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abuse storyline.

from start to finish, that storyline was incredibly well written and acted and it was honestly one of the best storylines that holby have ever done. stories like this are so so important, and if holby don’t get the recognition they deserve for this, i for one, will be upset. i feel like often the writers come up with great ideas and they aren’t executed as well as they could be, but this time david and marc absolutely smashed it. i have no more words, but i’m full of emotions and had to write something. it was fantastic.

Starling: Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Kenna pulled over on the shoulder somewhere more dust than sidewalk. She killed the ignition and half-leaned, half-crawled into the back seat to stare at Roy’s screen. Elliott and Alex had both abandoned their sulks to look too, which totaled three enormous people craning into his space, reading and rereading Laura’s message over his shoulder.

“What does that mean, rescue will be complete by dawn?” said Kenna, jabbing a claw at the phrase in question.

“Before sunrise,” Roy rephrased, unsure if that was what she was really asking, but unable to understand anything more complex about it himself. His voice sounded flat and distant even to him.

“Did something happen?” demanded Elliott.

Kenna withdrew to the front to fiddle with her own comp for a moment. "Nothing in the news,” she reported.

Roy sank slowly in his seat and let the conversation flow over his head.

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