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In The Heights Fact:

Did you know that “Usnavi being a dominican” is a Latino Joke?

Because Dominicans are well known for  being the ones that talk faster in Latin america (Faster than Chileans, let me tell you what). So basically, Usnavi isn’t rapping or singing, he is just talking very fast with an accent.

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Yes hello I would like to indulge in hella Dominican usnavi fics pls and thx

Fics? Or headcanons? I’m going to assume you mean indulge you in more Dominican Usnavi headcanons which by all means. I WILL: 

Usnavi’s go to fix it, is vics vapor rub, or vivaporu. You have a cut? Vics. You have a headache? Vics. You’ve got a strange growth on the side of your head that is started to ooze strange green stuff and you’re half certain an alien is hatching out of your skull? Vics. It is not only a cure all staple. Homeboy is not about to drop all that money on a trip to the hospital. 

Usnavi can’t dance which is pretty unnatural of a Dominican but he’s got that sweet butt. Best believe Vanessa (or Benny, or Johan, whoever you ship him with) Notices boy has the cake. 

Speaking of cake, his weakness is dominican cake. Have you seen a dominican birthday cake? 10 pounds of THICK homemade icing, crazy colors and tropical filling flavors. His personal favorite is guava. (But if he had to choose he’d take a tres leche cake by the Rosarios, shhh tell no one) 

He puts on dad weight really easily, that gut weight from eating too many plantains. 

He’s a black beans and rice with a sweet banana kind of guy. Sweet and salty.

If he’s from the Samana Province where Playa Rinco is close by (assuming he knows about that place from his parents’ story of home) he probably grew up by the water. Safe to say Usnavi knows how to swim/fish/boat. 

If you want more, please ask and don’t be afraid to be more specific ^^ I have plenty of headcanons for Usnavi, Sonny (In the heights cast/ ships/ etc)  


Reddit users are firing back at this guy’s racist rant about staying in Washington Heights.

A Reddit user on vacation recently took to the website to trash Washington Heights, an enclave for Dominicans in New York City. He wrote (above in italics) about the noise, taking time to insult the neighborhood’s intelligence, education and safety.

Other users were quick to call him out and shut him down. They pointed out his entitlement and prejudices across several comments. Another user, dsm-vi, brilliantly acknowledged the man’s hypocrisy.

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Hello! I sincerely hope that I'm not bothering you, but, seeing as how you obviously have grand knowledge of the topic, I was curious about In The Heights. I've been a Hamilton fan since it came out, but just recently I've been completely consumed by Lin-Manuel Miranda's other works. Is it something you would recommend checking out? What's it about? Is there anything you wish you had known before immersing yourself into the musical? Sorry for the long Ask, and thank you so much for your time! :)

Okay I’ve been putting off answering this ask because I really want to make it perfect, but you know what, perfection is fake so here’s just my honest answer.

Do I recommend In The Heights?

YES! Oh my god, yes. Personally, I believe that it is as good as Hamilton and deserves way more recognition.

What’s it about?

In The Heights is about the Caribbean/Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights. The themes are: gentrification, the concept of home, identity, community, family love. There are several stories in the musical but the two protagonists’ stories are: Usnavi, bodega owner, finds how to embrace and accept both his love for the Dominican Republic and desire to go back, and his American identity ; Nina, the barrio’s best, the first to go to college, dropped out of school and her family deals with that situation.

For me what In The Heights is doing best is showing that everyone, every immigrant and child of immigrant has a completely unique and valid story, that they all relate to their Latino identity in a different way, that they all have a different relationship with the country they or their family came from. There is a very strong sense of love between these characters, romantic love but mostly platonic love, how everyone appreciates each other and how tightly knit the community is.

Things I wish I’d known before immersing myself in the musical?

The one big thing to know is that the songs don’t cover the whole musical. They cover about half. The acted scenes between the songs are essential to the plot and cannot be skipped. There are several ways to have access to these scenes:

“In The Heights: The complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical” by Quiara Alegría Hudes. This is the road I first used. Just buy the book and read the dialogues in between the songs.

NOTE: Some lines were changed between the writing of the book and the actual stage production. Some lines were added, some removed, and some scene instructions don’t match what was played on stage.

− Watch an amateur version on YouTube. One that is recommanded a lot is this one at the Irvington Theater and while it is overall a pretty good production with a lot of personality, I don’t really like their Vanessa, and since she’s my favorite character, that makes me not a fan of this version. I recommend this one. The quality of the video is not as good but their Usnavi is outstanding, the best amateur Usnavi I’ve ever seen. 

− This is where it starts to be less approved by Lin, but as the old adage says, he can wipe his tears with his millions of dollars. You can find the libretto here online if you don’t want to buy it.

− Find a bootleg and watch it. I’ve explained my stance specifically on In The Heights bootlegs here. I have a link to a bootleg that I’m willing to share in private messaging only. You’ll see the scenes acted out by the original cast the way it was on stage, which is not the same as being in the room but is the closest possible thing we have access to.

I strongly recommend that all Hamilton fans check out In The Heights, because it’s honestly very high quality content and it deserves so much love. It’s Lin’s love baby and it’s amazing.


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Dec 5, 2014~ I finished it, Thanks be to GOD!!
“O lumen Ecclesiae” illuminated manuscript
from October 9 to December 5
manuscript size: about 28.5 × 38cm
initial: 10 × 10cm.
three Dominicans:
height: about 4cm.
head diameter: about 1.2cm.
complete manuscript & details: