the signs as snakes

 aries -  Calico Dominican Red Mountain Boa

taurus -  Mangshan Pit Viper

gemini -  Malaysian Blue Coral Snake

cancer -  Mangrove Snake

leo -  Brazilian Rainbow Boa

virgo -  Speckled Rattlesnake

libra - Sri lanka Palm Viper

scorpio -  African Bush Viper

sagittarius -  Kanburian Bamboo Viper

capricorn -  Eyelash Viper

aquarius - Piebald Ball Python

pisces -  Oriental Whipsnake

Yoooo reptiblr

Okay so I’m trying to decide what noodle I want next/how many I want in total. 

Like I know I definitely want another royal or two, preferably a ghi mojave or a pied, but I’m seeing that as a way off in the future thing, ie: when I’m done with my degree and have my own place etc. 

I know I definitely want a boa of some sort, though only one and on the smaller end of the spectrum. Like maybe a BCL or a dominican red mountain boa?? Thoughts?