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This is what’s happening in the #DominicanRepublic.  This island is using black skin as a reason to deport Haitians & Dominican born blacks of Haitian decent who can’t prove lineage after 1929.  Yes.. 1929!  That’s how far they went back to get dark skinned people out of the country. Get on twitter. #DomincanRepublic #HaitianLivesMatter Spanish speaking Dominican born blacks being exiled.

Black people are being targeted not matter where they are on the Globe.

VICE NEWS from VICE the HBO series was on the ground last night speaking with those at risk. They have made it hard for them to register and even if they do register they are not protected from being deported.

#HaitianLivesMatter from the BX to the Heights
[06-20-15] Activists rally and march from the #Bronx to #WashingtonHeights in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of #Haitians and #Dominicans of Haitian/African-descent who are facing racist deportations in the #DominicanRepublic.
Marchers enter #Inwood in upper Manhattan over the University Heights bridge and bring the message to the mostly Dominican neighborhood in the area. #BlackLivesMatter #NoRacismoRD
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Citizenship Limbo for Dominican Haitians: Dominican Deadlock (Dispatch 2)

Families Are Deporting Themselves to Haiti:Dominican Deadlock(Dispatch3) 


This is what’s happening in the #DominicanRepublic.  This island is ready to deport (or already has) those who can’t prove ancestry in the Dominican Republic after 1929.  Your blood line has to be proven from that year 1929 or you will not be considered a citizen of that nation.  Those who are born in that country will not be acknowledged. Those who have worked to contribute economically to this country for decades will not be recognized.  This is more than a Haitian issue.  It is a Human Rights issue. Picture, you’ve worked your entire life for a country who hired you ready to retire.  To collect your pension and social security to then be shown the door.  Get out of my country.  I no longer want you here and you can’t receive any benefits.

Get on twitter. #DomincanRepublic #HaitianLivesMatter Spanish speaking Dominican born children are being exiled. Spread the word. Call your Congressman. Bring awareness. The United Nations has just released one statement of “They will be protected.” I don’t see that happening… Get on the UN to be more vocal.  This 1929 Naturalization Act is Illegal. 

Black people are being targeted not matter where they are on the Globe.

VICE NEWS from VICE the HBO series was on the ground the night of the deadline.  No major news network to my knowledge cared to cover the story.

Get vocal and speak up for this inhumane act.

“On both the eastern and western sides of the island of Hispaniola, many have feared this day, when an estimated two hundred and ten thousand Dominicans of Haitian descent will become stateless. Even though they were born and raised in the Dominican Republic and often speak no language other than Spanish, starting today, they can be expelled from their country and deported to Haiti, along with hundreds of thousands of Haitian immigrants.

On September 23, 2013, the highest court in the Dominican Republic ruled that people born after 1929 could only be granted citizenship if they had at least one Dominican parent. As part of its ruling, the court ordered a review of the country’s civil registry and birth records to determine how many people were eligible for expulsion.

The court made its ruling in response to the case of a Dominican-born woman, Juliana Deguis Pierre, who had been denied identity papers by local authorities because she had a Haitian name. She challenged the decision all the way to the Constitutional Court. It is common for Dominican officials to deny papers to those with Haitian names, but it has never been policy before. The Dominican constitution grants jus soli, or right to the soil—that is, citizenship—to all those who are born in the country, unless they are the children of people who are “in transit.” In effect, the Constitutional Court’s ruling has redefined “in transit” to include all those who have immigrated within the past eighty-five years.” #dominicanrepublic #haiti #haitans #racialcleansing

#HaitianLivesMatter from the BX to the Heights
[06-20-15] Activists rally and march from the #Bronx to #WashingtonHeights in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of #Haitians and #Dominicans of Haitian/African-descent who are facing racist deportations in the #DominicanRepublic. #BlackLivesMatter #NoRacismoRD
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I’m mad... i’m really mad...

All my life I’ve lived in the Dominican Republic. I was born here, my parents were born here and all my family lives here.

There something going on in the Dominican Republic that is being misinterpreted by the whole world… The measures taken by the government are not a racial matter.

I saw a tweet that made me write these words and clarify this matter. The tweet said: “how is it possible to denationalise every black person in the Dominican Republic. Why is everything happening all the time?” things like this drive me crazy. How would a country get rid of 3/1 of their population? You, my friend, are out of your mind if you think this is happening because we want to get rid of black people. If that were the government mission, I would be the first one to be against it.

This is happening to the UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS who couldn’t prove they have been living here as long as the law commands to become a Dominican citizen. They’ve had a two year deadline to demonstrate it, but most of them didn’t do it until the last minute, and that’s why you’ve may seen pictures of long lines in front of government buildings.

It’s true, these most of immigrants live under really poor and bad conditions, and sometimes aren’t treated the way they are supposed to be treated, but this situation it’s happening with the Mexicans in the United States, but no one speaks about it because it’s the United States that we are talking here, "the perfect nation”.

We are a poor country. We cannot afford anymore the economic weight of all these undocumented immigrant. That’s why the government took this measurement.

This is a very complicated matter, and has many layers that I won’t dig in, but I just want to clarify, again, IS NOT A RACIAL THING, because first of all, all Dominicans, in some way, are black descendant.

And another thing… Don’t put Trujillo as a reference of what it’s happening. What that motherfucker did back in the day was a racial thing, this is not.

From @bellevuetours, what do you think?: 📝 bellevuetours : Last week a lot of energy was spent debating an act that is 2-parts and 1 of those act is undebatable. Realized yesterday we are responsible for home, how we are perceive and what we can do to change our circumstances. We love the 🇭🇹 then take the money there. Want to contribute? Make it a place where our brothers and sisters can live a valuable life without living an abusive life elsewhere. Don’t want to start a business? Contribute to the economy by spending money there and buying Haitain goods. If we were tagged to debate other country’s issue and use us to justify a wrong, sorry to disappoint, there is much work to be done and that energy need to be spent at home. It’s time we take that passion home, find likeminded people and move our country forward. Pic. from @moulinsurmer #Lunionsuite #Haiti #dominicanrepublic