Credits to: Lala Films


@ Americans who tell hispanics to stop speaking Spanish and to learn English because “we’re in America,”

I will gladly only speak English when you:

- Rename “El Toro” at Six Flags.
- Rename Los Angeles and every city with a Spanish name.
- Stop dancing bachata, merengue, flamenco, and salsa (just to name a few).
- Stop listening to artists with any latin heritage.
- Stop tanning to get a color many latinos have naturally.
- Stop trying to get a latin girls curves.
- Stop taking two semesters of Spanish 1 in High School.
- Stop eating at Chipotle, Taco Bell, or Pinches Tacos.
- Stop using any spices/foods/etc. imported from Latin countries.
- Stop visiting Latin countries without being able to speak Spanish.
- Stop pronouncing Spanish words the way you do.
- Stop using Latinos for cheap labor and then call us lazy.
- Stop claiming Puerto Rico as a U.S. territory.

Sound good?