dominic lalli


So as many of you know, I have had a long-running infatuation with Big Gigantic and Dominic Lalli. It’s been a four year tradition to see them on my birthday and this year is no different, I love you, and thanks for putting up with my crazy fangirling– this is some of the documentation of my love.. of the sax.


the malah ft. dominic lalli of big gigantic - back (live @ dexfest 2010)

electronic jam band featuring a live saxophonist on a really sweet stage. why not.


This video is the third episode from a series by Amraj Lally, called “POPTOPICS”. This series is a critical and theoretical analysis on what’s hot right now, aiming to stimulate intellectual discussion of popular culture. In this video I look at the history and legacy of soul music, and the advantage ‘blue eyed soul’ singers may have over Black soul singers in today’s music scene, where we see the likes of white British artists Adele and Sam Smith dominating the genre.