• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:exogenesis: symphony needs more recognition. i mean, really, have you ever sat down and listened to all 3 parts all the way through with good headphones? muse recorded alongside a 40 piece orchestra to record a 13 minute long SYMPHONY separated into 3 songs creating not only a space/symphonic rock spectacle but an almost entirely classical piece that even contains a narrative that describes a futuristic human society coming to a potential end. matt literally arranged the entire orchestral section by himself because he didn't want anyone to change his vision for the piece. he pushed himself so much on the piano in part 2 (cross-pollination) that he's reluctant to play it live because he's afraid he'll mess it up and not do justice to the song. exogenesis is such an incredibly intricate and elaborate piece of music. it's indefinitely a testament to who muse are as musicians. exogenesis needs to be appreciated more

Muse- Time is running out. BBC Radio Theatre, London. 

They’re like kids! <3                                                             


This happened at one of muse’s recent shows.
Two fans went to the concert, and one had been trying to get ahold of muse so they could get onstage and fucking propose to their significant other. Muse made it happen.
“I’ve travelled half the world to say I belong to you”.
This is why I love our little community so much. We can make amazing things like this happen.