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Sadly the tumblr staff felt that my Amara La Negra appreciation post(which proudly received over 7,000 notes)  needed to be deleted & I don’t know why:( …. Well here’s a new one,enjoy(:

  • Tony Stark: don't hug me parker we're not there
  • Tony Stark: *creates a suit for Peter Parker with over 500 web settings*
  • Tony Stark: *puts a tracker and recording devices into the suit so he can ensure Peter is safe constantly*
  • Tony Stark: *has requested updates on Peters life so he knows that Peter quit marching band six weeks ago*
  • Tony Stark: *listens to all the voice messages Peter leaves for Happy to the point that he knows Peter got a churro from a Dominican woman for giving her directions*
  • Tony Stark: *talks about his own father being distant and how he's trying to end the cycle when talking to Peter*
  • Tony Stark:
  • Tony Stark: also im not your dad so jot that down
all the funny shit I can remember from Spider-Man: Homecoming (spoiler-ish prolly)

● the small reoccurring joke on how attractive aunt may is
● Ned’s Hat™
● “I got ice-cream man”
● all of Zendaya’s scenes
● Flash and the air horns
● “Do a flip” *Spiderman backflips*
●"Hey, Peter welcome back!“
● From Suit Lady to Karen (cough SpongeBob cough)
●Hey Pedro
●The Dominican woman who bought him churros
● the way Peter just hands the corsage
● Stan Lee and the window conversation
●The bathroom scene with Happy
● finally that random mascot running at the end

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peter parker is literally in spanish 2 he ain't bilingual yet

yeah but that’s the headcanon…… having a bilingual peter in queens where the majority of the minorities are in fact hispanic….. all i’m thinking is peter trying to help the dominican woman who gave him a churro. or even in the future when he needs to help someone else. i want peter to be in spanish 3 & 4, and use spanish in the streets because in the real world not everyone knows perfect english and sometimes having a person ask for help who speaks spanish, makes it easier if the person speaks spanish back. it gives a whole new tone to your friendly neighborhood spider-man.

@mackdecosta: happy mother’s day to this amazing dominican woman who raised 3 strong, confident and successful children even when the odds were against her. i love you, ma from your favorite son.

They are physically gone, but their legacy will last for Eternity. This watercolor painting  I did is in honor of the last butterfly “Dedé Mirabal"and her take off 01/02/2014, after 54 years they are together in heaven. Dedé was the last living member of the Mirabal sisters. Four sisters, Patria, Minerva, Maria Teresa and Dede Mirabal had the courage to stand up to Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. The death of the Mirabal sisters marked the modern history of the Dominican Republic. In turn, the ideals of those who died have been an example and inspiration to the world.

Y’all really wanna know why seeing Marti Belle, a Dominican woman, in WWE is so important to me? It’s because it’s not often you see a Dominican person on TV. Especially a Dominican woman. Not unless they’re white passing, which Marti is not. Not to mention like… I can’t remember any Dominican female wrestler in WWE! So it’s just Cool, man!!!

To know Dominican woman and Dominicans in general are evolving into something more than we are portrayed as is a great feeling. These lovely ladies are doing an amazing job at reaching the top. Proud to be Dominican.