LMAO my mom just walked in on me sexting (and by me sexting i mean some guy sending me pictures of himself  & me responding completely out of context). 

Anyways, I’m sitting in the middle of the kitchen on my laptop with iMessage on looking at a picture and my mom just stands behind me with this confused as look on her face cus I didn’t even bother to close out of it when I noticed she was coming. She’s all “muchacha, tu si ere sin verguenza  (you’re so shameless)” and I’m just there staring at the picture like “eh, you already saw it why try & hide it”…so she starts poking at the screen trying to close the picture (she swears all computers are touch screen) and out of nowhere gets real close, starts staring at it and says “si tu va hacer tu ratreria haslo mejor mi hija porque eso es un hombresito (if you’re gonna do this ratchetness, do better, cus thats a little man)”. i fucking died. love my mom lol