dominic hellings

Damen said, ‘Wear it for me.’

For a moment he thought Laurent wasn’t going to do it. But in public, Laurent had no recourse to refusal. 

Laurent extended his hand. And then waited, palm outstretched, his eyes lifting to meet Damen’s.

Laurent said, ‘Put it on me.’

Listen, this scene destroyed me. I had to sit down on the floor in an aisle of priceline because I was so overwhelmed. I was on fire, and I bet you Jord was also on fire, albeit for different reasons. 

Part two of the continuing saga chronicling my descent into Captive Prince hell. 

quit pretending. | m

➵ characters: simon d x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 2823
➵ summary: ‘we can keep playing these little games, but at the end of the day, we both know that i’m yours, and you’re mine.’
➵ author’s note: the amount of times i wrote simon instead of kiseok, i gave up halfway and just used the replace tool in the end. technically, the document i wrote this in was ‘simon’. hella long (but what else is new) and hella smutty. enjoy.
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➵ disclaimer

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Monsta X in Bed

a/n: Once again, this is all based off of my personal opinion and surface look at their natal charts!

Shownu: Ok, so for this guy, sex is more of a learning experience rather than a romantic one. He’d be a little more dominant than Kihyun, though. He’d love surprising you by switching things up right when you’re about to finish, so that you’d have to start all over again. Mostly, he’d be down for whatever. You want to be restrained? Alright, cool. He has the silk ties and fluffy handcuffs (he wants to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible) Want to restrain him? Ok, just be sure to use the silk because it feels the best. He’d honestly love it when you top him though. He’s such a BIG dude who often intimidates with just his presence, so having you control him would be a nice change for him. Expect lots of pillow talk afterwards and maybe a glass of wine for the real ‘love-making’.

Wonho: Ok, so if you want a F.R.E.A.K. call Hoseok. He naturally OOZES sex appeal, but especially so in the bedroom. When it comes to his lover, he switches between accommodating and demanding. It’s a good mix, though, don’t worry. He’d be quite the dominant and feisty fucker. I’m talking light BDSM (blind-folding, being tied up, soft humiliation, etc.) He would love to dirty talk you while in the act because he loves watching you squirm. He’d also be the king of aftercare because this guy, deep down, just loves making you feel amazing.

Minhyuk: We all know how lovable this guy is, but he is even more so within the confines of the bedroom. Deep inside of him, he has some pretty intense and even dark fantasies regarding sex. You would help bring out some of that darkness because everyone should embrace at least a little bit of their dark side. Once it’s out, it’s out. Once submissive, a flame would ignite within him, and he’d become the most dominant lover of them all. Lots of biting, smacking your ass, slight humiliation, and dirty, dirty, DIRTY things whispered in your ear. But then it’d be over and he’d bring you water and pinch your cheeks with that disarming ass smile of his. Like???

Kihyun: I’ve got one word for this dude: submissive. Literally, you can do whatever you want with him, and he’d be completely pliant beneath you. He’d love it when you were on top and dirty talking the hell out of him. He’s sensual creature who loves the physical pleasure of sex, and may even see the act as being strictly physical. The time afterward would be the ‘love-making’ part (drawing a bath for you both, sharing wine, cuddling, pillow talk, etc.) He’d love it when you brought him new ideas for sex positions, and would totally do them. He’d be the type to read up on it so he could make sure it was perfect (lol he’s too precious) Sex, for him, would be more of an intellectual experience, but certainly no less passionate or HOT.

Hyungwon: OK, SO LISTEN. IN MY OPINION, HE IS THE MOST DADDY OF THEM ALL, AND POSSIBLY THE ONLY ONE I WOULD ACTUALLY CALL DADDY. We only ever see like a total of three emotions out of this kid on television, and that’s because he’s a super private person. That one time he was asked if he’d ever seen porn, and he was like ‘nah’, he wasn’t lying. He was more than likely out there actually DOING it, so that he didn’t feel the need to watch it. He’s a conservative lover, though. He won’t do it with just anybody, but when he falls in love with you, and takes that next step…get ready for your mind and body to be B.L.O.W.N. Making love with Hyungwon would be earth shattering, so plan to not have a voice when it’s all done. I don’t foresee any particular kinks other than just dominating the hell out of you. He’d be super cuddly afterward, though, because he’s sated and in love omg.

Jooheon: This one is a devious little thing. He’d be the type to turn sex into a competition (one that he’d definitely win lol) He’s definitely a naughty boy in bed. Sometimes things seem out of the blue, but he’s actually been planning it for days. Car sex? Yeah, he’d already thought of that a few days before. Sex in the practice room? He’d written out just how it’d go beforehand. He enjoys being in control in bed, so expect to never be on top (unless he asks you to be) I see him having a daddy kink or some kind of master kink. He’d love for you to call him daddy while you’re on your knees. Something about that kind of influence and power really turns him on. But don’t get him wrong – he’d never finish before you. Even though he loves power (and orgasm denial lol) he’d always let you finish before him because, ultimately, your pleasure matters the most to him.

Changkyun: Based on interviews, and just by looking at the dude, he doesn’t seem much like a sex fiend – this is correct (lmao). But don’t get me wrong, Changkyun loves sex, but it has to be with someone he feels completely comfortable with. It takes him a little while to open up to you sexually because he has a fantasy in his mind, and if you do not fit his fantasy then he shuts down. Eventually, you ground his daydreaming ass and get to business. The good thing about Changkyun is that he LOVES to experiment. He’s like a sex fairy or something (lol) Just tell him what you’d like to try, and he’ll be up for it. Don’t worry – whips and chains excite this one.

The brothers’ kinks/likes/fetishes

[ Sakamakis ]

Shuu: Definitely makes you play with yourself for him to see- he’s not shy about it, either, he’ll be dead on staring at you  and he won’t stop until he’s satisfied. Also has a shaming kink; He will love to shame the hell out of you, calling you a lewd woman or simply just making you embarrassed, it gets him turned on really fast.

Reiji: BDSM ( bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism/ slave and master.) Need I say more? He would love to treat you as his pet and dominate the hell out of you- be ready for punishments at all times and for him to do anything he wishes to do so- you’re his slave, so be good and obey.

Ayato: I mean this boy would just play with your breasts for a really long time- he has a thing for them as we all know ( either small or big he doesn’t care he just wants to grab them ) He’d love to use blindfolds because it would make you really jumpy, and he’d have fun watching your reaction- plus, you’re completely vulnerable.

Laito: Oral sex. He loves it. He’s a sucker for it, no pun intended. Mostly he’ll want you to go down on him and only after he’ll reward you for being such a good girl, but sometimes 69 isn’t completely out of his interest either; He loves tying your wrists and not allowed you to move, and make you guess where he’s going to bite next.

Kanato: Blood-choking, Breath-play, I mean just any sort of choking will do- he’ll want to leave you at the edge of passing out out even actually make you pass out, he’ll have fun watching your reaction and playing with you as you’re barely breathless. He will play special attention to your shoulders, it’s his favourite place to bite during sex.

Subaru: Although he’s kind of shy at first, soon enough he’s going to share his kinks; He absolutely loves temperature play, but only on you, not on himself. Pouring wax after, or before, he traces patters with an ice-cube on your skin is really fun for him. Also he kind of likes doing it with you against a wall- it gives him dominance.

[ Mukamis ]

Ruki: Hahahaha…Bondage, hardcore bondage. You are his pet and you are going to submit fully- you will speak when spoken to, answer only if asked to and shall not make a sound unless it’s his name leaving your lips- IF he allows you to do so. Spanking, whipping, tying you up- he’s into all of that! Seeing you defenseless does it for him.

Kou: Cat play. Are we surprised? No. He will dress you up as a cat- not only the ears, he will go full-out with the outfit. You’re gonna have a cute little tail ( you better be sure it’s gonna be a butt-plug ), a cute little outfit and, of course, your ears. He also has a praising kink- he will praise the hell out of you, say you’re a good kitty.

Yuma: He’ll want to record it. Every second of it. Not necessarily him, but he’d love to record you go down on him or something of sorts. Doggy style would be his favourite position because he has a thing for your ass, just putting it out there. Also, he has a thing for doing it outside, for example on his garden.

Azusa: Knife play. Once again, are we surprised? No. He will love to move the knives softly across your skin and see you flinch and waiting for the pain, and then he’d finally trace a cute pattern on it- He likes whispering sweet things when he’s doing it, and then lick off the blood- He’d be great at aftercare, too.


- This is all from my personal experience, everybody is different- yada yada yada.

- I love you all


- You make me laugh so much

- No sense of space or direction, basically don’t send us to get something together because we will fail. 

- Good counselor

- Sometimes you don’t see what other people are implying because you are very genuine and trusting. 

- Nice stash of memes


- Why the HELL, why the absolutely HECKING HELL, do you SIT IN THE RAIN WHEN YOU HAVE A COLD? I understand you are a child of nature, but WHY? You will get an even worse cold!??? 

- I love you

- You’re emo sometimes 

- A lot of ISFP weebs


- Why the hell haven’t you ever made me cookies like the stereotype says, huh?

- ISFJ’s will listen to you whine

- Good solid advice

- You are nit picky perfectionists at heart.

- You are very anxious and small and I love you. 

- Will cry if you insult their favourite characters


- I don’t understand the unique unicorn thing, you are all massive nerds and know it.

- Secret memelords

- Terrible at social interaction on the inside, but you aren’t as bad as you think from an outsiders perspective.

- Gets overwhelmed at parties. 


- I love you

- Best type

- I’m joking

- I’m not

- Big nerd for video games

- I’ll be there at 3pm. (aka 5pm)

- Not actually good at maths


- When we first start talking I always think you hate me and then you secretly liked me all along?

- Hilarious

- Blunt in a good and bad way

- Your ideas amaze me

- Make very good artists


- So, so, sarcastic

- A+ grade student 18 years in a row

- Speaks a lot but not to you

- Obsessed with young adult fiction 

- Has a crush on every actor

- Doesn’t like my memes?


- Understated humor that gets me every time

- Whenever i need anything fixed, after i try to fix it myself, you are there for me.

- Bad at social interaction until they get older.. and then, still….

- Leather jacket


- Bad experiences, good experiences…

- That tertiary Ne gets me giggling 

- You listen to my opinions and accept them, even if you disagree with them- sometimes you even change yours once you hear mine. I admire this a lot and appreciate it.

- In the grip or looping ESTJ’s have been the most annoyingly patronizing people I have ever met, HOWEVER, healthy ESTJ’s are cool cats and I like you lots. 


- Honestly, dominant Se scares the hell out of me and I don’t know how you survive. 

- Bluntly honest, smart, caring- good good good.

- Always willing to help you

- Very eager to learn 

- Charming and hilarious


- Met two kinds of ESFP’s- shy and standoffish but sweethearts, and GO GO GO GO GOGO GOGOOG.

- Okay so once my ESFP friend slid down a 20 metre long railing with rocks beneath it and I almost died because YOU COULD HAVE DIED

- “I’m looking for a girl that will encourage me to slide down railings.”

- So much love to give, so many hugs.

- Please stop shaking it’s like a big chihuahua


- I can’t keep up with you but it’s so good

- I’m smiling at you in admiration 90% of the time

- Cute 

- Gets everything done somehow and has fun doing it?

- Doesn’t like emotions but is simultaneously the most emotive person ever.


- Everything, I love everything.

- Devils Advocate TM

- Very concerned and caring

- The memes are revolutionary

- Has a joke for every situation

- Cool nerd TM

- Stares at people lovingly when you don’t think I can see you doing it.



- Takes responsibility for everything

- Actually hilarious

- Loves all boys

- Hates all boys

- Doesn’t give themselves enough credit


- So much Disney

- So. much.

- Loves INTP’s too much

- Incredibly strong people

- Once they have a vision they go at it full throttle 

- Want’s everyone to be happy

- Hates conflict


- The grand master

- I am terrified of you but i love you

- Gets it done

- Visionary’s

- Can get caught up sometimes and needs a friend to talk to

- Makes a lot of enemies accidentally, and a lot of the time on purpose

- Get’s annoyed when I make jokes about things that are unrealistic 

-but I keep doing it because I know it annoys you and I’m sorry


its not about the cars.
it’s never truly about the cars.

how did you get turned on to cars?
maybe your family; a gearhead dad or an older brother with a cool, fast car.
maybe a movie; James Bond, Dominic Toretto, Randall Raines… hell maybe herbie the lovebug or speed racer.
maybe you are lucky enough to live in a town that has a booming car culture and you grew up watching lowriders, muscle cars, and tuners roll down your streets every day.

but what has kept you clinging onto cars?
despite the late nights trying to finish a project so you have a vehicle to get to work in the morning.
despite the thousands of dollars you spend just to get a car on the ground let alone looking and driving the way you dream.
despite the confusion of gremlins, the heartbreak of crashes, the frustration of nothing seeming to work as it should.

if your answer isn’t ‘the friends you made along the way’ then you are missing out on the greatest part of cars and car culture.

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anonymous asked:

I bet when Wonho's bored, he would lay down on his belly between Kihyun's legs with his chin on Kihyun's abdomen. And Kihyun would just stroke his hair while he reads a book, occasionally reading out loud some lines he likes and Wonho would chuckle softly before lifting Kihyun's shirt up and shoving his head underneath. He'd rest his cheek against Kihyun's bare skin, warm and content. Kihyun didn't have the heart to push him away so he'd just peek at him from his shirt collar, smiling fondly.