back; and both you knew it.

 You were out shopping for a present for Sonny. A little something to say thank you for always being so amazing. You had scanned the store for going on an hour and a half now and still hadn’t found anything. None of the ties, vest’s, watches, wallets, even the sock’s and still nothing.

 “Can I help you, Miss?” You heard a voice behind you say.

 Turning you saw a handsome and tall brunette man waiting for your reply. Reasoning he must be an employee by the name tag reading Howard pinned to his chest; you smiled before answering.

 “Yes. I’m trying to find a gift for my fiancé, but I seem to be having a hard time.” 

 “Let’s see what can find.” He laughed and led you to a display.

 You tried to be polite but distant. Howard made you feel uncomfortable. He always stood just to close; said something that went as close to the line as he could without actually crossing it.

 You were looking at another tie when you heard Howard come up behind you and ask your opinion on whatever he was holding. Turning around you saw it was a lingerie set. Slightly shocked; you shook your head and told him you didn’t think so.

 “Oh come, it’ll look great on you.”

 “No. I don’t think so.”

 “You have to ass and tit’s for it if that’s what your worried about.”

 “Excuse you?!” You asked; quickly becoming angry.

 “Here you can even try it on and I’ll ya how you look.”

“How dare you speak to me this way! Let me make something clear to you. I am a Lady and in the past two minutes you have shown me what scum and trash you are, and you will not speak to me that way. And if you think for one moment I won’t be telling your manager about this; you are mistaken.” You said; pushing past him to find a manager.

 But you were grabbed and spun around. Howard had grabbed you and was now holding you to him by grabbing your bottom in both hands.  “Don’t be a prude, Lady. What say we go to a backroom and talk this out.”

“Let go of me!” You screamed as Howard started biting your neck.

 Suddenly you were free and had fallen to the floor. Looking up you saw Howard pinned against the jewelry case and…Sonny punching him.

 “You’re under arrest, Scumbag.” Sonny said as he yanked Howard around and cuffed him. Howard had blood running from his nose at this point.

 “Get him out of here.” Sonny said as he pushed Howard to a cop.

 “Are you alright, Doll?” Sonny asked kneeling down to you.

 You knew you must not look alright if the expression on Sonny’s face was anything to go by. You knew your eyes had to be red from the tears that were brimming, and you could feel the whisker burn on your neck.

 “I’m fine. No worse for the wear.” You said hopping to reassure him.

 “Let me help you.” He said.

 You thought he just meant help you off the floor, but instead he picked you up bride style and was walking you to an ambulance.

 “Sonny I’m fine, really.”

“Humor me and see with EMT says alright.”

 “Ok. What were you even doing here? And were there Cops?”

“We’ve been investigating that scum for over two months. We finally got enough evidence to arrest him. What were you doing here? You never shop here or else I would have told you to stay away from this shop.”

“I was buying you a present and didn’t want to run into one of your sisters. You know they can never keep a secret about presents.”

 “Why were you buying me a present?”

 “Do I need a reason?”

 Setting you on the step on the ambulance truck; Sonny told the EMT to make sure you were alright. And then told you he’d be right back.

 The EMT checked you and told you were fine and could go home. Thanking him you got up and started to walk away but Sonny came back over.

 “Whoa whoa, are you sure she doesn’t need to go the hospital or anything? She took a nasty fall.” Sonny said; his hands feeling over your head for any bumps.

 “I’m fine.” You told him “I’ll go home and take a few Advil and lay down for the rest of the day if you want me to.”

You could see the uncertainty in Sonny’s eyes. But finally he relented but only if he took you home.

 “Ok. My knight in shining armor.” You said smiling softly.

 Sonny chuckled before saying “What can else can I say? I just love you so much…to the moon and back.”

 “I love you too.” You said.

 It was now a week later and you had put the Howard thing behind you. A.D.A Rafael Barba had asked you to testify at the trail; you did and Howard was sentenced to 15 years in prison per victim for rape, and a year with a thousand dollar fine for assaulting you. In total he was sentenced to 61 years with a thousand dollar fine.

 After the trial Sonny had to go back to the station; so you kissed him goodbye and went shopping. This time you bought a pair of simple white gold cufflinks and then went to the jeweler to have them engraved.

 When Sonny arrived home his favorite dinner was on the table and you were wearing his favorite dress on you.

 “What’s all this?” He asked.

 “Just a little something to say thank you.” You said as you lead him to the table and handed him a little red box.


 “Open it.” You urged.

 Opening the box, he found a pair of white gold cuff links. On further inspection he saw on one a crescent moon and on the other both yours and Sonny’s first initials had been engraved.

 “So you always remember I love you to the moon and back.” You explained.

 Drawing you into his arms he picked you up, and took you to the bedroom. Where he proceeded for the rest of the night to tell you all the different ways he loved you and just how much he loved you.

Soft Spot

A series of peculiar sensations reached you at once when you first opened your eyes. You were lying chest down, for one; which hardly ever happened because you have always found the position uncomfortable.

Your first instinct was to flip yourself around but instead you lied still.

Stretching your legs until your toes pushed past the comforter, your marveled at how wonderful your jersey cotton bed sheets felt on your skin. Wanting to give your upper limbs the same consideration, you slipped your arms beneath the pillows and breathed in deeply mindlessly allowing yourself to fall back to sleep.

Rhythmic scratching of some sort was the second culprit for waking you.

In seconds you could tell they were footsteps. The little effort made to ignore them was futile and you immediately got up to seek the source. The first thing you saw were thousands of miniature cotton balls falling from above.

The snow had already created a perfect blanket on every flat surface. Years later and the subliminal traits of the winter season still managed to hold your fascination. You heard the crunching noise again, and your eyes wandered around the parking lot.

Finally your gaze landed on a moving figure; a man, to be more precise, brushing snow off the top of a silver car. He held your attention until you began to notice his attire.

An olive beanie and a grey striped windbreaker that you recognized all too well.

When did he get here?

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Sonny Carisi / Afterboom

Alternative Title: Cuddles

Soooo, I saw on @sofuckingchuffed and @ohbelieveyoume‘s tumblrs that they wanted a fic about giving Sonny all the cuddles after his horrible experience with Sgt. Coles, and almost getting killed (since I love their work so much, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do this). Poor baby. I couldn’t agree more that he deserves all the hugs after this, (also still can’t believe the writers never mentioned this again???) so this fic happened! I hope you all enjoy! 

I couldn’t get Tumblr to credit the gif (because Tumblr’s dumb)

Gif credit: @sofuckingchuffed

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Request:  Can you do an imagine where you find out your pregnant with sonny’s baby but you don’t tell him until you have a miscarriage?

“No, no, no, no” You said willing the bleeding to stop. You couldn’t think…You just stood there and watched the blood come. Tears were running down your face. You saw the blood on your hands and the sobs started racking through your body with even more force. Blood covered the bathroom floor and you. You got to your knees to try and clean it, but it just spread. You wanted this baby. You wanted the child more than anything. Thinking about the baby and how you would never know if the baby was a boy or girl, what they would have been like, what they would have looked like…you couldn’t breathe. Your heart felt like it was ripped from your chest…you didn’t know what to do. You hadn’t even told Sonny yet. You were going to tell him tonight. You couldn’t think…so you just sat on the bathroom floor and cried.


Sonny walked through the door of your apartment to find the lights down low, candles lit around the room, and wonderful looking meal set on the table for two. He smiled thinking he didn’t know what he’d done to deserve you. The love of his life.

You met two years ago. You had witnessed a woman being assaulted and you didn’t call the cops. Oh no, you ran full speed and tackled the guy. You broke three of his fingers and a rib. The cops showed up to you pinning him to the ground. They arrested him and took you to the SVU precinct to give a statement. A statement that was taken by Sonny. The two of you kept in contact, and Sonny asked you out…the day the case was closed. You had married two months later. Something none of your family or friends could believe since you never fell in love. Not through high school nor collage. You’d had boyfriends sure, but you never loved them. You never hid that fact from them or anyone else. You just kept hoping you would fall in love with them, but sooner or later you would realize that it wasn’t going to happen and break up with them. So the fact that you met, dated, got engaged, and married in two months had everyone’s mouth hanging open. But you knew from the beginning that you would marry him. He didn’t just accept you, he understood you in a way that no one ever had. Your souls just seemed to click, to fit together perfectly.

Sonny began to look for you in the apartment, wondering where you were. He found you in the bathroom.

He nearly had a heart attack. You were covered in blood.


You didn’t want him to see you this way. He had to leave. You tried pushing him away when he took you in his arms.

“(y/n) what happened? Are you hurt?” You could feel his hands running over your body looking for a wound.

“Leave me alone. Please Sonny, please leave.”

“No! Tell me what happened.” He said burying his head in your hair, rocking you back and forth.

The tears came faster, the sobs harder as you tried to speak. “I lost the baby.” You finally choked out.

He froze. “Baby? What baby? Were you…? Oh my god…” It dawned on him, he finally realized. He cried with you. Bringing you even tighter against him, he sobbed with you. This man, your husband, this strong, never failing man…sobbed with you for the loss of your child. Your baby you had created together, the perfect combination of you both, the result of your love for each other…was gone. You would never see this baby walk, never see him or her at their first play, first game. Never see them open presents on Christmas morning.

Sonny picked you up and had you sit on the bed while he went back to the bathroom. Once he had cleaned everything, he brought you back and set you in the tub.

You went to reach for the bar of soap but he grabbed it from you. “Just sit back.” He said as he picked up your arm and started to wash you.

When he was finished both of you just sat there, unmoving. Sonny slightly startled you by taking your head in his hands.

“We will get through this. We will have another baby. Hell I may just keep you pregnant all the time.”

That drew a laugh from your lips.

Smiling he went on. “We will have a family. And no matter what I will love you until my last breath.” Pausing for a moment he shook his head. “Actually no I won’t. I will love you even after I die. So even though this is horrible and I would do anything to have this baby back, and I wish I could take all your pain and carry it myself…this will not defeat us. This will not take us away from each other.”

You had tears running down your face again.

“Promise?” You whispered.

Nodding his head, he kissed you.

“Of course I promise.” He whispered against your lips.

Autumn Brings Change | Part One

Sonny’s hand reaches for his cellphone, silently cursing at the never-ending line of messages coming from his sister.

16:23 Twenty minutes and counting… Maybe we should order dinner instead?!

16:24 Jesus Christ Sonny, answer your phone!

16:26 You make me regret arranging this in the first place! 

16:30 10 more minutes and we’re out of here…

His eyebrows furrow at the plural Gina uses but he doesn’t pay too much attention and his eyes focus on the road instead. 

There’s a lot of traffic, impossibly so, and he can’t help but think this is all some well-planned scheme to ruin his evening. His phone rings again but he doesn’t answer, instead, he types a quick response and lets it fall back on the passenger’s seat. 

 Be there in 5.

The moment the car comes to a halt, he’s grabbing his coat and hurrying outside like his freaking life depends on it. Maybe it does, Gina’s waiting in there and she sure doesn’t like being stood up.

His good shoes squeak while he runs to find the place. Autumn came around and brought the rain - puddles forming everywhere in New York. Sonny doesn’t like it much.

Maybe it’s because the seasons changing doesn’t alter much within his life. All remains the same. Stressful, dull.

Another glance at his phone and he’s here. The City Place.

It’s a big place for sure, but he’s not that fond of how many windows there are. Too much view of the crowds outside and all there is to be seen is anxious people running back and forth. It’s too real.

The people of New York seem not to agree with him though considering the restaurant’s full and she barely catches his eye where she’s seated uncomfortably in the narrow corner.

Signature blonde hair and a towering height are the first things he notices but it’s not long before their gazes meet and he can see those Carisi blues glaring at him. That’s not good.

“How nice of you to join us!” her voice is sharp, almost venomous but he knows that’s just Gina being mad.

“It ain’t my fault, you know that. Got lost in paperwork again. And please don’t talk so loudly, I haven’t slept in two days.”

“Yeah, well, god forbid we ever find ourselves in some life emergency. We’ll all be dead for two days before ya even bother to show up.”

Sonny scoffs while making work of his coat and takes a seat across his sister, failing to register the velvety coat that’s lounging in the seat next to him. Or the huge sunglasses left on the table.

“You always have your fun with being overdramatic.”

“Whatever, Sonn, we can save the fight for when we’re alone.”

An awkward cough follows and Sonny’s confused because Gina’s smiling at you behind him. 

“Hi.” his head whips around and you’re just standing there, smiling. 

It’s a bashful smile but it shows your teeth and good god, he hasn’t seen that smile in a while. A long while.

He mutters a ‘hello’ or at least so he thinks, but in reality, no words escape his mouth and he’s just gaping. At you, at your beautiful dress, at everything that’s changed since the last time he saw you.

“Earth to Sonny!” Gina’s voice calls him from behind and you swear you see his cheeks flush in embarrassment. 

“Right, sorry. I just-I didn’t expect to see ya here.” his arms make quick work of hugging you -maybe a little too tight- but you’re not one to mind it. It’s actually nice after so many years.

“It’s okay, I get it. I thought about calling you but Gina said it should be a surprise.”

You return to your seat and he follows soon after with the sheepiest of steps. He doesn’t know why but this feels outlandish.

“It was.” he breathes out of laugh and watches as your smile grows. There is light in your eyes that he almost forgot about - but he didn’t.

“Good surprise or bad surprise?”

“Definitely good.” you laugh and for a minute he’s lost in the moment but the waiter that hovers above you is enough to snap him out of his daze.

A/N: Oops, I’m in love with Sonny Carisi. Please tell me you want a part two!

Shower Head - Sonny Carisi (NSFW)

Sonny Carisi x Reader

Warnings: SEX!!

You groaned as the alarm on your phone went off, 5:50 AM. You had grown to hate the sound of your alarm, sadness coming over you each time it went off. You grabbed your phone and turned it off, but you didn’t get up. Instead you laid in bed, warm and snuggled up under the pile of blankets you had. Just as you began to fall back asleep, another alarm went off. Damn, you had sat multiple alarms to make sure you woke up.

Like a responsible adult, you got up out of bed and went to the shower. Looking in the mirror, you could see the tiredness showing on your face, hair in a bun, boy you were glad no one had to see you like this right now. You stipped down to nothing and went to turn the water on, but nothing happened. You looked up and the shower heaad was disconnected from the wall. Great way to start a morning. You threw some clothes back on and called your land lord. He assured you the problem would get fixed soon and not to worry. Great.

You decided you were desperate for a shower when you smelled your hair and gagged at the stench, so you threw on some slippers and headed next door to your neighbor and friend Sonny Carisi, he was already up surely. You knocked on the door and almost in an instant he answered. He just had his hair fixed, and a towel on. Dear God, that man was hiding a lot under his dress shirts. He realized it was you and turned a deep red.

“Oh God! I’m sorry (Y/N)!” You felt a smirk come over your face.

“Oh don’t worry Sonny. I just wanted to know if I could use your shower? My shower head is broken.” He laughed and moved out of the way so you could come in. He couldn’t help but let his eyes wonder down your body. He was brought back to reality by you.

“Sonny? Is that okay?” He felt himself turn even more red, knowing you caught him staring.

“Oh! U-uh yeah that’s fine!” He had always had an attraction for you, he always made some excuse to come next door. Needing some sugar, water, batteries you name it. You smiled and headed into his bathroom. He decided just to put some sweatpants on, until you came back out in just a towel. His heart stopped as he looked up at you.

“Sonny, where is your soap at? I left mine at my apartment.” You knew your voice was suductive, and you could tell by the growing boner he had. “Come in here and show me where it is, please?” He felt shaky, being around you always made him feel nervous but not like this. He headed to the bathroom and started looking for soap. When he turned back around, your towel was hardly hanging on. He handed you the soap and just stood in awe.

“You know Sonny, I am using your shower. You’re free to join.” He felt himself grow harder under the towel, listening to your voice and watching the towel falling off your body. Of course, leave it to Sonny to blurt out something so unsexy in this moment.

“O-uh I already showered you know? Plus you need your time.. in the shower.” He wanted to face palm, need your time in the shower? Who the hell says that! You laughed at how red he was turning, for some reason it was incredibly attractive. You walked over to him, running your fingers down his bare chest. You stopped when you got to the top of his towel.

“What’s two going to hurt?” He couldn’t hold back anymore. He grabbed your face and kissed you, both of the towels you two had covering your naked bodies falling into the floor. He sat you up on the counter, making sure not to break the kiss. He ran his hand down your naked body until he got to your clit. He began to rub, a moan coming from your lips. He moved his lips down to your neck and began sucking away all while keeping his fingers on your clit.

“Do you like that?” He said coming up for another kiss.

“I love it, but I know you’ve got more.” He smirked and picked you up once again taking you into the shower. You felt the hot water spraying down on you, for some reason it turned you on even more. Sonny turned you around, pinning you against the shower wall. He ran his hands down your back, once he reached your vagina he snuck two fingers in. You let a moan fall from your lips. He was pumping them into you, hitting the spot every time he went in and out. You couldn’t help but moan his name, coming so close to an orgasm.

“Ah Sonny!” As soon as you did he stopped and pulled his fingers out of you.

“You really didn’t think it could end that quick did you?” He began to tease you again, one hand rubbing your tits, the other dangerously close to your clit. The more and more flustered you got, the more wet you got. He smiled when he ran his finger over your entrance again. He moved his finger and replaced it with his cock.

“So wet from just that?” As he slipped into you, your eyes rolled to the back of your head. He grabbed your hips and moved slowly at first.

“Are you okay?” Classic Sonny. You smiled at how he made sure you were okay.

“Perfectly fine.” You said. He went faster, you could feel him in your guts and that wasn’t an expression. He was hitting your spot just right, making you moan with every stroke. He ran his hand into your hair and grabbed a handful, tugging just a little bit.

“Oh my God Sonny!”

“You like this? Getting fucked by your neighbor?” He ran his hand back down to your clit and started rubbing again, this time faster and rougher.

“I do! Oh Sonny, I th-” You couldn’t even get the words out, the pleasure was over taking your body. He ran his hand down your back.

“That’s right, come on baby.” That did it, just those few words set you over the edge. You felt yourself tighten around him, which caused him to come too. He pulled out and you turned back around, barley standing.

“Thanks for the shower Sonny, I hope they don’t get that shower head fixed anytime soon.” He smiled and reach you the shampoo.

“Me too.”

Imagine having a baby with Sonny Carisi

(A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I re-worte this whole thing to make it ten times better and consequently much longer. I don’t know why but I’m currently obsessed with babies. That’s a lie. I do know why, my cousin is pregnant and I’m super excited. I’m definitly going to make continuations with this little family I’ve created. I love it so much. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It;s just so cute and fluffy. Ahh.)

Imagine having a baby with Sonny Carisi

“No.” you stated, shaking your head.

“What?” Sonny asked his voice a mixture of confusion and shock.

“I said no.” you repeated.

“What do you mean?” he questioned.

“I mean what I said, no. I won’t do it.” you states once again before turning away from him.

“Why not?” he asked, getting up and spinning you back round to face him.

“Because you’re only asking because I’m pregnant.” you informed.

“That’s not true.” he tried to reassure.

“Yes it is.” you argued, “Why are you asking now today then? What’s so special about today?”

He didn’t have an answer for you. He face screwed up trying to come up with a believable answer that would satisfy you. You decided to put him out of his misery.

“Exactly, you’re only asking because we found out we’re having a baby.” you confirmed.

“Y/N, I’m asking because I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he tried to reason, grabbing hold of your hands.

“Sonny, it’s not that I don’t want to marry you. Of course I do. I love you more than I love myself. Which you know is an extremely hard thing to do with a narcissist like me.” you joked trying to be serious for comedic effect, “But I didn’t want you to ask like this. Like you’re obliged too.”

“I don’t feel that way…” he began.

“I know you don’t but that’s what everyone going to think.” you reminded.

“Since when do you care?” he questioned skeptical.

“I don’t care what they think. I care about how I feel. I don’t want to get married now especially after finding out we’re having a baby. It’s too much effort.” you sighed, nursing your temple as the mere thought of it was giving you a migraine.

“Alright,” he agreed reluctantly, “When do you want me to ask?”

“A year.” you stated.

“A year?” he questioned.

“One year.” you repeated for reassurance.

“And you’ll actually say yes in one years time?” he asked jokingly.

“Depends on how cute this kid is.” you winked.

A smile broke out on his face, chuckling he grabbed hold of you and pull you close. Putting his arms around your waist. Instinctively, you put yours around his neck.

“If they look anything like you. It’s practically grantee.” he whispered into your ear. leaning down.

“And if they look anything like you. God save their soul.” you teased, shaking your head playfully and giving him a wink.

A flash of annoyance flashed across Sonny’s face as you broke into laughter. After trying to be miffed he eventually gave in. Leaning down and placing a kiss on your chuckling lips.

You had been in a relationship with Sonny for four years and been partners at SVU for four and a half at that point. You had just celebrated your forth anniversary of dating with a low-key dinner at your shared apartment that you two had bought two years pervious, a few weeks ago. Up until yesterday you thought that was going to be the latest milestone for a while. That was until yesterday.

You had found out you were expecting a baby. You’d found out together. You’d been throwing up non-stop all night the day before yesterday. In fact you had to take the day off as you hadn’t gotten any sleep. Sonny had gone to work and you were at home trying to rest and get better. It wasn’t until you looked at the calendar on the fridge. That the you considered the thought that it might have not been that two day old chicken and mayonnaise sandwich you’d stolen off Finn that was making you sick.

Sonny called you about midday to see how you were doing and to see if you needed anything.

“Is there anything else you want?” he asked after you told him that you’d run out of bread and you wanted him to bring home chicken soup for dinner.

“I don’t want you to get your hopes up but I think I might be pregnant.” you practically whispered down the line.

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Sonny Carisi x reader: wedding? 

Requested by Anon~

Dancing with Sonny felt right. Natural. Felt good, but you accredited the wide grins on each your faces to the earlier events. Euphoria of finally, officially, being married carried over into the evening.

Sonny made sure to hold you close, occasionally bestowing a kiss to your cheek every once in a while just because he could. But he still danced; still swung side to side along with the beat of the music.

And your eyes drifted, not for the first time that night, to your conjoined hands. The light sparkle of your rings was enough to strengthen your smile before Sonny decided to duck his head and kiss you.

Dating Sonny Carisi would include:
  • Home cooked meals straight from Mama Carisi’s cookbook
    • Plus, you get to see Sonny in his “Kiss The Cook” apron that you got him for Christmas
  • Sonny wrapping his arms and legs around your body in the mornings to stop you from getting out of the bed
    • “D’oh my God, Sonny! Your feet are freezing!”
  • Check ins from him when he ends up working late
    • “Hey Doll, looks it’s gonna be another late night.”
    • “Be safe, okay? I love you.”
    • “I always am. Love you too.”
    • When Sonny finally comes home, he finds you fast asleep on the couch and wearing one of his Fordham Law pullovers. 
    • He smiles, carefully picks you up, and carries you to the bedroom where you wrap yourself around him once he changes into his pajamas
  • Sundays (when Sonny doesn’t have to work) are spent on Staten Island with the Carisi’s. Mass in the morning then back to the house for lunch!
    • Sonny’s sisters picking on you two about how you guys look like a puppies in love
      • Bella will be the one to bring out Sonny’s baby pictures while Theresa and Gina will tell you back-to-back stories about Sonny growing up and how they would convince him to let them dress him up and give him makeovers
        • “It was 3 against 1! I didn’t have a fighting chance!”
      • Mama Carisi showing you how to make some of Sonny’s favorite dishes 
      • Papa Carisi would pull his boy out to the porch and asking when he’s finally getting a daughter-in-law
          • Sonny’s face stretches into a wide grin, crinkling his eyes when he tells his Pop “Soon”.
  • Some date nights are spent in the SVU break room during Sonny’s break with food and sodas from the vending machine
    • “Late night date nights”, as you two call them, are some of your favorite date nights
  • Sonny’s favorite places to kiss you are, but not limited to: the top of your head, forehead, cheek, tip of your nose, and lips
    • He also loves to kiss your neck and shoulders when he comes up behind you and hugs your waist
  • Music is a constant in your apartment. Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Nat King Cole, just to name a few. 
    • Whenever Sonny cooks dinner, he tends to sing along as he prepares the food. You get dinner AND a show!
    • More times than not, Sonny will pull you up from wherever you’re seated and start slow dancing with you while singing to you
      • He LOVES to dip you and bring you back up to kiss you
  • Sonny knows you mean business when you call (or growl, depending on what he’s done) him “Dominick”.
  • Sonny deals with a lot of ugliness and pain in his job and he usually doesn’t bring it home to you but there are some cases that just shake him to the core and will follow him home
    • And you know right away that he’s had a tough day from the moment he walks through the door
    • He shrugs his coat off, hangs it on the coat rack, and makes his way to the bedroom
    • His shoulders are slumped, hair a mess from running his fingers through it, eyes rimmed red and glassy
    • He’ll crawl into bed and you’ll follow suit, wrapping your arms around him and laying your head chin in the crook of his neck while he places his hand over the one you have on his abdomen
    • Sonny will eventually turn over to where he’s holding you, rubbing your back and kissing your forehead
      • “I-I jus’ wanna hold you, Doll.”
  • When Sonny has an early morning, he always gives you a kiss before leaving
    • If you’re still asleep, he’ll give you a soft peck on the cheek
    • When you’re awake, it’s a long and deep kiss that both of you are smiling through
      • When he pulls back, you always grab his tie to bring him back for one or two (or 10) extra kisses
Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his death threats

(A/N: When you loving that SonnyvBarba angst and produce this. I’m sorry for the wait. This is not going to have two endings, so don’t worry. I have a surprise coming up for all of you, so for the people who actually read this, get excited. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!) 

Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his death threats

“You know, I’ve always known that you were stupid.” You announced as you walked into Barba’s office, taking a seat in front of his desk and looking back at him as he was at the other end of his office.

“Excuse me?” He asked, walking towards you.

“You know under that Harvard grad and Manhattan ADA persona you’re just an idiot.” You elaborated in a casual tone, he knew what he was saying, “Plain and simple. I always had my suspicions!”

“You’ve talked to Carisi.” He figured.

“You bet I did.” You smiled falsely, “Which bring me back to my original point. You’re an idiot.”

“It’s not that bad.” He attempted to reason.

“Yeah, giving your address to a hitman is not that bad.” You shrugged mockingly.

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