When you “Talk Back” to your hispanic parents in front of your friends.

favorite in the heights lyrics~

  • pop the grate at the crack of dawn, sing as i wipe down the awning/hey y’all, good morning
  • i used to think the bronx was a place in the sky/when the world was just a subway map
  • ah, mama, so many stars in cuba/en nueva york we can’t see beyond our streetlights/to reach the roof you’ve got to bribe the supa/ain’t no cassiopeia en washington heights
  • i remember nights/anger in the streets, hunger at the windows
  • i don’t know (yo no se) what to do (que hacer) now that i’ve found you (ahora que te encontre)
  • as i sweep the curb, i can hear those turbo engines blazing a trail through the sky
  • oh snap, who’s that, don’t touch me i’m too hot!! YES!!
  • we’ll be working hard but, if we should drift apart/let me take this moment just to say/you are going to change the world someday
  • when i was a child i stayed wide awake/climbed to the highest place on every fire escape/restless to climb
  • my mom is dominican-cuban, my dad is from chile and p.r. which means/i’m chile…….domica-ric-an! but i always say i’m from queens
  • here’s to getting fired/to killing the mood/salud!
  • hold up/wait a minute/usnavi’s leaving us for the dominican republic??/and benny went and stole the girl that i’m in love with??/she was my babysitter first!!
  • yo, this is bogus/haven’t you noticed you get all your coffee for free?
  • your father said, ‘usnavi! that’s what we’ll name the baby!’/it really said ‘u.s. navy’ but hey
  • i’ll be a businessman richer than nina’s daddy/donald trump and i on the links and he’s my caddy!
  • yeah, i’m a streetlight chillin’ in the heat/i illuminate the stories of the people in the street
  • the way they’d whisper to each other about the warmer winter weather/inseparable, they even got sick together
  • in this album there’s a picture of abuela in havana/she is holding a rag doll/unsmiling, black and white/i wonder what she’s thinking/does she know that she’ll be leaving/for the city on a cold, dark night?/and on the day they ran/did she dream of endless summer?/did her mother have a plan, or did they just go?/did somebody sit her down and say, ‘claudia, get ready/to leave behind everything you know’?
  • maybe, maybe not, but way to take a shot when the day is hot i got perfect shady spot a little ways away that oughta cool us down
  • and i can say goodbye to you smiling/i found my island/i’ve been on it this whole time
  • it’s a wonderful life that i’ve known/merry christmas you ole building and loan!!
On Dominican Mother’s Day

May 31, 201

Today, on Dominican’s Mother’s Day, I wanted to tell you all about my amazing Dominican (host) mom. Since the evening I arrived at her house over a year and a half ago—a total stranger, with only a shaky grasp of the Spanish language—she has treated me like a true daughter.

She runs our household, teaches kindergarten, and works in the family’s store. She also showers her children, friends, pets, and even strangers with love and affection, going out of her way to support them even while herself batting thyroid cancer and ensuing health complications.

She has made me tea when I’ve been sick and picked bugs out of my lice-infested hair. She has defended me from over-zealous children, helped me connect with the right people in my community, cheered me on in my successes, and empathized with me when I have been frustrated, disappointed, or sad.

Every day she inspires me with her resilience, uncomplaining attitude, and generousness of spirit.

Feliz Dia de la Madre!

Celebrating my host mom’s birthday a few weeks ago.

People never believe me when I tell them that I’m dominican. My mom is from Sosua and all my relatives live there. People usually think I’m lying or that I’m Haitian. I have nothing against Haitians but they are two separate countries with different cultures. I wish that Americans would stop thinking that the average dominican is white with long straight hair. No! There are negro Indio and white Dominicans! And some Dominicans need to get out of that mindset that they are not black! Our ancestors are from Africa!

feline-friendly-blues  asked:

I am so emotional over your Dominican Nursey HC. Please tell me more about him. I need pleasant thoughts

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so I’m Puerto Rican, not Dominican so I’m going off of what I do know and things that are similar 

  • Nursey’s moms met in Santo Domingo and this is where Nursey was born (One of his moms is dominican, the other is american, he has dual citizenship!!!)
  • They moved to NYC when Nursey was still really young, around 5 years old, so Spanish is his first language, but he already knew the basics of English by the time he moved
  • His calls his moms “mami” and “mom”
  • His mamá makes The Best Food ok, not only has he grown up eating fantastic food at home, but also in the immense cultural hub that is New York City, this boy is definitely a foodie (Dominican food is his forever fave though, no matter what). He loved to help his mamá in the kitchen, they made it a family thing, cooking dinner together.
  • He visits the DR every year for the holidays, his family there jokingly calls him “el gringuito” and they adore him. He LOVES christmas in the DR because he gets to eat Arroz navideño and Quipes and Pastelón de amarillos etc.
  • He prefers writing poetry in Spanish, he doesn’t think poetry in English could ever compare 
  • When he first walked into a class with a Latinx professor he nearly cried because now he could hand in poems in Spanish too (he wasn’t supposed to but the professor let it slide bc they’re chill like that and they Understand)
  • When he wants to infuriate Dex even more, instead of saying “Chill” he just goes “Manéjate” and Dex just ~blushes but also WHAT DOES THAT MEAN DEREK
  • Listen, this boy can dance Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa. And he can dance them well, his mamá made sure of that. What I’m saying is, Nursey can Move.
  • While he loves Samwell, and he’s used to being away from home, he misses Spanish so much sometimes, and he just skypes his moms and talks to them for hours when this happens
  • When Whiskey and Tango show up, Nursey constantly chips them in Spanish and they chirp him back and it’s so great
  • He has a small joking rivalry with Whiskey because they’re always trying to prove that their culture one-ups the others (Whiskey is Puerto Rican) 

Ok that’s all I have right but if anyone wants to add to this, feel free!!

My best friend has a lot of self hatred. We’re both Haitian and she’s a quarter Dominican because her mom is mixed. She absolutely hates her features. She feels that she got all her dad’s “ugly genes” and she wished she had her mom’s type 3 hair, light skin, and light eyes. When she tells me this I try my best to show her that her features are just fine and just when I think her view of herself is getting a tiny bit better she’ll say something about how she hates that she doesn’t have “good hair” like her mom. She has a strong preference for Hispanic and mixed guys. I wouldn’t see any issue with this if she didn’t have such a set image of what she wants her kids to look like. She’ll talk about how they’ll have silky and curly “good hair” and light skin. When I mention that there’s still a possiblility that the kid could have type 4 hair and dark skin she says

“They won’t. Hopefully my mom’s genes will kick in” This makes me wonder how she’ll view her child if he/she comes out with mostly her features.