it’s edm fest day! shinee will be performing at the kickoff day of the 2016 spectrum dance festival (in seoul) today! as previously reported, both shinee and key will be participating in stages: shinee as a full group, and key as a member of a fresh, new sm edm group (along with trax’s jungmo, f(x)’s amber and luna, smrookies’ johnny and beatbuger’s shim jae won): dreamstation crew, named in part for the stage that both groups will be performing on at the festival.

the dreamstation crew is confirmed for a half hour set which will begin at 6:30pm kst and end at 7:40pm kst, leading into an hour long set from shinee, which will begin automatically after the dreamstation stage finishes (7:40pm kst) and commence at 8:10pm kst. it is confirmed that shinee will be performing two of their new album tracks: “feel good” and “prism”. all other performances will be revealed during the live set.

as linked above: the entirety of the festival will be avaliable to watch on v live through two different stages: starcity & lectrogarden and dreamstation. shinee and the dreamstation crew will be performing at the latter. they will also be the third and fourth to last sets performed of the evening. if you click on the linked, look beneath the video and you will be able to see a listing (in military time) of all of the sets that will take place throughout the day. you do not need to register to stream v live on your internet browser; all that is required is an internet browser and trustworthy internet connection. the stream can also be viewed on naver’s v application, which is avaliaible on both android and ios devices. check to see when the sets will begin in your timezone here!

Mr. Fireman

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FRAT BUCKY YAY! Now stripper!Bucky is on the way. Also, it is halloween themed cos I AM A SLUT FOR HALLOWEEN

Word count: 1.2k

Warnings: implied smut, body shot, frat!bucky, fireman bucky

Halloween  was definitely your favorite holiday of them all. You loved the idea of dressing up and letting go for one day. And this year, you were gonna make it to the top.

You were invited to a frat party and you sure weren’t going to let the opportunity go. Frat boys were usually annoyingly cocky and arrogant guys which wasn’t exactly your type but you had your eyes on one boy in particular. Bucky Barnes, not your regular frat boy, was going to be there. Sure he was  a flirt and he had flings as every frat boy had, but he was a grateful and respectful which was the reason he was the president of the frat house.

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License to a typeface??? (~_~;)

Yo mah peeps!! I am about to buy the rights to a typeface/font for the first time and I have a question:

After having purchased the font from the creator, will I receive any proof of having done this? 

Like should I expect a PDF with the creator giving me permission to use it commercially? Or is a copy of the PayPal transaction and the email conversation with the creator good enough?

I have been googling for hours and feel like such a noob. :,3 And I don´t really want to ask the creator of the font since then I feel it will put me in a vulnerable place. :P