I wonder if ep 203 and the parabatai part of it is both Dom and Matt’s favorite SH-related thing yet because it’s something they would’ve never gotten to do anywhere else. Because the parabatai bond is not sexual/romantic, it’s not a brotherly relationship, it’s so much more, and I’ve honestly never seen it done before anywhere, either on TV or in movies, a soulbond between two men that allowed the actors to be emotional and downright gentle with each other and touch and hug and not hide that they have actual feelings! You know, for an actor, that must be a blast!

Overwatch Coffee Shop AU

This is a combination of @senshi76‘s and my headcanons… about what Overwatch would be like if you took out the future, the war, the catastrophe, and just had the characters living mundane lives in a university town.

Satya: Runs the eponymous coffee shop. A wonderful place, but if you ask for ‘a chai’ she will stare at you, unblinking, judging your very being, until you clarify what kind of tea you want.* There’s coffee, lots of tea varieties, pastries (she doesn’t bake them - she buys them from a local baker and then keeps running a little low on stock of some varieties…)
Satya herself worked for a kind of toxic company for a while, but successfully got out. She’s a little closed off from others and unsure and standoffish because of societal pressure and her not being an Active Rebel, probably still worried a lot, but she can dance, and guides her own life, and has the freedom to talk to people and such. Much happier overall.

Sombra: Freelance information security tester/expert. Hangs around Satya’s café because of excellent wifi and network topology’s favorable for her job.
Satya ignored her for several months (she gets people hanging around all the time), until Sombra got bored and hacked into the café’s sound system. Now she’s getting curious…

Sombra has a full back tattoo all up her spine. It does absolutely nothing, but looks as cool as hell.

Mei: Climatologist. Just as cute as in canon. Likes really, really cold drinks for some reason.

Mercy: Doctor at the university hospital. Not much to say, really.

McCree: Night-shift guard. Still wears his cowboy getup everywhere, including to work. No one knows how he does it.

Gabriel and Jack (Reaper and Soldier.76): Bickering older married couple. Both retired. Gabriel dresses all… e d g y.

Junkrat and Roadhog: Movie stuntman and tech, respectively. Mako (still nicknamed ‘Roadhog’) keeps bailing Jamison out trouble of various kinds.

Pharah: Fareeha works for the same security company as McCree. Former soldier - she wanted to be a pilot, but an injury cut her career short early. Still, her current shift is at the hospital, and there’s this one cute doctor…

D.Va: Professional StarCraft gamer. Insanely dedicated, insanely good.

Winston: Professor of physics at the university. Inexplicably, he is still a talking gorilla! (No one really comments on it.) He wears a suit at all times. Do not call it a ‘gorilla suit’.

 Tracer: Peppy and also kind of scatterbrained TA for Winston. She keeps running into the intimidatingly hot French professor all over campus…

Widowmaker: …that is to say, Amélie.

Lúcio: Busker and up-and-coming YouTube star. A little unsure about the fame thing— he’s worried about contracts, diminution of his message, being taken advantage of, etc. He’s a smart dude. No record exec is going to be like, 'we want to help you get your message out unchanged and with no strings attached’, right?

Reinhardt: Retired. Does a lot of volunteer work, and comes in regularly for a cup of tea. Incessantly jovial.

Bastion: best vending machine on campus sorry Bastion

Hanzo and Genji: Japanese, officially Rich As Fuck, on an extended tour of the USA. Officially auditing courses at the university, but only Hanzo’s actually trying to learn anything. Genji blows off his classes, treats it as a Pure Vacation, and flirts with random people until Hanzo drags him off.

Zarya: Champion Olympic weightlifter, visiting the US.
(Genji tried hitting on her once. She laughed for like two minutes, slapped him on the back so hard he could hear his spine crack, and explained in very simple terms to him what 'lesbians’ are)

Zenyatta: Philosophy student at the university. Kind of young. Very Actual Zen sensibilities and such.
(Hitting on him started as a challenge thing for Genji, but he thinks Zenyatta might be flirting back, but everything he says is phrased like poetry, so it’s hard to tell?????)
Zenyatta and Satya are probably kind of friends, and have deep talks about philosophy over tea.

Torbjorn: Works at an auto shop nearby. Still looks like a dwarf! Kind of weird.

Ana: Fareeha’s mom. Retired. Sits in the café because good tea, and because fareeha and her doctor friend walk by sometimes, and she likes to check in on them meddle.

*‘Chai latte’ is worse.