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Dom Eerie | Age: 400+ | Dominic Monaghan | Jabberwocky | TAKEN

General Information

  • Born during: the time of the Four Kings (over 400 years old)
  • Occupation: Owner of the Two-Headed Snake; Bartender; protector of maidens
  • Usual locations: Two-Headed Snake; Checkerboard Forest
  • Affiliations: None


Dom is a single and lonely man, who one day came out of nowhere and set up the Two-Headed Snake. He witnessed both wars from his little corner of the world, realizing that no matter who win or lose, people would always want to have their drinks, so he’d always have customers. Keeping to himself at most times, he leaves Azey to handle the Snake, except when the drunkards take it too far and he needs to protect his girls. His bad temper is legendary and his street fighting skills make him hard to turn to either side. Having no family of his own, he sees Red Rose and Azey as his family, though he’d never tell to their faces. 

What people fail to see between the lines is that Dom is in fact an animal. During the time of the Four Kings he had become the Seven of Hearts, charged with looking after the princess. Fearing for her safety against her future husband, he took a tricky deal and magic turned him into a Jabberwocky. He has since then learnt how to control his animal side and to turn into his human form, scarcely turning back to his dragon self.


After Red Rose’s death, Dom found himself lost in the dragon’s anger once again when he decided to kill Wild Card. He has also started a relationship with Jane of Clubs, whom he’s known and helped since the Coup. In his dragon form he informed Two of the Stone Tales, trying to help him in his quest to find a way to avoid the Clubs extinction.


Dom minds his own business but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy the company of the ladies. Women and fighting are his two weaknesses, staying out of politics and booze are his strengths. He cares for no one but himself and his employees, and watching over any maiden that’d need protection, even when they don’t know it. 


  • Romantic: Jane of Clubs
  • Family: None. Considers Azalea and Lilac as such
  • Friends/Allies: Caterpillar; Two of Clubs
  • Foes: Wild Card

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Scarlet Manor is located on a remote island somewhere on the Atlantic ocean, and is home to vampires, werewolves, wizards, and sirens who have all come together with the idea of having a home to themselves without the worry of the rest of the world discovering them. Kidnapping humans to use as slaves, these four species are working to create the ideal environment for their kind, while putting the humans in what they believe to be their place - beneath them.