dominican republic adventure

Wednesday June 24, 2015

So I decided to set some goals for myself this summer. Now that I’m officially done with college (:D!) I can focus on things that make me happy.

Goal 1: Read 20 books this summer

So far I’ve finished: Departure by A.G. Riddle, Killing Ruby Rose by: Jesse Humphries, and Resisting Ruby Rose by Jesse Humphries. I really enjoyed Departure, which was an apocalyptic mystery, but wished it was longer. The series with Ruby Rose was also really great and kept me on my toes. Also, I am currently reading Last Train to Istanbul by: Ayse Kulin.

Goal 2: Start my jewelry/art Etsy shop

I’ve really wanted to start selling my jewelry and art for a long time. Since I was in school I couldn’t get anything done and now I have time to do this. :D I will also be posting on the page labeled Gold Leafed Mermaid on this Tumblr account.

Goal 3: Make Memories

Having recently returned from an awesome vacation to D.R. with my best friend Azha, I decided to continue to make this summer unforgettable. My next adventure will be for the 4th of July, just not sure what we’re doing yet. I’m also planning to enjoy the pool at my complex more, play some soccer, and go to the beach when I can. Towards the end of the summer my boyfriend and I are taking a little romantic trip to the Poconos. I’ve never been there in the summer so I’m hoping to do lots of summer activities with him. Things we plan on doing include hiking to the Bushkill waterfalls, paddle boating, biking, and maybe swimming in the lake, even though lakes scare me.

So yeah I think that’s about it. Yay Summer 2015!

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